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Carnelian Clout


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Species: Crystal Pony


Age: 55 (Though depends on RP)

Gender: Female


Residence: Crystal Empire


Hometown: Crystal Empire


Occupation: Viscountess (Though Depends on RP)


Cutiemark: Sparkling Diamond







Carnelian is a regal-looking mare with a good looking build and striking blue eyes which are often described as intense and piercing. Her ruby mane is styled into an elaborate coiffure and adorned with a silver laurel crown. Her coat shimmers with a subtle iridescence and looks like polished marble. She carries herself with a confident and elegant posture, and when she moves, there's a fluidity to her motions that's almost hypnotic. Despite her beautiful appearance, there's an air of danger about her. Despite her elegant appearance, there is a piercing quality to her gaze that makes others feel judged in her presence.


Born into the noble House Onyx in the Crystal Empire, Carnelian was the eldest of two siblings. Her family had a dark secret - they were involved in a pact with an ancient shadow being called an umbrum named Malzorath. Malzorath granted them power and longevity in exchange for souls, and when Carnelian was born, her parents marked her soul with the  Malzorath's power. 


Carnelian's childhood was a traumatic one. As the firstborn daughter of the House Onyx, she was marked from birth as a vessel for Malzorath's power. Her parents subjected her to grueling physical and psychological training that left her emotionally scarred and detached from others. She was taught to view herself as superior to others and was encouraged to be ruthless in her pursuit of power. Carnelian's sister Lapis was the only source of comfort and affection in her early years. However, Lapis tragically passed away during a plague outbreak in the Crystal Empire, leaving Carnelian alone and adrift.


After years of conditioning, Carnelian rebelled against her parents and became the Malzorath's champion. She married a stallion named Flourite Jade and had a foal with him. She had planned to offer her daughter, Lazulia, to the Malzorath but her plan was foiled by her husband. In a reckless move, she murdered him and proceeded to indoctrinate Lazulia much like her own parents had done to her.


Years later, during King Sombra's reign, Carnelian attempted to seduce him to gain power. However, she was humiliated by the king and retreated into the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike. She eventually got her chance when Sombra was defeated by the royal sisters, but her daughter fled the empire, leaving her in a vulnerable position.

Despite this setback, Carnelian is still a formidable figure.


Malzorath, the Shadow Umbrum:


Malzorath is an ancient and malevolent entity that hails from a realm beyond the Crystal Empire. He is a towering figure of darkness and corruption, with hooves dripping with shadow energy and eyes that glow like molten lava. His power is immeasurable, and his influence over the House Onyx runs deep. He is a being of chaos and destruction, always seeking to sow discord, fear, and despair wherever he goes. His ultimate goal is to corrupt the Crystal Empire from within and spread his influence across all realms.


However, unlike most Umbrum, Malzorath is capable of shape-shifting into several forms, which he uses to masquerade as a trusted advisor and ally to the Onyx family. His deal with them grants him a powerful anchor to the mortal realm, allowing him to manifest his power and influence with ease.



Carnelian has deep insecurities stemming from a traumatic upbringing. She is highly narcissistic, which often leads to her behaving shamelessly. Despite her cunning and intelligence, she struggles with genuine empathy and compassion. Carnelian Clout harbors a strong hatred for Equestria and their leadership. Though usually she prefers to manipulate situations, rather than instigate direct confrontation.

Despite her harsh upbringing and her years of acting as she has, somewhere deep down inside is someone who cares deeply for the life of her daughter and wants the best for her - and the Crystal Empire as a whole. 

Depending on who she is surrounded with, she could either turn further to darkness or towards a better path that accepts friendship.

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