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Ohm (vinesprout) [READY]


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nickname: Ohm 

real name: Vinesprout

gender: male

age: Stallion

job. janitor at a hostpital

cutiemark: A wench with a yellow lightning

species: earth pony with metallic wings with yellow glowing feathers

mane: platinium blonde mohawk with short tail

coat: dark green

personality: a bit of a coward, cold and sarcastic at first but warms up after, has an insucirity about not being allowed to fly.

history: he always wanted to join the royal guard but wasn't allowed due to being an earth pony, he started working on a metallic wing and strapped it on his spine. He was noticed by nightmare moon and told to not ever fly again and to accept that he's just a "low class earth pony". He hates his real name.

pyhsique: a bit slim


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