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Ruby Shimmer [READY]


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Name: Ruby Shimmer

Gender: Female

Age: Mid Age Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Teal

Character Colour: Very Light Pink

Mane and Tail: Mane is a mid length bob that curls at the ends and has a middle part for the horn. Tail is long and curly. Both the tail and the bob are bright magenta.

Physique: She is a smidge short, and is a little bit chunkier than most ponies.

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: She spends her free time working as a makeup artist, inspired by Rarity’s dresses and wanting to channel the beauty in that fashion into her makeup work. 

Cutiemark: Cutiemark is a circular and yellow handheld mirror with blue glass. There is one sparkle to the top left and bottom right of it.

History: Ruby was raised in a good childhood and was the golden child of the family. She had a brother, Brute Force, who was jealous that she was her parents' favourite (she wasn’t, they had no favorites). In school, she was popular and was the best at giving ponies makeovers. She looked like she was in it for the makeup, but she liked seeing the looks on their faces when they saw their look. Now, she lives in Ponyville with her husband and hopes to be famous like Pinkie Pie; not for her makeup, but for making people confident in themselves.

Personality: Ruby Shimmer wants to help ponies be more confident in themselves. Sometimes, she falls flat and comes across as forceful or rude. She is ditsy at times, and is quick to take offence. She is sometimes gullible. She does not respond well to criticism. Most of the time, her actions are goodhearted. If it is for bad, it is probably a grudge she’s held.

Unique Traits: She is married. Though she is confident in her conversing skills, she is rarely charismatic. She is horrible, and I mean horrible at singing. 

Character Summary: Ruby Shimmer is a pink pony with curly hair. She is a makeup artist and likes to make ponies confident in themselves. She is bubbly and ditzy and is usually benign in her actions.


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