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  1. Ah, this brings back memories. Unpleasant memories, but still memories. She stifled a chuckle as she dipped her hoof daintily into the boiling water, looking not too unlike a lobster testing the pot he'd be boiled in. A dish best served hot for sure, and that's just how she liked her water. So in she went! Like before, her fluid movements barely disturb the flow of water, as if she weren't even a physical presense registered by the aquatic mass. She bobbed at the surface, eyes wide and smile wider as she addressed the two ponies. If she didn't turn into a seapony in that moment, it'd be a surprise. "an unusual proposal, but not one I object to, so long as he's well behaved around us mares ~" She giggled, swaying in the bubbling tides she caused in the bath. "Ah, I love the water, so refreshing! Compass, dear, how do aerions fair in water?" She politely waved off Aloe's comment. "I already have healing covered. I'm a certified apothecary, after all."
  2. Interesting. Where she grew up, a piscine diet was neccesary to acquire protein, in lieu of harvesting crab and oysters. Nodding, she smiled and relegated herself idle chatter. The meal was mediocre at best in her opinion, although she suspected that wasn't without reason. "Thank you, I would appreciate that very much. While I don't need it... " She touched her chin with a wan smile, recalling all of the fantastic meals she had back home. "Having access to a familiar food wouldn't hurt." Here, she paused, thoughts of steamed and fried fish evaporating from her mind as a much heavier topic weighed on it. Her lips straightened, and she looked between the two with slight confusion. "What was this about a school of friendship, though?" She chuckled once, the very notion amusing to the ex-pirate. "Quite the superficial subject, isn't it?" While she let this question settle in, she took the time to subtly analyze Twilight, see what makes these alicorns so special.
  3. Rose took a modicum of interest in the arched contraption as she passed under it, allowing it to spray her coat clean before shaking herself like a dog. "I can believe that. For minor drama, at least." "Travelling entertainment has been a gimmick for centuries, although if we do choose to indulge in some theatre, I'd reccomend pursuing that endevour in the capital. It's clear that it's the real heart of Equestrian art and culture here, and I have business to attend to there anyways. I met a curious purple mare that took an interest in me." She smirked at this, rolling her eyes. "I guess even 'boring' things like looking at plants can be interesting to some ponies." She turned her attention to Compass, then, giving her a look over. "How do you feel about flora, by chance? Ever take the chance to collect samples while you're out mapping geography?"
  4. Rose picked at her food in as polite a manner as she could, giving the query a modicum of thought. Levitating what looked to be a cherry tomato picked from the garden of the gods, she popped it into her mouth, contemplating its texture and flavor with a mostly neutral look. "It's a fine meal." She knew instantly that it wouldn't fit her own tastes, though, and folded her hooves over the table, sampling the drink with much more vigor. Just like at the party, she lacked any kind of restraint when imbibing in alcohol, gulping down a quarter of the glass in one go then calmly placing it back down with a small smile. "You know what would go good with this? A freshly steamed and buttered haddock. I could probably show your cooks how to prepare it, along with other Andalusian cuisine. I was raised in a wealthy House, so I took the liberty of apprenticing under one of our servants... For a short while, at least." A mixed array of expressions clashed across her face: humor, joy, and a touch of sadness. Also embarrassment for some reason, judging by the brief flicker of a blush that emerged. "If there's a harbor nearby I could instruct them on how to catch it, too, although... " The tapped her chin, squinting into the middle distance. She glanced at her two dinner companions quizzically. "Is fish part of the Equestrian diet? Forgive me if the notion offends you, it's simply common practice where I come from."
  5. "What's bowling?" Rose tilted her head, groaning as she rose from her ironically murky bath, viscous semi-fluid trailing down her body to meet at the surface of the greater mass like malassis. She felt pretty good, all things considered. The mud bath was a unique experience, and she wouldn't mind trying it again. "And I don't recall ever seeing any stages around Ponyville, except for the one near town hall." There was no such thing as bowling where she came from. The very notion was alien to them, especially considering there weren't any creatures that lived down there with dexterous digits.
  6. Kettle had never seen a show quite like this, it has so many shapes in it! They all danced and twirled, and some of them even became bees and trees! She kinda wished she could do that, but all she had was a little horn... Oh well! Most of the lyrics flew right over her head, but she sure understood the last part. She was cheering right along with everybody else, 'esctatic' failing to do justice to the enthusiasm she put into her wild waving. "Do it, do it!"
  7. Rose, unironically, actually felt worse for making the spa mare feel bad, looking up at her utterly speechless. "... No, no, it is simply a personal matter of no consequence. You do an excellent job, Aloe," she smiled softly. "And I quite like the idea of a 'mare's night out.' Although I must admit, I'm not certain what entertainment facilities we may visit for such an occasion." She turned her gaze towards Compass, then, head cocked to the side and one ear tilted. "Do you have any reccomendations? I suppose it is always an option to forego travel and simply meet at one of our abodes, but I have so little experience on the subject that my reccomendations are null." Still, spending some quality time with two nice ponies sounded like a good way to build up reputation, and maybe make some friends.
  8. "Well, for one," she started, trying to keep the annoyance out of her mental voice, "I'm not nearly as young as you think I am. Though my body may be in its youth, my experience spans centuries." She knew right off what the alicorn meant to imply through her thinly veiled accusations, not the least of which relating to her relabeling of 'somecreature.' or, perhaps, she was being paranoid. Old habits and all that... "And I have found what I sought, once before. I achieved my goals... Then it all went do wrong." A deep reservoir of pain flooded the mental link; the pain of dying, the pain of birth, betrayal, and an innumerous number of abstract concepts that would bend the mind of mortals. Then, just as suddenly as it came, it stopped, as it cut off from the source. Rose retained her cordial smile throughout, never once allowing her feelings to crack the sturdy facade she had built for just such an occasion. "I intend to set things right in this life. To do things differently. To do them the right way. Equestria is a new land with new opportunities, but it's alien at the same time. I cannot remake my magnum opus with the materials here, but I can try to make something in its likeness, given time." Rose sighed, confused by her sudden outburst but yet feeling lighter for it. She turned and smiled softly at Aloe. "Your trust in me is not Ill-founded, however... I cannot make this decision now. I've found that the notion of being apart from Aloe is an intolerable one, so wherever she chooses to go, I will follow. Know that If I remain in Ponyville, I'll still strive to report my findings to you, though. It's the least I can do for a fellow scientific mind."
  9. Rose smiled, her eyes going soft as she planted a peck on Aloe's cheek. "Oh, one thing lead to another alright. I've tried alll her services ~" she giggled, a rosy dusting to her cheeks as she turned her attention back to Twilight, all sunshine and roses. "She creates her own products as well, and in a process similar to my potioncraft. I was pleasantly surprised to find a common interest in an unrelated procession." There was that thing again. A mental blockade, stitched together by a million intangible threads. This time it seemed to let her through without a fuss, perhaps sensing her intentions to communicate. "Oh, I take no issue with this. Please, elucidate me on these business matters, I am eager to hear what you have to say ~" Rose took a cup of tea and brought it to her lips, taking a dainty sip as she focused on the purple mare. She didn't seem the least bit distracted.
  10. Rose stared at Aloe for a long moment after her little speech, her expression blank. It brought up a very particular question for the cloned changeling, one she hadn't bothered thinking about for a lack of being able to produce a positive result. She wasn't proud of who 'she' had become in her past life. The original rose was a deranged monster bent on completing an impossible task at the expense of everyone and everything around her. 'You can only be you' also brought up a painful question, that being if she even can be herself, and if she can, who is she? She's Rose Compass... But at the same time, that's not who she is. She's a unique entity, distinct from her source, but she still shared their identity. Perhaps she could take on a new form, rename herself... But what would that accomplish, truly? She can't change what she is, or who she's modelled after. Yet alone the fact that her very psyche is a simulacrum of the pirate lord of Andalusia, meaning she's... No different... Rose shook her head violently. No, she is different. It's because she's different that she's pursuing her goals without endangering those around her. "I'd like to be friends..." She croaked, head spinning from so many contradictory thoughts.
  11. Rose took the time to memorize those she lost, the somber silence stretching on. It may have been the alcohol influencing her mind, or the general atmosphere of Ponyville, but in that moment she felt their absenses all the greater, even if she was a mere copy of the true hero of that dark hour. After enough time had passed, she sighed. "They wouldn't want us to dwell on their departure too long; the past is in the past, and we live on to honor their memory." She finally looked up from the table to look at Scarlett, her face the picture of calm. "I did manage to bring us to safety. An incredible fest it was, or so my crew recounted. Perhaps I will share that with you some other time. For now... " She stretched, yawning. Finally all that rum was catching up to her, thankfully in the good way. "I grow wary of this stygian hour. Perhaps you had something to enliven the conversation again?"
  12. Rose calculated the approximate time that must have passed since its supposed invention, taking into consideration the limited lifespan of a typical equine, five generations would be... 150 years, at least. Not a whole lot of time in her opinion. "Interesting... But unlikely." That was all she had to say on that matter. There was little to be gained from this conversation without accurate information. "Compass, you mentioned earlier 'purer breeds'. Are you implying that aerion culture views non-chiropteran equines to be somehow lesser, thus lowering your rank on the societal eschelon?"
  13. Twenty minutes? That's quite a bit of time to be sitting in mud, although she supposed that was all part of the equation. Stepping up to the muddy tub, she only gave the viscous surface a cursory look before making the metaphorical leap. To her surprise... it wasn't so bad. She had been expecting something more akin to real mood, but this substance was clearly created to imitate its appearance more than its texture. She quickly and seamlessly submerged herself in the tub, snorting a chuckle at the absurdity of it all. Here she was, in a mud bath. The irony. "I would very much like to know the inventor of this 'mud bath'." she got herself comfortable, tossing a look over at her companion. "Compass, how are you liking it?"
  14. Rose simply smiled and nodded, her smile a rather brittle thing. She could sense that Aloe didn't really want to go... She'll have to talk to her about it when they find a private moment and clarify a few things. "Just know that you can back out at any moment. I simply thought it would be nice to include you for the trip." Aaaand is that the sound of obnoxious nobility she heard? Oh, no, it was the sound of an obnoxious announcer heralding his much more modest charge. Gods below, she loves those guys and she doesn't know why. She gave 'Town' a wink as he made his way out before addressing current company, beaming as she threw a foreleg over Aloe's shoulders in a friendly gesture, nuzzling her without shame. "I've been helping her get out for some fresh air from time to time." Then she gave Twi a more apologetic smile, "Apologies, I suspected the invitation was private but getting Aloe out of Ponyville for awhile should be good for her. Stretch those legs a bit, aye?" This latter part she directed back to Aloe. Saying this, she did monitor the alicorn's mood rather closely. For some reason she was feeling... More self-aware this time around, although she was confident nothing bad would happen. It was still a social visit, after all.
  15. Rose seemed to have to sober up for this, for as much as a drunken pony could without water or a convenient sobriety potion. Blast her negligence. Oh well... Looking down at the table, her eyes traced over images that nopony could see, her ears twitching to sounds nopony could hear. "It was a surprisingly fair day," she started, her entire demeanor having shifted towards something more akin to a melancholy narrator. Her accent also made a return, tinting her words with an exotic flair. "We were skating the Strait of Maressina, a mercenary brigantine hot on our stern. Luna's Rose was a galleon made to steal the wind, though, and we had held the weather gage for some time. I and some of my trained crew filled the sails with a powerful gust, but our pursuers must have been of a troublingly tenacious breed, for whatever magics we used, both mundane and miraculous, we failed to escape the sights of their ponderous vessel. So occupied were we with our own silent spat, however, that we also failed to notice we had tread right into domain of Charybdis, The Devourer of Seas." She had seen it coming. It was an intentional ploy on her part, and one that should have, for all intents and purposes, paid off... "The waves began to whirl, fighting for the reigns of Luna's Rose, but she was a strong vessel and resisted the will of the baleful currents, trudging for the edge of the whirlpool's influence. Our pursuers evidently failed to comprehend the danger they had so foolishly placed themselves in. I and my crew watched, in awe... And in woe... As a jagged island of stone rose from the infernal depths to cleave the ship in two..." Here, Rose's voice dropped, her breathing picking up as she directed a thousand-yard stare at the tabletop, lost in the motions of her mind. "There was no way we could survive in that. A storm had picked up, summoned by Charybdis'wrath. It was hard to see, hard to think- my crew, they tried so hard to keep the ship in order, to hold onto one another as the waves threatened to spill us into the drink, and massive pillars strafed our hull." She green mare shivered, remembering the cries of her crew as some of them slipped and fell overboard, instantly stolen by the great sea monster. "I couldn't save them all. I couldn't command a strong enough gust to allow us to escape without being ripped in half by one of those pillars. It was foolish of me to have ventured into her territory... " She sighed.
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