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Requiem, the land divided


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"Alright, ponies, morale is low and we need plans!" The black kirin's tail swished behind her with interminable animation. "Now, I know most-" she glanced at a clipboard in her hoof "all of you are new here, (damn commission can't send me experienced subjects, it seems), but fret not, for I, the magnificent Mandala, shall be your guiding star through the darkness of the unknown.


so, who's with me!?" She thrusts her hoof up into the air, striking a pose that was at once inspiring and strangely alluring- in an entirely inappropriate way, to the less pure minds. It must have been the way her lab coat parted down the sides of her flanks, just enough to-


So I came up with an idea at work about a week ago, and I'd really like to see where it can go. I dream of a large, expansive world with dozens of players vying for control over the various territories of a broken world, but one does not build a city overnight. I must start small, find people who are actually taken by my vision, and slowly piece together what I can overtime.


To this end, I have come here, to the AU section, seeking prospective players. All I ask is to play along and help me develop this world as a team. If we can make something of it- something great- then that would be wonderful ~

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