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[Lore] Dimondia


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When one sits down and thinks of beautiful and prosperous cities, names like Canterlot, Manehattan, Huangjing, or Polohama spring to mind. Few ever think of the Diamond Dog Kingdom of Dimondia. Fewer still ever realize that Dimondia exists for that matter.

Situated to the north of Solstice Heights and south of Marelia, Dimondia is a small little 'Kingdom' founded several hundred years ago by the diamond dog prince Ziggy. Ziggy and his brother Stardust were the sons of King Bowie. King Bowie ruled over a great majority of Diamond Dog packs with an iron paw and with little care for his subjects, often caring only about results. The King barely ever lifted a paw to do his own work when his subjects could do it for them. Both Ziggy and Stardust, as well as a majority of subjects of his rule resented the King and eventually overthrew him. But this caused a new divide. Ziggy believed that the King should serve the people as they serve him, while Stardust felt that the King needed control to ensure there would never be another civil war. The two, along with the citizens that supported them, agreed amicably to split off and make their own kingdoms, and bid one another farewell.

Ziggy himself went on to found what is now known as Dimondia! Where Stardust ruled over the remaining packs that either roamed or claimed their own land. Out of the two, only Ziggy's kingdom lasted beyond himself, as Stardust had no clear line of succession drawn out. That's not to say Ziggy's kingdom had no hardships. Success, after all, breeds jealousy. Many times over the course of the centuries Dimondia would be raided and the rulers driven out, but time and again the rulers would return and lead Dimondia back towards being a beautiful and thriving city once again.

The most recent raid however some fifteen years ago left Dimondia bereft of King and Queen, the two having been led out of the city along with their young pup. There's been no sign of any of the three since. Without a ruler to guide them, Dimondia has lost much of the luster it once held. Where once there were proud buildings and businesses lining the streets, only a few dozen remain. The walls of the castle still stand, but many of the ramparts have seen better days.

While the royal line themselves currently are missing, many of their court still do their best to carry on with their jobs, hopeful that one day they will return. In the meantime, they have sometimes resorted to bringing in temporary rulers with varying degrees of success. A small handful of attempts were coerced by dint of a magical set of royal apparel that would keep the ruler from leaving the city. Though they've since learned that doesn't work out well either.

Relations with other Diamond Dog settlements, such as Gaberott and Caninia, as well as the still roving packs across Equestra, have remained on good terms. Dimondia's main trade would be that of beautiful jewels and impeccably pure minerals, were the city in better straits. Little trade goes in or out of the struggling kingdom despite being opened to Diamond Dog, Pony, and beyond, but the citizenry remains hopeful that this will change once the royal family finally returns.

~Unleashed: Lore and Legend of Diamond Dogs
Ashley 'Ash' Ravencrest

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