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Cuckoo Maran [Ready]

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Role play Type: World of Equestria 


Name: Cuckoo Maran


Gender: Female 


Age: Mare


Species: Unicorn 


Eye color: Brown


Coat: She has white fur with black markings up from her hoof to her knees, much like stockings, as well as wavy markings on her hind legs.


Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a dark brown, wavy, with white tips and streaks.


Physique: She stands at an average height and stature but with an air of superiority - or the air of someone who is bluffing everything they do but with confidence.


Residence: Because her work requires her to travel, she calls no town or city her permanent home. Instead, there is a small living area along with the cart she uses to peddle her wares. 


Occupation: Clockmaker.


Cutie Mark: She received her cutie mark as a filly during a family dinner. Because of her aloofness and the awkward silences that follow her attempts at conversations, she didn’t have many friends, and she often played pretend with the things around her: sticks, rocks, silverware, anything and everything. While tinkering with her bedroom clock, she accidentally brought the small bird inside to life long enough for it to sing a beautiful little song before it returned to being wooden. It was then when she received her cutie mark: a cuckoo clock, a lovely rich brown with a cream colored clock face. 


Unique Traits: If being obsessed with clocks and different types of wood counts as unique, then Cuckoo Maran is the most unique pony you’ll ever meet. 


History: While her parents were gardners, she never found it much. Of course, she was forced to help anyway by watering the plants. After hot summer day after hot summer day of standing in the garden amongst the tomatoes and the carrots, waiting for the barren blue sky to show even a hint of a cloud, let alone rain, she had a brilliant idea. She could bring the hose to life! It could do her chores instead! With a grin and glow of magic, Jeremy was born! Or...well...he was brought to life wriggling, writhing, blinking at the bright sun, and spouting water all over the garden while Cuckoo Maran shouted, “THANKS,” back over her shoulder as she trotted off into town. Her parents - and Jeremy - didn’t find it nearly as funny. Even so, she and Jeremy soon became fast friends, if in part because he relied on her keeping the spell up for the whole sentience and gift of life thing. Their relationship was upgraded to best friends when she convinced her parents to unhook him from the spigot and buy another hose instead. Soon enough, they were building clocks together and working on a design for their very own Clock Mart Cart! (They’re still working on trademarking that.)


Character Personality: Cuckoo Maran is quick to jump to conclusions and hang onto them as if life itself depends on it. Proving her wrong is met with awkward silence and squeaked out responses. She believes that she can do just about anything, as stubborn as any mule. (No offense to any mules out there - not that Cuckoo believes being associated with her could ever be taken offensively.) Her conversational skills are lacking, but she has almost enough skills at identifying trees to make up for it, but only if you consider those two skills interchangeable. 


Character Summary: Really, she’s hard to get along with at first, as full of herself and her work as she is. Getting past that is the hard part, but under all  the cluelessness, pride, and clueless pride, there’s a heart. It might not be made of gold, but it cares, and that’s good enough. 

(I accidentally posted this in the wrong section, sorry.)

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I accidentally posted this in the wrong section.
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