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A wanderer comes into the place

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Hello everybody and everypony! 

My name is Razthor, call me Raz for Shorts! I am brony that has been in the fandom ever since 2011 or 2012 but is sure to say its a decade of ponies for me. I was previously an amateur artist of the fandom, but I realized that I was not really that good so decided to leave it aside. I was also roleplaying in MLP for 10 years as well, so I'd seen lots of characters and lots of things during that time. I cannot say I am into the new generation of G5 but I respect anybody that is into it. As you might have guessed I am more of a G4 kinda guy AAAAAAND as well and please don't burn me for this I also love the EG version of G4.

I found this site wandering around the net, just trying to find a partner to actually RP, I am active in looking for more but that is not here nor now. I became a fan because of Fluttershy, back then I was skeptic to give the series a try and ended up being one of my favorite things! I think this also influenced in me to become a furry to a degree as well XD

I cannot say I have a favorite Pony perse but I do have a group that stands the rest. In no particular order:

-Sunset Shimmer


-Twilight Sparkle


And to finish, some more bit about myself. I am a gamer of sorts, MTG player mostly the commander format. A total geek for all the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and Gorge R.R. Martin. I love getting into the lore of stuff be it series, videogames anything that has a lore to share and I find interesting.

Hope to make some partners here cheers!

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Hello and welcome!  Always glad to see a new face here.


If you're interested in site RP, the character applications for our G4 setting are here: https://www.canterlot.com/forum/416-character-applications/

Standard Profile format is found here: 



You can apply with an OC or for a cast character; we don't limit canon players so apply for whoever you like!


If you prefer a chat format, we also have a discord where we hang out and can arrange RP: https://discord.gg/J6TQBd4a  Link us to your site profile when/if you join so we know its you.  Look forward to seeing you around!

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