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[Unofficial Lore] Broonie


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Boonie: Taming Tempers


The Broonie, as its known as by locals, is a small magical creature, often considered of the fae, that have permanently settled in the Everfree Forest. They are short critters with chubby hedgehog-like bodies and long, pointed bat-like ears that sit about the size of a squirrel and are known for their habit of invading the local homes of those that live too close to the Everfree. They are known to camouflage themselves in fallen leaves and hurry into homes as they brush out the leaves during the turning seasons and whenever things become lost in the home one could be assured it was like the mischief of a Broonie as  they love collecting bits and bobs left unguarded around a pony's home. When milk or cream is left out for the Broonie they return the favor by cleaning the hearth and home, sweeping it clean making the spring cleaning much easier, but Broonie's have a darker side to them! The little Fae are notoriously short tempered and if offended in any way they have been known to knock over mason jars full of preserves, spill grain and even tip over dishes and plates, shattering them about. The only way to be rid of an angry Broonie is to have a local medicine woman break the curse with herbs and springs, forcing it to leave the home forever. Once a Broonie is cast from a home it can never return to leave its good tidings. It is always difficult to understand the ways of Fae, but one thing easy to understand is a Broonie's temper is not easily tamed as their good nature is.


- Haunted Paths Across Equus, a Pocket Guide

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