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I'm no stranger to forum posting but it sure has been awhile! Bear with me!


I'm Tort! I'm an artist and I've been roleplaying for about 12 years now (that's nuts to me!) I actually got my start roleplaying for this fandom! I got the itch recently to get back into it and here I am. Hoping to find people as active as I am!


I found your lovely site on Google after a bit of searching.


I became a fan of MLP some years before FIM, but, I followed FIM through it's entire air time. I got into it because it popped up on TV and some friends I had at the time were into it.


Rarity is my favorite. Best horse.


I'm hoping to make some friends while I'm here! All my old friends from this fan base are long gone and I'm finding myself a bit lonely as I venture back into it.

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Hey there!  Friendly neighborhood admin here.


If you want to get started with RP here, a good way to do so would be to post a character profile on this board: https://www.canterlot.com/forum/416-character-applications/

Using this Format: 


Most of our folks hang out in this Discord server, if you want some real-time chat as well: https://discord.gg/TM5Ew6vw

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