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Keepsake (Ready!)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Keepsake
Gender: Female
Age: Young mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Light brown/green.
Coat: A medium pastel green (reference #C1E1C1)
Mane/Tail: Straw yellow. She likes to keep it short but it still has a tendency to bounce and hang in her face as it has a natural curl, sort of like one big cowlick. She acts like her hair is a chore, but deep down she's fond of it. 
Physique: Keepsake is short and fairly unassuming in build. She has a light smattering of freckles over her checks.
Residence: Keepsake has just moved to Ponyville into a small cottage on the edge of the Everfree Forest. She's hoping to use it as the inspiration for her newest book!
Occupation: Keepsake is a beloved author for young fillies and colts. She's known for focusing on difficult to explain emotions in her work, using her own memories of her foalhood as inspiration for her heartfelt, hopeful stories about young ponies growing up and coming to terms with the world. 
Cutie Mark: Keepsake's cutie mark is an open book with three tiny flowers pressed on the right page. It's meant to symbolize Keepsake's innate talent for writing, and her realization that the past is what helps us to learn and grow: a sentiment she hopes to share by writing about ponies who have done bad things or recovered from difficult situations. 
Unique Traits: Keepsake has a bad habit of focusing too much on the past. But because of this, she has an excellent memory! She can recall anything from her education as a filly to the color of the plates her neighbor lent her as a foal. Her memory comes in handy often and has saved her from many a sticky situation, as she tends to be quite disorganized otherwise.

Keepsake was born into an already crowded family that lives on the outskirts of Canterlot. The second-youngest of eight siblings, Keepsake often felt lonely and invisible in her formative years. She tried her best to be patient and understanding towards her family, as they had little money and her mother and father worked hard to support them. As a filly she found comfort in her after-school reading club, and the support and encouragement of her teacher Ms. Bright Berry. Ms. Bright Berry would be there to support Keepsake through some of her hardest moments throughout the years, including a runaway attempt after her mother forgot to pick her up one day after school! 
That day, Ms. Bright Berry had been so helpful. She had given Keepsake the courage to return home and even began walking her home from school. She explained to her that being lonely now didn't mean she would have to be lonely forever, and that there were a lot of ponies out there that would love to hear her voice one day. When Keepsake imagined herself succeeding and sharing her voice with the world the that way Ms. Bright Berry believed she could, her cutie mark appeared. Keepsake vowed that she would grow up to share her voice as Ms. Bright Berry had promised: and she would make sure that included the hard parts AND the good ones, like the unexpected kindness from ponies like her.

Character Personality:
Keepsake is a daydreamer known for being unorganized and even a bit klutzy. Around ponies her age she tends to be nervous and soft-spoken, but a very warm and elegant side of her is brought out around foals. She's always delighted to meet fans of her work, though she's not recognized often, and wants to be the best example she can be for the growing ponies she writes for. Sometimes she feels like she's still figuring it all out herself, but if past experience tells her anything (and Keepsake relies HEAVILY on past experiences!), then one day, everything will turn out fine. 
Character Summary:
Keepsake doesn't know it yet, but she has some more lessons to learn about being present in the moment and with others. A daydream-y foal's author by trade, Keepsake is a passionate if clumsy pony who just wants to do the best she can. 

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