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  1. REQUIEM- ALPHA The great machine has failed us, but we yet remain to rebuild. The Pyramid, the source of all conflict in this world, stands untouched in the center of the last city. Harmony and The Dominion have been fighting this war for so long... To change the world. Will you be the one to break this vicious cycle, and at last uncover what lies within the heart of this broken world? Join us in Requiem, and together we may just find out! We have lore! https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/pH4jXpoHAD3S We have a How-to guide! https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/7nWhAXqdLAFf And we have so much more in store! So why not come on down and give our server a try? https://discord.gg/ZRV9SrvV
  2. I'm... I don't know if it was a good idea for me to try and join up. You guys can do you.
  3. As if sensing their arrival by magic- which, she did- A slightly taller unicorn mare showed up through the passage leading into the rest of the spa. Despite having been working since she heard about the kelpie's appointment, she looked none the worse for wear. That's not to say she wasn't still a workaholic that would work herself into the ground... But love changes many things, including harmful habits. "Oh, hello! Welcome to our spa ~" she gestured towards the pink pony, then herself. "This is Aloe, and I'm Rose Compass." Magicking up a pair of spectacles, she squinted at the pony inquisitively. "Quick question- on top of hers, naturally- but is the composition of your body made up entirely of water, or some substance of similar makeup?" Oooh, as soon as she gets the chance, she's getting a sample. If she's what she appears to be, this may be the key to creating a new regenerative serum of hers.
  4. "Oh really?" Rose did admit that Albedo would probably grow to be quite the lovely creature, but she still wasn't sure how changelings would be received in Equestria. The fear of society rejecting her child was very real, perhaps even ingrained in her from her own childhood. She began to wonder about schooling, and whether she should send her to a public school or homeschool her. She was more than qualified to teach her all of the sciences and magics, although Twilight could probably teach the latter better. Maybe a mixture of both? If she did send her to a school, which one? She'd heard of 'Celestia's school for gifted unicorns', but that reeked of speciesm. Similarly, Twilight's school for Friendship sounded outlandish to a juvenile degree. It didn't sound like a place to pursue academics. But she was sitting right across from the sole being responsible for managing this realm. Perhaps she should state her inquiries directly? "Twilight... How well are changelings received in Equestria? And in your personal opinion, what would be a good place to learn both academics and social skills?" Although it would be a long time before any of this became immidiately relevant, the relevancy yet remained.
  5. As it turned out, something, or somepony, may have already done that. Just as she neared the edge of the treeline, she'd feel an odd static buildup on her coat- Crack! - and suddenly, the crackle of distant thunder could be heard! Yet there wasn't a cloud in the sky... Not too long after, a steady blue glow rose above the treeline, but it wasn't remotely close to where she was. The staticky feeling dissipated over the next few moments, but in its place there was a peculiar charge to the air, as if it could happen again at any moment.
  6. Rose chuckled as Twilight treated her like the apparel she was masquerading as, settling back in place once the alicorn sat back down. Serpentine bodies were almost all muscle, so it'd take a lot more than laying on her to make her remotely uncomfortable. You are the first such being I have encountered, Twilight Sparkle. And it was true. She had heard of three more- no, four more- and was sure to encounter another at some point in time, but it was by no means a priority of hers. Although... I would not be averse to seeing the result of some 'cultural exchange' ~ Rose radiated amusement as she coiled up to Twilight's body to be just a touch snugger, resting her head above where her shoulder would be. I have already lived a lifetime alone... and it is a tragic thing. Thankfully, I have Aloe now, and my dear Albedo, who are both doing well. Albedo is developing well, and Aloe... She flicked her tongue again. Well, she is probably still recovering. She was so very excited to see me off this morning, personally.
  7. Rose was, indeed, perfectly healthy as she arrived in the diplomatic unicorn's room. Long-distance teleportation like this always required her to consume a potion for a lack of... Certain modifications, but that was alright. "My calculations may have been a bit off, but impressive work nonetheless." Chuckling, she scurried her way up to the lavender lazypoke and up her leg, sticking her tongue out in mild amusement. "I just wanted to spend some time with my favorite alicorn. Life at home a little too lax for my liking." And with that said, she scurried up the rest of the way. By the time she reached her head, her body flashed in a burst of pyromantic light, and Twilight found her shoulders weighed down by a large sea snake. Hugging the mare rather loosely, she scanned the room, flicking her tongue out to sample the chemicals in the air. "You should be outside, enjoying the view. The waters here are spectacular."
  8. What a passionate young mare! It reminded her of herself when she was still on the Force. Naïve, but so full of energy. None of them understood her brilliance, though. None of them could see the logic behind her actions, and preferred to keep the wool over their eyes. But not her. This conversation has the potential to evolve into something much greater. All it would take is one push, one inkling of an idea, and she just knew it would happen. Probably. She'd been wrong before, but those occasions were few and far between "I actually happen to be a fan of history." With her mind made, she pulled aside the curtains and took stage, equipping a somewhat nervous smile as she approached the mares as if overhearing them in passing, folding up the brochure to give them her full attention. "Um... Books, and stuff. I may not have a horn, but magic is just so fascinating!" Then she paused, eyes widening. "Oh! Excuse me! Sorry, I just... I'm easily excited..."
  9. It'd been awhile since Rose was this excited for a day at the spa. In the beginning, working alongside Aloe was all the excitement she needed. Then it was the experience- although... Lingering memories of unpleasant times occasionally clawed their way to the forefront of her mind, she was always able to focus on the present and enjoy the moment. She learned a lot, and got to advertise some of her own solutions in the process. A lot of the novelty had faded over repeated cycles, but that didn't mean she enjoyed the work any less. Today, however, wasn't one of those days. Today, they were getting a special customer, of a species she couldn't recall encountering in either of her lifetimes: they were being visited by a kelpie. Coltic lore painted them as bewitching beauties with carnal appetites, akin to a changeling crossed with a siren, but other sources made them out to be the spawn of a leviathan and chaos. She wasn't sure which held more water, other than the proven fact that this creature was evidently made of the substance. To those ends, she had prepared a few things. Run a few... Covert tests, while of course enduring her patrons comfort to the best of her ability. When this patron arrived, she'd still be busy making some minor final preparations. Hopefully Aloe could handle reception. She was good at that.
  10. Subtly, the disguised bat's ears twitched towards the conversation happening just across from her. A book? She still couldn't be sure if this was the makings of an elicit event, or if this was like the coffee case. Or the janitor case. Or the waitress case. Or the pizza case. No, that pizza delivery cold had definitely snuck something onto her pizza. She needs to track him down one of these days... She could drop it- it could be nothing, and just the musings of an overactive mind, but Orange Cream never left things to chance! They could be plotting something nefarious! ... Or they could be normal tourists. Wandering from the stand with a brochure in-hoof, she circled around to get a little closer, nose stuck in the admittedly enticing images. Ooh, was that a bathhouse? How would that work...?
  11. Albedo looked up at the sudden movement, a good third of the heart devoured by then, and trilled in delight as she pressed her body up against the hoof. "Oh, indeed ~" Rose purred, nuzzling into Aloe's neck. But she dropped that act quick enough. "Still, the urges will come and go as she matures. My older self would have let her feed off of whatever hapless creature I captured to nourish her, but she didn't have you around to do the feeding for her." When Albedo had received enough affection from her parents, and her curiosity was sated for the moment, she began to drift off to explore the boundaries of their aquatic bubble. Belatedly, she noted the third pony in the room, but didn't pay her much mind. "Hopefully she's able to make friends outside the two of us when she's old enough to walk on land." Although the real trouble will begin when her magic starts to develop. She may be small now, but even as a guppy she shines with untapped potential to rival most unicorns. She'd need that power later, but for now...
  12. Finally, she had time to settle down and have herself a day off. That's not to say she couldn't take some time to herself anytime she wanted- she could easily task one of her copies with managing her little shop, or tinker with that prototype spell to think for her- but even then she couldn't help worrying about little Albedo. She'd installed every security measure she could think of. A kraken empowered by an angry lich could not so much as graze her construction without considerable effort, and yet, still she worried. But worried no more, as her little guppy finally got her chance to greet the world, and her two sisters still remain in the womb, safe and sound. That's why she was out exploring again, just herself, in the flesh. She'd left Albedo with Aloe for the day, trusting in her love to care for their foal with instructions on what to do. It wasn't too complicated- just love her, and make sure she has plenty of space to roam. Best to leave her in the lake, then, and utilize one of her potions. Adventuring wasn't quite her mood at the moment. She'd went into the heart of Tenochtitlan not long ago, encountered a powerful mage in Mareais, and one if her imitations was currently weathering blistering cold on her way to this crystal city that has been mentioned a few times in passing. But none of that was truly important right then- what was was her first, true friend (besides Aloe) Twilight. It wasn't difficult to pinpoint her location and transport herself nearby, taking on the form of a chameleon before scurrying her way further into whatever locale she was currently occupying. No, what she intended to do for the day was a simple matter of spending time with someone special to her. She smiled at the thought, and the warmth it brought to her diminutive reptile body. "Hello, Twilight," she thought at the mare. No reason to startle her, although she doubted that mare could miss her arrival.
  13. This thread is a good one, methinks. In it, Rose Compass, my confused and displaced changeling queen has a talk with Twilight about the nature of monsters, and her place in the world. It's a very deep and emotional moment for her, but it helps her to understand better who and what she is.
  14. Unbeknownst to the 'stealthy' stallion, a pair of eyes had been following him as well, keen eyes expertly picking out the faint traces of invisibility through decades of experience with such tricks. She'd caught him filching from a local stand and decided to tail him. See if he was worth her while, or if he was just another two-bit theif hiding under the guise of a noble. It turns out her intuition, as usual, was spot on: it would appear he had lead her to yet another potential case. Her shifty demeanor and withdrawn behaviour spoke to her on a personal level. She'd need to get closer to investigate if this was real criminal activity or simply coincadence. To those ends, she chose to bide her time for the perfect moment to introduce herself, blending into the background as she kept her ears trained towards the two (to three) ponies, pretending to peruse some wares.
  15. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Orange Cream Alias: Orange ScreamGender: FemaleAge: Young mareSpecies: Aerion (Appears to be an earth pony)Eye colour: lime greenCoat: Light orangeMane/Tail: White with a red stripe running down the middlePhysique: LitheResidence: ManehattanOccupation: Vigilante/DetectiveCutie Mark: A simple magnifying glassUnique Traits: Deception. Orange Cream has always beleived that the best way to catch a criminal is to think like a criminal. In her case, it's to be a criminal, join gangs and criminal organizations, and then work to bring them down from the inside. History: Formerly a renowned detective working for the Manehattan Police, Orange Cream's radical idealism and criminal mentality quickly found her on the wrong side of the law. After she was discovered by a fellow police officer within a mafia, trust in her rapidly dwindled, even when she provided vital Intel in taking it down. Things only escalated from there, and before anyone knew it, Orange Cream had become "Orange Scream", a terror of the night and a dangerously friendly face. To maintain her public identity, she had some clothing enchanted to give her the appearance of a regular earth pony, masking her slit pupils and obscuring her leathery wings under a tight-fitting green vest. Character Personality: Observant and critical thinking, Orange Cream is always actively on the lookout for opportunities to insert herself within the ranks of the scum of ponykind, approaching with friendly innocence and an often oblivious attitude regarding criminal activities. Don't be fooled, however, as behind that pleasant smile and wide, green eyes are a relentless predator, thirsting to sink its fangs into another of countless cases. Not all of them end happily. Character Summary: A detective fallen from grace and driven mad by a desire to bring down crime by becoming a criminal herself. She's very talented in deception, and is very a very capable mare.
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