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  1. Kettle Corn wasn't all too happy about her first lesson effectively being a (very light) scolding, but she understood well enough and affirmed her acquiescence with a cheerful chirp. "You got it, bark- er... ark? OH, OH, DOES THIS MEAN IT'S OKAY TO SHOW UP LATE IF I SPEND ALL MORNING MAKING KETTLE CORN FOR THE CLASS!?" Yush! An infinite time slot for her favorite and most productive pastime! This is going to be the best schoolyear ever! "Thanks, barkchancellor!" She was at least halfway certain that wasn't how it was said, but she couldn't remember the proper pro-noun-ciation, so she'd go with what's most fun to say ~ She'd wait for her sisters to take their seats, before claiming her own spot atop Candy Corn's mane.
  2. Cool. The shop thread is open- Blaze just never posted a departing post. And the Expedition hasn't started in earnest yet. I kinda forgot for awhile that it was my turn, but with order restored, we could get the ball rolling properly again. Or start something entirely new, I'd you don't wanna do that anyway.
  3. Rose took a moment to appraise the new arrival, her true feelings on the matter hidden behind a neutral expression. "That is correct, Ms. Heart. We were actually just about to set off, so your timing is most fortuitous." Sighing internally, she very briefly summarized the plan she had concocted, then turned to address the entire crew once more. "Mares, and griffon, it would seem we got ourselves an extra set of hooves. Let's give her a proper welcome." "So, tell me Venture Heart, what kinds of skills do you possess that may assist us on our mission?" She asked, summoning a projection of a hydra on deck. Its many heads writhed and snapped at the air, that is, until a comically oversized syringe poked it and it fell like a sack of potatoes. Almost as an afterthought, she floated one of the needles over to Venture as well.
  4. A worry free environment? That came as quite the surprise to the mare, considering her usual method involved putting the child through a series of tests to thicken their proverbial skin. Still, everything else she said made sense, even the part about being uncertain. She paused in her harvesting when she was done to swim over and give her a nuzzle-hug, speaking softly. "It brings me untold joy to hear you say that. For me, this will be a new beginning as well, a chance to be a real mother." Giving her a brief kiss, she smiled. "I admit, may need some guidance myself on how to properly raise a foal in a 'worry free' environment. In another life, they'd be raised to fend for themselves in an inhospitable world. I still beleive they should learn life-skills, but perhaps not with such intensity as my prior regimen entailed."
  5. A little late to the punch here, but may I interest you in an interaction with my nice little medicine mare? Well, she's not a medicine mare, per say, she's an alchemist, but her primary goal is to preserve life to the best of her ability. Her social circle hasn't expanded much, and I'd like to see how she interacts with other ponies and creatures. You can find an expedition she started here And the potion shop she runs is also open, if any of your characters feel like color shifting coats or potions that make you speak backwards :)-
  6. Twilight's explanation seemed to put the young queen at ease. It made sense, in a way. A high enough concentration of magic will, inevitably, have adverse effects on a creature's psyche. But then why wasn't Twilight being affected by it? Was she resistant to its affects, or simply too strong for it to affect her? She knew alicorns were phenomenally powerful beings, so that logic could checked out, but it didn't explain why it caused symptoms in Rose herself... Rose Compass, from the very first moment she gained any autonomy, was a researcher at heart. She studied, disected, and rationalized everything around her- specifically biology. Changeling queens were powerful entities in their own right, and with enough love, could theoretically possess unlimited power. She'd tested that theory out in her old life- which ironically nearly caused the death of her entire crew, and the creation of a legendary sea monster. ... Such was not the time for such ponderings, though. Twilight was eager and willing to understand an aspect of her culture, and she could respect that. "Well, Twilight, the ritual began as a way to comfort the citizens of Andalusia in war-times. The first Queen, Queen Moor I, would bless her knights before sending them off to battle, to keep them safe and ensure they return home to their waiting families. When the Great Plague of Seville swept through our fair country, many of our doctors perished before we could even identify the cause. By the time we realized what was happening, hundreds had succumbed to disease, and hundreds more were sick." "It was at this time that Queen Moor I approached a sick foal. The story goes that, with a few hushed words and her mere touch, the foal was cured. I'm certain there is more to it- probably an unreliable narrator and a generous amount of exaggeration- but I digress." "In Andalusia, we first invoke the name of Queen Moor- "In the name of The Queen"- to garner her attention. We then state our request- "may this foal experience unending joys in life, and never be alone". It is customary to wax poetic as well, "May the sirens sing your praise in the halls of Antemusia"." When she spoke that last part, she put a lot more emphasis into it, her voice almost seraphic. Raising her hoof out of the water, the magical surface swirled and glided up into the air in a graceful arc to land a meter above her hoof. It formed the shape of an egg, and similarly aquatic runes manifested around it, glowing a light blue. "This ritual may also include 'blessings' in a more literal sense, the sorts the Queen once placed upon her knights. Minor charms of protection and good luck to keep the foal safe, especially when they get into trouble." She smiled at this, a warm and tender expression as the runes engraved themselves in the glassy surface of the egg, causing the whole thing to light up a brighter blue. "Oftentimes a pony keeps these their entire life, or until they replace them with a stronger version to preserve magic. A normal cleric's charm will only last until they're about five years of age before it begins fading, but it is said that Queen Moor's blessings were not only more potent, but could be passed onto their next of kin as well. More fables, of course, but you understand the sentiment." Dropping the illusion, the egg and runes both collapsed back into the water, and she turned attention once again to the purple pony, swimming her way until they were just about nose to nose. She circled the mare once, briefly disappearing behind her- and then she would feel two hooves grip her shoulders and begin to softly knead them. Hopefully Aloe's teachings were not all for naught. "There is one last thing that may be bestowed upon the child, but it is an archaic practice even by Andalusia's standards. The bequeathement of a name. The parents have already chosen one by that point, but this is more akin to granting them a true name. When given by a particularly powerful cleric- or the monarch, obviously- it is believed to hold great power, much as my own cursed name which I shall not divulge, lest we attract unwanted attention."
  7. Naturally, Kettle was similarly predisposed towards shirking school ettiquite, and wasted no time ditching her sister to follow a total stranger with questionable ethics and undead companions. "Wait for me, wait for meeeee!" She squealed in laughter as she followed on his heels. Naturally, a bucket of popcorn trailed close behind her, caught up in her buttery aura- that is, until she crashed face first into a solid wall. Or, wait, no, that was just Chipper. While her momentum was regrettably reduced to zero, the popcorn was less fortunate, racing along through the air, free at last- before crashing right into the Archchancellor's face at full speed, spraying popcorn and butter everywhere. "Ow..."
  8. Again with the self-righteous prattling. She had to admit, she did raise several good points, but the overall vibe she gave off just... really put the mare off. Catching the lantern in her magic, she gave it one good look before whisking it away to a safe location, where the real Rose began to study it in earnest. "Only in the shattering can the rebuilding occur," the mare spoke, and the words carried such volume, such weight, that they resounded in the mind just as well as the body. "A wise mare once told me that, and I think I am beginning to understand the meaning behind it." She turned her attention back to Hou, her expression neutral. "Perhaps something of yours must be shattered before It can be rebuilt into its proper shape?" Shrugging, she let that little bit of advice go. "Scylla." She spoke next, and there was a tingle in the air when the word was spoken. "It is a cursed name, and the name of a tyrant. Speak it, and I will know exactly where you are. No border, spatial, temporal, or dimensional will impede it." She chuckled, then, looking around as if expecting her other self to appear at any moment and smite her. Yet, Rose Prime never did. "All Rose's know it, but hopefully I am the only one who will heed it." Dipping her head in a surprisingly formal curtsey, she grinned, as her spectral form begin to fade. "Until then, Miss Shuren, I bid thee fair tidings ~" In the next moment, the false mare was gone, the magic binding her form dissipating into the surrounding magic field.
  9. Thoughts of Dorm Adventures vanished the instant the little filly witnessed Morning Glow's magic trick. "oh my gosh, oh my gosh I WANNA DO THAT!" standing up on candy's back, her face twisted in concentration, trying to pop like a kernel- only instead of just popping, she'd pop twice! Once there, and once... Somewhere else. Maybe a cornfield! Her horn glowed, and... POP! The basket of popcorn she'd left next to Glow appeared on top of Candy's head. She stared at it dumbly, as if surprised, even though she'd done exactly that only minutes ago. Trying again, her horn positively radiated hope and enthusiasm. POP! This time a new bucket of popcorn appeared, this one she recognized from... Someplace in Ponyville. The ponies could practically hear her frown as much as see it as she whined in frustration. "Waaaahhhh! I wanna do that too-hooooo!!!" Then, like a switch, she was up back to her chipper self, bouncing on her hooves with an energetic smile as she leveled a nigh manic-grin at Chipper. "Hey, hey, you're a horny-corn too! Do you know how to do that trick!? Do ya do ya!?"
  10. He didn't know what drew him to the maze. He didn't know why the labarythine structure enthralled him so. He was confused, lost, and a little anxious, yet still he trod the verdant corridors with no aim or reason. How had he gotten there again? And where was there? He remembered a green mare, water, then... Then the rest was blank. He'd stepped off a boat- that may or may not have just been a mental metaphor- and now he was here, searching for something he couldn't even place a name on. His thougts spiraled. He passed by a hedge that he'd passed three times now, or was it four? One, two, three, four- yes, four. Four times he'd seen that particular arrangement of leaves, and four times more he'd revisit that spot before he finally found that darned exit. He paused when he heard... Voices? Were other ponies trapped in this maze? Well, 'trapped'. It was a maze, but... He should go greet them. Talk to them. Real ponies. Keeping his ears up and alert, he homed in on the... Group, miraculously breaking the loop he'd been trapped in as he ventured out to seek answers to a new question: who was out there? "Hello?" He called out in a meek voice, although it's unlikely he'd be heard that far out. Not yet, at least.
  11. Kettle squeed as Caramel joined in the hug, beaming up at both of them with a buttery warmth in her heart. "I love you guys!" It was at that moment, shared between three sisters, that Chipper and Spearmint also appeared. More friends! Kettle enthusiastically waved at the more chipper of the two from her spot clinging to Candy's leg, raising her voice just high enough to only barely cause everyone in the room to go deaf. "Hi Chipper! Hi Spearmint!" Aaand there went Chipper! Morning was being a bit rude- so she'd get less popcorn- but that didn't matter so much because she still had Spearmint there too. "Hey Minty, why don't you join us! We can be BEST FRIENDS and make some kettle corn for orientation!"
  12. Rose stood there for a long few seconds, staring at the alicorn as she strode into the pool. Something was naggling at her... And she wasn't sure what it could be. Subtly, she cast a self-diagnosis spell on herself as she slowly approached the lip of the pool, testing the waters with a hooftip. She wasn't sure what to make of what she found. Nothing seemed out of place... But she knew something had changed. Mentally pinging a simulacrum, she found a discrepancy, but decided not to make much of a fuss about it. Nothing had been removed, just... Altered. Or added? "Aloe..." Now that was a topic she could focus on. Smiling, she cast aside her fears and doubts and confidently strode into the waters, seamlessly shifting into her piscine form as she approached the terrestrial pony. (Or would it be celestial?) "She is doing well, last I checked. Healthy, happy- the egg, too ~" She giggled into a hoof, squinting at the mare with mirth as she stopped in front of her. Why had she so casually dropped that clue? She'd been wary of revealing too much before, but now... She felt they were a little closer. Hells, she transformed right in front of her, although that could be passed off as secretely being a seapony. "I was actually hoping you could bless it, when it comes out. Where I hail from, the blessing of a cleric or monarch brings fortune and favor upon the recipient, and I have great plans for her..." Trailing off, that naggling feeling in the back of her head came back, and she zoned out for a moment. Children... She was a child, once. A child of someone... had that ever come up? Unlikely, there wasn't any reason to. "Twilight," she started, furrowing her brows. She wanted to ask... But that'd kind of ruin the mood, and she was quite content as things were. Smiling, she fully relinquished her worries for the day- she could worry later. "Thank you for bringing me out here. It's a beautiful sight."
  13. Well somepony was excitable today. Rose has to concede the mare's point: restoring sight wouldn't truly be all that bad... But it may be a good idea to do it little by little. She made a mental note to check up on this 'Mirror Pool' when she found the time. "I see your point. Then help me gather up some conetail and a few more specific reagents and we should be good. If we're changing priorities, we'll also be harvesting terrestrial plants from a few key locations, but that shouldn't be problematic." And so it was that she ported away the dog-ear plant and began sweeping the basin for conical foliage, her head only halfway into the game as she lost herself in thought. She thought about Solar Flare and her condition, and how she intended to fix it with Bevel's help. She thought about her encounter with Hou in the Saggalong Swamps, and what she had to say. She thought about her talks with Twilight, and how eye-opening they tended to be... And she thought about the day she met Aloe at that spa, haggard and hectic, stressed beyond her limits by her own lack of restraint. Oh how her life had changed so much since that day. For one, her love kept her calm and steady, something she hadn't realized she was lacking before. Second, she was absolutely stunning, which didn't need to be said. Third, the egg. "Aloe... I have an inquiry I wish to state, and it may seem a little unordinary, but I have to know." Looking over at the mare- the pregnant mare- she made an assessment. "Do you truly wish to be a mother? And if so, why?" Before Aloe could raise any questions of her own, she lifted a hoof and cut her off. Just as they encountered a patch of conestails, too- what fortuitous timing. She blindly began plucking some up from the stem as she continued to talk, the spiraling leaves above bobbing in the current. "For me and my... Kind, I have a certain predilection over motherhood. I am a gyne, a queen bee amongst my kind. I grow irate and irrational if I do not tend to my biological needs, something no amount of alchemy could ever change." "Ponies are not the same, however. You have the freedom of choice- outside of heat cycles, that is- and I have observed that many young ponies- and many ponies around your age- tend to avoid adding the responsibilities of parenthood to their pre-existing duties."
  14. 'What a rude pony' Rose thought, but decided not to make it an issue. Let the sorceress beleive what she wants if it makes her happy. "At this given moment?" She shook her head. "No. You are the one who intervened in my affairs, Ms. 'Shuren.' a productive intervention, but an intervention nonetheless." She made a show of inspecting her ghostly hoof, then. "Although you may find what remains of that fire hydra when I have concluded my research and acquired what I need." At this, sho looked up at the Condors again, studying them. Servants. In many ways, they were like a crew; loyal, probably talented, and they all more than likely serve a vital function. She couldn't help but draw the stark contrasts either, whereas her crew was distinct through personality quirks, these things didn't strike the changeling as much of anything special. Hmm... Actually... "'Hou Shuren'," the words came out like a command, even if they were a mere form of address. Her crimson eyes zeroed in on the pony with a smoldering intensity, her body gaining a little more definition. "If that's your real name. How would you feel about a trade of services? An... Apprentice, of sorts." "It's clear to me that, despite your great numbers, you lack what I would like to call distinction amongst your ranks. Would I be correct to assume the faces blend into each other?" She chuckled behind a hoof. "What would you say to this form joining you on your little misadventures? It can offer advice, knowledge, and tactical support when needed. All I ask is that I be able to call upon you every once in awhile, when I require something of you." "A fair trade, is it not? A powerful, self-sustaining ally and all I ask is a little of your time now and again." It would also allow Rose to track her movements and guage her knowledge. She may have made peace with Hou, and she doesn't intend to come into conflict with her, but knowing what she can do will prevent things like that powder from coming out of nowhere again. That could have been bad.
  15. Kettle was about to explain that, no, the oblivious little corn cook hadn't the slightest clue where she was supposed to go so she stuck with her sister instead- because separating the two was an unthinkable crime against equinity that could never happen. And then her the less horny of her three sisters arrived. Now, the traditional greeting in Equestria would be a hug, or a friendly hoofbump. Kettle was not a traditional pony, as evidenced by her response to Glow's awakening and, not too long after, how she reacted to seeing Candy Corn show up. Thwump! Kettle glomped the tall pony's foreleg, nuzzling her enthusiastically as she radiated butter-colored joy. "Candy Corn is here, Candy Corn is here!" She announced, just incase anypony somehow missed that fact. "Big Sis Candy Corn! You're here!" She added one more time, just for good measure, peeling her face away from Candy Corn's coat to beam up at her, tail wagging. "Have you met Spearmint? Or Chipper Demise? Spear's kinda wonky and Chipper can be kinda creepy but in the good sort of way because if he was creepy in the bad sorta way he'd never make friends and then he'd be lonely but he has skeletons to keep him company so he may turn ponies into skeletons to keep him company- by the way this is Morning Glow!" Gesturing behind her with a hoof, she pointed at the perplexed unicorn, bouncing in place as she fully dislodged herself from Candy Corn's personal space. "She can be grumpy and kinda rude, but I'm sure she's just shy and she'd LOVE to be your friend!" It was at that moment that she gasped, squishing her cheeks for dramatic effect. Her horn shone- or it was more of a POP! Really- and a bucket of piping hot popcorn identical to the one that still occupied the space next to Morning materialized in her magic field- which was promptly thrust before Candy Corn's face, a single kernel taking that moment to making its daring escape. "Oh, oh! You HAVE to try my kettle corn! I'm working on a new recipe with blueberry and marshmallow I'm calling Kettle-Cream! It's going to be so delicious that all the colts and fillies at school will want to be my friend and learn my secrets and then we'll go on a montage where the student becomes the master and they create their own kettle corn and go on to form an entire CULT of corns and spread happiness and sugar WORLDWIDE! EEEEE!!!" The maniacal filly danced in place, the thought of creating a pop-pocalypse a delicious fantasy to indulge in for sure.
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