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  1. So, for awhile now I've been developing a world of mine I'm calling Eusimare. The entire concept started with my Desert, and then expanded into a trio of kingdoms elsewhere. I've put a lot of time and effort into developing this world as a whole, and I'd like to hear your opinions. Suggestions for additions to the world are also encouraged. Really, I just want some feedback.
  2. Rose got the distinct impression that Hou was not quite comprehending the severity of Twilight's accusations, or the implications that she could- and possibly would- take action against her. Rose had intended this meeting to be someplace they could all become friends and get to know one another. She supposed she succeeded by some degree- Hou was actively engaging her sworn nemesis in what amounted to polite conversation for her, and was even making jokes! Er... Or she hoped that was a joke, surely she's not serious about- "I beg your pardon?" Did You just drag her into her convoluted scheme to produce a musical number out of the three of them? The best Rose could even recall were some sea shanties and lullabies that would make Equestrian foals squeal in terror. "I regret to inform you that my singing experience is rather limited. And on the note of magic, you're not the only 'sorceress' present." Sidling up next to Twilight, she threw a protective hoof over her shoulder, glaring down Hou. Somewhat dramatically. Better yet, let's just hug the princess to her! And become a giant crab while she's at it! Haha, yes! Incase you forgot, she also happens to be an avatar of magic itself in this world.
  3. Rose had to agree with Twilight. She wasn't influenced by her predecessor, at least not in the ways Hou was describing. She shuddered to imagine what would happen if she reached out to any of her alternate selves. How many of them fell as her original did? How many are out there, raving mad, grasping for something eternally out of reach? How many are violating the laws of the universe in a crude display of infantile rage? She shook herself out of her musings, returning to the discussion at hoof. She was only dimly aware of the topic of... Some book colt. Back to her famous book, eh? On friendship. Like the School of Friendship. Hmm... She should connect with the Mayor again sometime. All of this talking has got her thinking. ... And speaking of thinking, it seems Hou was doing that for both of them now. Rose would point out that this 'young' mare possessed the ability to perceive things beyond either of their understanding, and has helped her quite a bit. Clearly age was not equivalent to experience. "You know," she said at last, when Hou finally stopped talking, "I am the lead researcher and developer of life elongating remedies. If you find me a Flower of Forever, I can easily brew you up a potion that will let you live forever- as well as enhance your physical, mental, and magical abilities." She cocked a brow. "... You did think about me, right? My speciality? In immortality?" She rolled her eyes with a huff. "As for your 'insurance', if you ever need vessels to contain these souls of yours, I also specialize in fabricating those. Specifically meant to house souls, in fact." She wasn't even going to acknowledge the sing off thing. Well... Other than an utterly baffled look. Who was this mare and what has she done with Hou Shuren?
  4. Rose huffed at Twilight's explanation, readjusting the hat as it was placed on her head. It wasn't half bad, even if it looked like a stage prop. It was good to know that Equestrians differentiated buccaneers from pirates, even if the difference still seemed pretty superficial to her. "I don't know who Swift Squall is," she remarked, frowning and crossing her forelegs. Rose, dramatic? As if. It certainly surprised her to hear that Twilight... Could. The purple mare never struck Rose as the violent type, not unless provoked. And even then... Well, stealing souls is probably worse. Or being mutated. Should Rose feel bad for the leap frogs she experimented on? Rose chuckled as Twilight called her out, lifting her cup: six, six, four, five, and two. There really was no winning this round. "That would be... A tie, correct?" On a sheer whim, she cast a come-to-life spell on the dice. They started rolling around, their intentions enigmatic. The fours and fives sought each other out, while the twos seemed to gang up on the lone one. How odd.
  5. Rose listened to what Twilight had to say, and to be honest, it wasn't all that difficult to follow. Rose herself wasn't a multiversal being, and she didn't intend to become one either. She already knew her original had done enough to spread herself across time and space, so she may as well be one by default. "I can see the practical applications of such an ability, but will what happened in other instances affect this one?" She quirked a brow, then turned her attention back to the conversation at hand. Hou sure did love talking. It made her wonder, idly, what would happen if she just lost her mouth somehow. She'd probably made a potion that does something similar, or a potion of silence. The kirins had some interesting lore up in their mountains. An interesting river, too. Smirking to herself, she projected a mental image to Twilight of Hou getting dunked in the Stream of Silence, then getting angry because she couldn't monologue. You can't say it wouldn't be at least a little humorous ~ "I see... Well, I shall keep that in mind. Although I find it doubtful that many creatures not worth meeting 'in pony' will be able to perceive my simulacrums as a fabrication."
  6. "Got it. At least a sperm whale, perhaps a kraken." She giggled into a hoof, getting back to the game. "You realize that 'buccaneer' is just an Andalusian pirate, right?" Rose quirked a brow, frowning. "Four threes. I realize that popular media portrays pirates as these jolly shanty-singing sailors swashbuckling and treasure-seeking. The reality is much more grim. You think you would have done well?" She asked, and focused on the unicorn. She projected images towards her mind, in classic Rose style. Images of sinking ships, their magazines having blown the ship in half. Ponies drowning, others still and lifeless. "Think you could kill a pony? Think you could keep a clear conscience when you need to remind the enemy and your crew just what a pirate is with a classic execution? Do you think you could go day in and day out, unable to land in any proper port, and be forced into hitting trade ships and galleons just to get the resources neccesary to stay alive?" Leaning back, her frown deepened. "My crew got off lucky. I was able to layer Luna's Rose in illusions, and disguise my crew so that we could land in a common port without the Royal Navy getting on our asses a heartbeat later. But being a pirate is not fun and games. And it's not something you should aspire to be, imitation or not."
  7. Rose could invest as much as needed in Aloe, and their children. She started when the scene shifted, observing what must be an important place to Hou before it disappeared. So it worked both ways... Hmm... "My magic? What-" She wasn't prepared to be tackled. Thankfully, she'd long since learned to temper her potentially deadly reflexes, and weathered the fall. What she saw was... Unsettling, to a degree. She'd have expected a perpetual cloudy cover for her darker side. Perhaps rolling mist. If she squinted, there in the distance, sne could spot the broken hulls of ships. Tombstones. "What do you mean my magic hid here?" She asked, quirking a brow. "Magic is not sentient, Hou."
  8. Rose was tempted to peer into Hou's mind to get a read on just what she was up to. The sorceress probably forgot what Rose was, but the queen certainly didn't miss just how puzzled the mare was... or how smug. The emotion made Rose a little anxious. Was this a mistake, bringing the two together? Could they ever cooperate? Or just get along? "Thank you!" She said, beaming at Twilight and her compliment, although some of that good humor evaporated when Hou spoke up. She waved a hoof dismissively, then promptly duplicated herself on the spot. "Nonsense," she said, hoofbumping her double. "I use the optimal number of simulacrums I can sustain efficiently, and like all muscles, the more I use my magic, the stronger I get." Her double giggled into a hoof, then sauntered over to Hou. She gave her a quizzical look. "Now, what do you mean-" "-Which you?" The real Rose finished, sidling up next to Twilight.
  9. Maybe Rose was slow to catch up, but it only then occured to her that Hou may have something of an ego. A very large ego at that. She stared as the sorceress explained... What? That she's responsible for where Twilight is? What Is this, a game of cat and mouse? Hou has been holding her tail the entire time and was just toying with her? She just shook her head... Then piped up at that comment there at the end. "A minus? I killed that thing using the terrain." Chuckling, she turned back to Twilight. "I had a simulacrum out here, hunting down ingredients for my regeneration potion. I managed to lure it into a geyser- and UP it went! Then it fell into a broken tree stump, impaling itself." She shook her head, tisking. "Dead on impact. Hou showed up to collect not soon after, and we had a posturing contest. First thing she tried to do was depower me. Who would have thought we'd go from excessive threats to helping me in some of the most intimate ways possible... " Looking between the two, she not-so-subtly nudged them just a smidge closer with her magic.
  10. Rose graciously accepted the hug, then stepped in between the two ponies. She looked... Uncertain. Perhaps even a bit nervous. But she swallowed it down. "I see you're both already aquatinted," she said in an even tone. "Good! Good. Er..." Friendship. Friendship. That's what this needs right now, but how the hell does that even work under these circumstances? "I know there's some... Bad blood in the water here, but we can all be cordial here, right? Why don't we start with shaking hooves?" Perking up, she smiled, focusing on Hou this time. "Yeah! Let's shake hooves. No need to stand so far away, right? She's not going to hurt you, and you're not going to hurt her." With a flourish, she gestured towards Twilight.
  11. Well... That was as good as she was going to get, she supposed. Nodding, slowly, she called her in, sitting down to wait. And to watch.
  12. "It is... Not for others to see, per se," she said slowly, eyeing up the slab of stone. "Perhaps my children will see it, or we will return to this place at some point in the future, reminiscing. For now, it is simply a work of mine- one of many. One with purpose." Almost as an afterthought, the changeling queen enchanted the stone. She could still work it as any other stone, but now it would be resistant to both time and decay- suspended in this moment, immune to entropy. Nice costume change, she thought as Hou changed her appearance. Green was a fitting color, a distinctly mystical one. Rose most certainly approved. "I brought you here not to ask of you something material, but closer to your heart," she said, opting not to take her hoof. Distantly, she checked on her simulacrum, although she didn't really need too. She can perceive all of them simultaneously. The mind of a queen. "I must ask for your trust, friend Hou. There is a friend of mine I would dearly like for you to meet and converse with, and who, after some negotiation, has agreed to meet with you under cordial terms." "She does not understand you, I fear. But I also feel as though your mistrust is misplaced. For this meeting, I will be an Intermediary. Trust in me, Hou."
  13. Water pressure! Now why didn't Rose think of that? "Glad you could make it," She nods with a smile, noting her getup. " I like your mane, and general aesthetic. I wish I could get over how reminescent it is of Queen Storge's aesthetic." She frowns there at the end, then tosses her chisel aside with stark indifference. A moment later, her form blazes into the body of a long purple & orange serpent, with a nozzle-like face. A jet of water shoots from said nozzle, striking against the stone with a grinding sound. In no time at all, a... Decent scale is carved from the stone, but it's obvious that this just isn't her art. She groans as she returns to her original shape, contemplating the stone slab with palpable frustration. "Not a club. I just wanted to make a tribute, a monument to our meeting and subsequent friendship." A squirter just didn't cut it, and neither a chisel. Should she commission some tool?
  14. Rose growls, narrowing her eyes on the object before her. Using some manuals she'd filched from libraries across the world, and a couple interviews with particular ponies, she'd decided to undertake sculpting. With her vast powers and intellect, it should have been a sinch, but- grr- these scales! *Scratch!* How do they do it!? Levitating in the air was a small artists chisel, whittling away at a slab of stone still belonging more to Chaos than Harmony. Maybe Rose just didn't have an affinity for skultping, but by the sea she was going to make this thing a masterpiece if it took her a hundred years! As she passed the time, she kept a watch for Hou. She'd invited her to this place- in particular- for vague reasons at best. After speaking with Twilight just a week or so before, she decided now was as good a time as any to introduce the two in a calm, controlled setting, with herself as an Intermediary. There was some miscommunication here- there had to be- and she would see that whatever misperceptions the two had of each other were dispelled on this day. Of course, she'd call Twilight in whenever the time was right. She had a simulacrum with her, idly chatting, playing blackjack.
  15. Rose wasn't so sure that she wasn't superior in some ways. She certainly doesn't expect Spoiled to achieve her level of power or intellect, not unless she's turned into a sphinx. Even Aloe, more than likely, will remain an earth pony. But... Maybe that's what she means. Power isn't everything, even if it is a strong determining factor in influencing the world. Rose peek's out of one of the windows, already knowing full well what time it is. "Perhaps one more game, then we shall return so that I can turn into a lazy animal and lay on you the rest of the day." She smirked, then rattled her cup around, slamming it onto the tabletop. "By the way, I do appreciate your aesthetic. The costume looks good on you, even if you'd probably never last a day in the horseshoes of a real pirate."
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