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Anyone willing to play as Sunset Shimmer for an Equestria Girls Isekai Romance RP?

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Anyone willing to play as Sunset and her friends for an Equestria Girls Isekai shipping RP?


Basically it’s like Human in Equestria, but with Equestria Girls instead. Think like IRL Human Meets Equestria Girls.


Basically I meet Sunset Shimmer, and become friends with her, and over the course of time, we become more than friends, and Sunset falls in love with me, and Vice versa.


I also will get adopted by my OC Mother, Lightning Star, and meet my OC Sister, Fuchsia Splash, and my OC Father, Flame Blitz.


It’ll basically be a wholesome high school romantic drama, along with some family love as well.


Anyone willing?

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