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Spring Rain [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Spring Rain
Gender: female
Age: Mare
Species: Earth pony
Eye colour: red
Coat: Sandy yellow
Mane/Tail: olive green with rich blue streaks, her mane and tail are slightly choppy and straight
Physique: a stocky medium sized pony with a light cream muzzle and dark brown stockings on her front legs
Residence: Outside of Ponyville
Occupation: Garden shop worker
Cutie Mark: Two rosehips on three leaves, Spring earned her cutie mark when it was discovered that she had a talent for reviving dying plants
Unique Traits: a gift for surviving and thriving and helping others do the same in tough physical conditions

History: Spring Rain was born into a middle class family in Appleoosa with a father who tended trees and a stay at home mother. She was lucky to have an older sister, Fresh Springs, as her playmate who she loved dearly and would follow around trying to mimic. When she was too young to go to school she would follow her mother around and try to do everything her mother did.


From the time she was young Spring was in love with plants. She would go out and talk to them playing with them as if they were friends and toys. Her parents found the behavior charming, and when she was old enough her father would take opportunities to take her to work with him so she could play around the trees in the city he helped to tend to. It was when a dying sapling that her father was disappointed about having to get rid of because he couldn't save it was brought temporarily home after his work that Spring discovered her talent. She begged her father to give her a chance with the sapling. He didn't think she could save it, but she might learn from it. It was a shock when somehow she found a way to nurse it back to health. It was as she saw it come back to life that she knew this was what she wanted to do with her life, caring for plants and helping others with theirs.


Generally Spring was an isolated filly. She preferred her sister for company over pretty much everyone else, and tended to be either too blunt or too quiet when meeting new people. She was accepted, and would attend events, but she never made any other truly close friends. When she became a mare she decided that she was tired of city life and would prefer to live somewhere quieter, so she moved to Ponyville. She found a job tending to the plants in a gardening shop and has found a deep satisfaction in working there and having time to explore the unusual plants that she finds on the edges of Everfree Forest.

Character Personality: Spring is a generally cheerful pony who's life mostly revolves around plants. She is blunt and straightforward with others, and passionate about life. Spring finds large crowds overwhelming, and so prefers to hang out with a small group when socializing. She enjoys learning new things from others but isn't interested in formal learning.
Character Summary: A gardening pony who loves plants and has a blunt manner of speaking. She doesn't like large crowds but enjoys spending time trying new things with other ponies



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