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Discord [Cast]


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Name: Discord
Gender: Stallion
Age: Currently a fine Wine
Species: Draconequus
Eye colour: Red in Gold
Coat: Brown
Mane/Tail: White
Physique: Noodle
Residence: Canterlot Ruins
Occupation: Hermit
Cutie Mark: None
Unique Traits: Chaos Magic



The history he'd tell you is different from the truth, but were Discord to tell you it was a fanciful wonderful life full of adventures with ponies, dragons, and other creatures. After trying to become the god-king of Equestria he decided to take a vacation in some marble and let Luna and Celestia handle the reigns of leadership until he woke up from his long, luxurious nap. After some time the master of mayhem has skillfully embraced pony culture, however weird it was. They make lovely dishes that he is quite fond of snacking on, much better than the donuts they always try frying up! He's learned to take care of animals and even mastered talking to ponies! Over time things changed and he found himself watching the ponies become angry and start fighting. He may be a creature of chaos, but he just couldn't get used to the dissidence of harmony that was now present. He watched as everything turned over, changed, and opted to stand outside of the new society remaining where his memories were fondest. He was never alone though, because for him time traveled forward, backwards, and sometimes upwards. For now he deals with his problems how he always has: by acting however it is he feels works for the situation, until it doesn't work.


Character Personality:

An unwelcoming, welcoming hermit with approximate knowledge of many things. He is always ready to have tea parties with deserving ponies, but equally able to have explosively disruptive parties with the undeserving. The old dragonequus is good at communicating with animals, ponies, creatures, and other critters so long as they have ears, eyes, noses, mouths, hooves, or tentacles.  He does not get along with other chaotic entities, he's tried, but does fancy interesting things and is relatively nosy with a zest of lime. He's open to conversation with his favorite being about himself while dining on the finer china.

Character Summary: 

He is a dapper draconequus diligently delivering derisive advices in good conscience. He does his best, but sometimes it gets overshadowed by his desire to do his showboatest. The theatric, dramatic flair will always be part of his nature even if his chaos has limited itself to slightly less world altering bamboozling. 

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