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Please help!

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Dear everypony,


Will somebody please tell me how to start up a roleplay on here? It seems so complicated, what with this huge equestrian map and thousands of pages of posts to submit a request to RP? I've only roleplayed on Amino!! Please, can someone tell me how to start or join a roleplay without looking totally inexperienced? This is nerve-wracking :eek:


Love and Tolerance prevails,



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Hello!  Sorry it took so long to get to ya, was away from my computer yesterday and most of today.


Well, if you want to get started, one of the first things you can do is give us a character profile write-up, either of your OC you want to play, or any of the show cast characters.  We have a standard form that lets us get a good picture of who your pony is or how you plan to a play your favorite canon pony, and allows a reference to point other players to when you want to introduce yourself to them: 



We run a setting for G4:Friendship is Magic, which you can post your application to below:



We also have a board for G5:A new Generation, for applications there:



Once you have a character on there, we give your account full permissions to the boards, and you can start posting!

If you want to set up a thread, there's a couple of things you can do.  You can post to this board with ideas for plots and such, advertise in your availability in your status, or ask around in our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bDPChXqj


You'll probably get the quickest response from us there, though some of our regulars are still on vacation.


Hope this helps!  PM if you have any more questions.

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