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Help for introducing my Oc Villain

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Well, what sort of character did you have in mind ?


You have a choice of many playable species listed in Fluttershy's Creature Compendium topic.


The form to submit OCs is in Rarity's Simply Fabulous Application Form.

(Both of these are in the Character Applications forum)


The rules and etiquette of the board are in, of course, the RP Rules and Etiquette forum.


The Mods here a quite helpful, and can help adjust your character so it fits in the RP world.

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Well, that's an interesting character, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be quite the challenge to use it in the WoE (World of Equestria).


Equestria's technology is nowhere near advanced enough to have robots - Neighpon does have magic based golems though.


The Free Form Forum might be open enough to try though.

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Free For All Roleplay - Canterlot - My Little Pony Community and Role Play


It's just a little further down the homepage.  It's a little more open ('if you have a three winged, broken horned cutie markless alicorn character with a dark past, this is the subforum for you'), but even it has limits.

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