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Vacation in Paradise and Other Fantasies (Closed: Jester)


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Las Pegasus, the city of a thousand dreams born a minute and a thousand others dashed just as quickly. The city lived large and loud in the sky and ground and the strip was world famous for its ability to enrapture you. It thrived on tourism and was known as an international entertainment capital, perhaps the most well known and extravagant of any to claim that crown. The lure of the bright lights, stage shows to die for, games and parties at all times of the night, combined to create an atmosphere that was always three trots away from the closest sense of responsibility and neck deep in passion and excitement. Everypony seemed to go at least once in their lives and those who made it a regular stop would eventually grow to love the sense of absolute freedom that pervaded it.


Perhaps it was this larger than life sensibility that made Cherry Jubilee pick it? No doubt that the previous year had been very successful, as far as Valen knew. The cherry farm was doing exceptionally well while her saloon was one of the most active in the region. The books must have been balanced more than favorably because she had chosen Las Pegasus as her next vacation destination. It may have seemed strange for a country mare like her to choose such a city but the lure was always stronger the less likely you were to enjoy it, Hazel believed, and consistency in character meant truly little when the bright lights and endless shows beckoned you. It could be a truly impressive city.


Valen wasn't as impressed, though he was excited to go along with her. She wasn't sure why Cherry had invited him, but Hazel knew in her heart of hearts that it didn't much matter. Going on any vacation with friends and family was always a boon in and of itself. Las Pegasus wasn't as impressive to him since she was a colt of Manehattan, but like any filly of that city, Valen understood that his perception was skewed. The shows of Las Pegasus were definitely more kitsch than the quality of Manehattan's Bridleway, but in the end it didn't matter. They could have gone to Swamp Body Park and a good time would be had. Friendship was a truly impressive measure of quality control.


So was efficient packing. Hazel had made a concerted effort to ensure that she fit all of his vacation gear into three suitcases and was somewhat puzzled as to why it had taken even that. Did she need all of these clothes? Did he really believe they'd encounter so many situations? Well, she figured it was best to be prepared. Preparation was why he had done so well here with Cherry. As Hazel Blossom, she had worked as a barmaid to help satisfy Applejack's debt to Cherry Jubilee. That required twenty-four seven passing as a filly, something his career as a supermodel (filly) had prepared her for. It had been...some time later and while the debt had been reduced, he was still working as Hazel. It had become outrageously simple, as if no work was needed at all. Something about it tickled the back of her mind about it, something off, but he brushed it aside.


She had a vacation to go on.

"I'm ready, Miss Jubilee. Do you need any help or are we ready to go?" Hazel asked, his voice bouncing energetically above the quiet of the house. They had a train to catch ad it was due in town any moment, but it wasn't taking off immediately. It was always better to get the job done and be in place before hoof, however. She was not a procrastinator by nature, a fact emphasized as he grabbed all three of his suitcases and tossed them into the carriage they had rented outside. she ran a hoof through his mane once more, making sure it was as silky smooth as desired- easy challenge, her entire body felt silky smooth whether or not he wanted it too. "I'm very excited. Excellent choice, Miss Jubilee. I think you'll have a grand time in Las Pegasus," Valen said energetically, all too aware that Cherry was in for a blast. He didn't know just how much of Hazel that involved, however.

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