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  1. Rose had to admit... She hadn't actually thought it out all that much. She could remember the spark: that one moment of realization, an acknowledgement of the impermanence of all things, and how it made her feel in that moment. Confused, angry, lost, and a profound sadness. She never wanted anyone to suffer the pain of loss like she had, and after finding her love, she never wanted to suffer it again herself. She had thought a cure to mortality was a solution, but would it have instead been a curse to bear on his shoulders? Sorting through her borrowed memories, her face grew pale as she realized how warped and twisted they were, how muddled her mind had become in those latter days. The single-mindedness of her goal, and how it had lost all reason and meaning after her love's death, and even before it. No... Perhaps everlasting life wasn't what she truly sought, but she would pursue it nonetheless. Because if there was one thing Jade was right about, it was that it should be earned. "... You are right." She said quietly, and she bowed her head, growing dimmer. "You're so right... I hadn't stopped to think about my stolen dreams and what they may have meant. I carried over a madmare's delusions and took them to heart, but you've helped open my eyes..." Lifting her head up, she locked eyes with Jade and smiled, although it was a wan thing. "Thank you." Straightening up, her posture became more confident, and her smile sharper. "But I will still pursue this elixir of eternity, granted with a few caveats. It will not be my primary goal now, and when I manage it, it should not be made public, but bestowed upon those worthy... Perhaps I am not the mare to judge a ponies merits so, but neither are you." "Regardless," her eyes wandered off, into the distant, gas-choked skies above the swamp with its boiling clouds and noxious atmosphere. "I am still a patron of life, and will continue to devise medicine and cures to what ails I can. Ponies may not live forever, but that does not mean they do not deserve a healthy, comfortable life up until their inexorable terminus." Finally, she looked back down at Jade, expressionless. "My offer still stands. You can work with me, and together we can uplift the population's health. Improve it. I'll soon be in a position to make change where it is due, but you... I am uncertain where you stand."
  2. She didn't seem particularly bothered by present company, shifting in place to get comfortable. "Alchemy," the vaguely translucent pony said, quite simply. She tilted her nose up at her fellow pony, a curious glint to her eyes. "Since you seem to familiar with my derivative counterpart, you should also know what it is I seek to accomplish. Immortality can serve you just as well as it could serve your servants." She lifted a hoof to point in their vague direction without looking. "The materials I used in my world are absent here. The formula, although complete, will not work here. I must create a new means of curing this condition, and beasts like the hydra I just slew will further that goal. You can further that goal as well... " She then tilted her head to the side, squinting at the mare. "Or perhaps you've found your own solution already? It does not matter all that much, the goal is the same with or without your help."
  3. Rose watched the little mare as she simply enjoyed the little anomaly they found themselves in, listening intently. What she said made sense, in hindsight. She couldn't remember meeting more than maybe three sirens in the vast centuries of memories she possessed, and of them, only one stood out as a true survivor. And it was true that love- as opposed to hatred- was a much more potent and naturally occurring emotion, especially amongst ponies. What was she doing? With a deflated sigh, she cast off her guise of intimidation in favor of one she favored herself, that of the infinitely graceful seapony, yet aggressive with her leonine features. She swam over to hug Twilight's side, her fins soft yet firm. "Well, I certainly can't let them go extinct. I owe one of them for saving me once... " , Somewhat misty eyes turned away from her, then. "As for what makes a monster... " She shivered. "Where I come from... changelings aren't as widely accepted as they are here. By and far, they're largely unheard of, but those that do know of them- The Armada and The Royal Navy- hunt us down like wild animals. One of my first memories... the first... " A coldness encroaches on the two as that moisture in her eyes doubles, and she squeezes Twilight tighter, as if she may slip away if she let go for even an instant. Her next words were subdued, haunted by echoes of her past. "I was in a cage, in a strange place, with strange ponies. A colt had fished me out of the waters, and put me up as a product to be sold to the hungry masses. I remember being so scared, and alone... I... " She had to take a moment to collect herself. She had never told this story to anyone, but somehow it felt important to tell someone. Anyone.
  4. Nautilus' smile gradually waned as the sure-hoofed sorceress rattled on detail after detail with stunning effectiveness. Everything she said was true, she was afraid of slipping, of becoming what, deep down, she knew she really was... One wrong turn and she'd be travelling down the same road, and she knew it. The very thought of this madmare even knowing about Aloe was enough to make her non-existent blood boil, but in situations like these it is best to keep a level head. Jade was a manipulator, of that she was sure. Looking her over more carefully now, she noted her 'promises', as if she held the moral high ground. She was attempting to establish herself as a 'friend' of hers, 'reassuring' her that she wouldn't let anything bad happen. To be honest, it was enough to make the poor mare more than a little paranoid... she could feed that seedling of worry already sprouting in her mind, soon to blossom into an elaborate scheme that would forever ensure the safety of her and hers... But for now, she should focus on the very real threat Jade presented. "That is all very generous of you, Miss Jade." She stared in a cordial tone, equipping a likewise smile. "However, your assistance is not required. I am more than capable of keeping her safe." "Furthermore, you seem to have me mistaken." She chuckled, "This form's purpose is simply for hunting and gathering. There are so many exotic materials with so much potential here, and seeing as I can be in multiple places at once, it would be folly of me to squander such opportunities." Regardless of Jade's attempts, the simulacrum's steady glow- which had dispersed almost completely during the surprised attack- began to return to her with much more potency than before, rapidly engulfing the fallen reptile in an explosive show of magical power. A steady thrum- almost a buzz- drowned out the white noise of the swamp before- THWAR- The hydra suddenly erupted in turquoise light, whisked away to a safely warded safehouse in Eggwater Bay. All that was left was the gently hovering form of Nautilus, who herself had become significantly less corporeal than before. Regardless, she smiled. "Ah, now that that is out of the way, we may exchange discourse without such a visceral distraction, wouldn't you agree?"
  5. Kettle didn't really understand the majority of what her new friend was talking about, but it sounded to her like his parents were really mean to him, and that made her sad. Instead of dwelling on the arcane details of what seemed to be his tragic backstrory, though, she latched onto the fee bits she did understand and perked right up, grinning right up until the less-nice unicorn went and fell asleep on them! She shouldn't do that standing up, she could fall... Which she did! Thank the golden kernel that that Spearmint colt was there to help her, and her sister too! "I hope she's okay, that was a really long story. Kind of sad, too... So what else can you fix?" And right back to that grinning loon she went, bouncing around and rattling off every little thing she could think of that would need 'fixxing'.
  6. "Well that depends," she responded cordially, brushing over his acknowledgement of her true nature. If it became a problem, she could probably just make him forget about the day, but that was a last resort. "What kinds of materials would you need? I have some leftover from the construction of this pool..." She had to really think about this. What do you use to build structures? She suspected a large part of it, for underwater denizens, would be materials naturally found in the sea or ocean, or lakes and ponds. "Actually, yes, tell me what you require and I shall fetch the materials. In the meantime-" her horn flashed, and suddenly the two appeared in Saddle Lake, in the approximate area that she and Aloe occupied preciously. "- this is the environment in which I wish to build a residence. Familiarize yourself with it while I acquire the materials... " She watched him expectantly, idly flipping her tail this way and that. She could probably create hard-water duplicates of basic materials, complete with texture, but it would lack the impermanence of its actual counterpart, not to mention it would be immune to water and weather, which would make for poor testing conditions.
  7. Rose, too, raised a brow. A small little grin rising onto her muzzle. "You see a pony grow a piscine tail and your first assumption is that she must be a changeling?" Slowly shaking her head, and chuckled internally. "Very well." Diving under after him, she also surveyed the small pool, although there wasn't much to see. "Tell me, what strengths are these that you speak of? Do they pertain to the creation of these 'hideouts' of yours?" Unfortunately, it was a rather mundane pool, simply fit to house a school of seaponies acclimating themselves to a watery habitat. "... If you're seeking building materials, we will need to look elsewhere."
  8. She likewise shrugged. "The potion was intended for creatures that lacked the capability of transformation. It may be true that some hippogriffs carry around a shard, but most ponies require magical assistance. I, however, do not ~" Grinning, she hunkered down on her forelegs, wagged her tail- and leapt into the water in a graceful dive that barely disturbed the surface. When she emerged next to him, she had transformed into a leonine seapony, with lionfish characteristics that gave her an unusually fierce appearance compared to most regular ponies. "I failed to mention that the potion's effects typically last for approximately five hours. The sample, however, should wear off in an hour to a half an hour. Any less potency would require an exorbitant amount of moderation to keep from inflicting negative side-effects."
  9. The pearly fluid was smooth, and tasted, oddly, like actual pearl (if he'd ever attempted eating one.) Rose followed him outside to watch by the sidelines as the effects began to take hold mere moments later; First was his mane and tail, the burgundy fibers thinning and flattening into one continuous membrane highly reminiscent of his natural manestyle, retaining its basic shape but gaining a new, more hydro-friendly texture; next came his legs, previously fiersome avian talons retracting into the appendage to be replaced by a translucent fin much like his mane and tail; finally, his beak softened, melding into his face to create a stunning equine snout. As the final touches took place, his hind legs fused together below him, becoming coated in a stream of copper scales, his tail-fin flaring out at the end in a spectacular display of radiant red color. Two crimson fans protruded from his back where his wings once were. Rose beamed at her creation- or, rather, unlocking his potential. She clapped her forehooves together, eyeing him up and down. "A stellar success. Tell me, stranger, how do you feel?"
  10. Shards? Strange, she'd never heard of that before, and she very easily transmuted Aloe's form with a simple pearl-based formula. Bringing a hoof up to her chin, she narrowed her eyes on the hybrid before her. An idea was brewing in that gnoggin of hers... One that would benefit both parties. "One basic potion is one that grants the imbiber the ability to breath underwater. However, I bring a formula from my homeland, one conceived of by hippogriff alchemists, that does something a little different." Gesturing towards the door, she smiles. "You may have noticed I have beside my shop a pool freshly installed, and by it a rack of potions particular to that setting." "Sample one of them for me, and if it turns out to be the key to your lost power, I would like for you to instruct me on how to build one of these 'hideouts.'"
  11. Out in the temporally altered field, tiny pinpricks of turquoise light blipped into existence, barely formed and subject to the machinations of slowness. They were Incredibly small, little more than background radiation, waiting to bloom into a beautiful flower of magic. Nautilus breathed out, and with her blue foggy breath, the aura surrounding her seemed to seep into the deceased hydra, the intensity continuing to grow in minor increments. "If you know of my 'realm', as you put it, then you should also know that I am a mere shadow of a power that resides there." Humming, she grinned, several more little dots of light appearing above her, visually indistinct from the noon sky. "You have a threatening aura about you, miss 'Jade.' I would advice caution interfering in my projects, but perhaps we may assist each other?" "Tell me what you want from my catch, and I may grant it... And more. After all, I, too, happen to be older than I look. I know a trick or two that you most likely do not."
  12. "Yes, in fact!" This seemed to cheer her up, eliciting a chipper tone from the mare. She stood up straight, ears perked, and seemed to draw her attention away from the rest of his body to give him her proper attention. "I hear that your kind are amphibious in nature- residing first in the waters, and then on land. You may switch between the two forms at-will." "My land is one dominated by the sea, a place called Andalusia, where I once called the tides my home. Lately, I have found a nearby lake as one such place, and my love, Aloe, has expressed an interest in making residence there. Alass," she sighed, ears wilting as she rubbed one hoof over the other, gazing down at them, "My architectural skills pale in comparison to alchemy. You would not, perhaps, be knowledgeable of this subject?" There was a note of hope there, but it was tempered by realistic expectations. After all, she couldn't expect just every hippogriff to know how to make an underwater sanctuary.
  13. "Yes, in fact. Nary a month or two present, but well-established, as you can we'll see." She gestured broadly to her store, never taking her eyes off of him. They went over his beak, wings, forelegs... And seemed to linger on his hind legs. His ungulate hind legs. "I take it you are one of these 'hippogriffs'? I must admit, you're the first specimen I've come into contact with since arriving in this strange land."
  14. 'Nautilus' glanced in the direction of the disturbance the instant her spell was rather rudely dissolved, the un-subtle glow around her failing to follow the same pattern as she continued to channel energy into her own reserves. A small smile came to her face as she sized up what was appearing to be a rival of sorts. Her tools and lack of magical presense spoke of a mare that knew what she was doing, but could she stop the copy before she was finished with her business? Only time would tell. Another flick of light from her horn, and the area around them was captured in the grip of a Slow Time spell, the only creatures exempt from its effects being Nautilus herself and her 'visitor.' "I'm surprised to hear the name of my homeland on the tongue of a native to this land." She said, showing no signs of stress or worry despite the entity before her being several time stronger than the mere simulacrum. "And one knowledgeable of my machinations! An accomplished mage, perhaps...?" She made a show of focusing on her equipment, that smile widening just a bit. "Ah, or perhaps an alchemist. A profession I have found rare amongst the ponies of this land. Curious, how did you come upon this ancient practice?"
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