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Changing of the Guard


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Hello Canterlot,


You will have noticed that the site has not been updated in a very long time. My work on site development has not been up to par and you deserve an explanation why. It is no secret that I have had trouble with my health over the past few years. I deal with chronic pain often and I have had a lot of trouble with cognitive tasks, especially those that require leadership and learning.


Further compounding issues, my mother suffered a stroke a few weeks ago. She is doing much better after surgery and intensive care, but will require continued supportive care to ensure that she does not develop complications. My poor health coupled with the necessity to assist with long-term care for my mother have pushed me to the unfortunate realization that I just do not have the mental and physical ability to continue work as site host and developer.


It is thus with great regret that I must tender my resignation as administrator of Canterlot. My anticipated time frame for step down is the end of the year.


What this DOES NOT mean is the sudden termination of the forum or the Discord server or the dissolution of the community.


What this DOES mean is that Canterlot will not receive any further active development from me.


We the staff are currently in the process of developing a transition plan that will minimize stress and hassle for everyone. Keep an eye on the News and Updates subforum and the #announcements Discord channel for updates as they are posted. In the meantime, the Discord and forums will continue to run normally.


Please leave questions and comments HERE and I will do my best to answer them as I am able.


While I will no longer be in charge, I will try to make time and energy available to assist with the transition and perhaps even return to RP as a normal player as I am able. It is my hope that even if I am no longer in charge, you will all continue to carry forward all the lessons that MLP has taught us.


Thank you, Canterlot, for giving me these years of friendship and magic.




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Hey friends! First off, I would like to apologize for how long it took to ban Robi. I know mediocre RP can only be tolera...


Wait, what? You mean that's not the announcement? OH! The -other- announcement...


Canterlot and its user base are not what they were years ago -- we're not the same people with the same amount of time we once had. Since I joined up, I've gone through college, been married and divorced, and worked across 4 different jobs. I still haven't finished FiM, though I have a fair idea of how the story ended. I think this site has always carried a meta parallel to the cartoon it was based around, as characters have come and gone, changes have happened, and important choices made. The story has officially ended. Now it's time to respectfully end my story in developing the site here and allow new people with different visions and capacities to take the fore.


This place we've made together has given me sanctuary when I've needed it, as we've written our own stories inspired by the special qualities that early Friendship is Magic fostered. I'm happy to say that what we have built here is something incredibly special and precious. Since I joined 8 years ago to a burgeoning community, we've faced quite a few challenges -- rogue admins, rogue moderators, rogue users, getting hacked, spam bots, even predatory types using our site for unscrupulous means. We've risen above them all, handled a change over of admins twice, forum software, forum hosts, chat platforms, and managed to give this community a worthy journey to where we are now. On the front side, this site was a roleplay community; in the background, it has created lasting friendship, improved, and even saved lives. It's given us a lot to think about and process. It was a platform that I think went beyond the original bounds we intended for it.


All that said, Dio and I thought that this would be the end cover to an otherwise rich story. We're happy to say that we've had an incredible outpouring of support from our staff, several of whom are willing to carry on the site. I will be doing my best in coming days to lend my support for our next set of leaders as we hand the reins over, with my official retirement respectfully coinciding with Dio's. I will still be hanging around this community, as well as the Discord, so I'm not going anywhere. I'm glad there will be a home for us for time yet to come.


I'm eager to see what the next chapter will be.


Thank you for allowing me to protect and lead this site; you're all truly the best. To our staff, I can't thank you enough; you've worked tirelessly over the years through your volunteer efforts to support our community here, and you've helped thousands of players find joy and entertainment through your support.


Finally, to Dio. More than I can express, you've allowed this site to continue existing through your boundless generosity and effort, I can surmise your efforts as nothing less than herculean. More than that, you're my friend, and I hope that with the site in safe hands, our journey forward will lead us to better places. I'll be walking right next to you, giving you my shoulder as we find out what's next. 


Madelyne Rose, Retiring Admin of Canterlot.com

The Blood Quill, Wolf Mother



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