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Floral Fumble (OOC Signup)

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This is the sign up form for a small RP thread. It won't be too lengthy or complicated for now, as I wanted to start off with something simple. The story summary can be found below!


They say a rare flower grows on the edges of Canterlot cliffs, and when obtained can be used to create the most vibrant of dyes and paints. The flowers come in all variants of colors, but many ponies refrain from foraging them due to the sheer and dangerous cliffs.


A stallion named Moon Shine has decided however, to brave the danger and pick some flowers for a painting he wants to make of the gardens of Canterlot. Various small posters saying 'help wanted' detail this mission, and tell anyone who is interested to meet at the local bakery to sign up.


1-4 people can sign up for this! I prefer to keep the group on the smaller side, but if you want to hop in while slots are still open, feel free to!


Link your character below and I'll set up the thread :)

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