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Midnight Cloud (Bat Pony)

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Roleplay Type: G4 
Name: Midnight Cloud 
Gender: Female 
Age: Mare 
Species: Bat Pony 
Eye color(s): Pink and Red has heart Pupils 
Coat: White with Black Spots 
Mane/Tail: Dark Purple with light purple streaks, kept mostly in a ponytail 
Physique: Tall and Slender 
Residence: Ponyville 
Occupation: Waitress by day, owns an apple farm for other bat ponies and anyone who would like to come by night. 
Cutie Mark: Crescent Moon, mostly covered by a dark cloud with red apples hanging from the cloud. 
Unique Traits: Midnight is an extremely fast flyer, she owns her own apple orchard, and she does not hide who she is anymore. 

History: Midnight was born on Halloween (October 31st), she was born in a cave with her 3 siblings. 


Growing up, Midnight barely had enough to eat, since her parents had poor paying jobs, and they had to steal apples from orchards just so Midnight and her siblings could eat (since apple farmers did not like bat ponies.) 


When Midnight was old enough, she went to school, but she wore fake pony ears and fake Pegasus wings, just so she could fit in, and so the others would not treat her differently. 

Over time, the other fillies started to grow suspicious of Midnight, she always won the flying races, because she was so fast, and not only that she would always eat just apples for lunch, but she did not actually eat the apples, she just sucked the juice out of them, one day while they were all getting ready to have another flying race, the fillies saw one of Midnight’s fake wings start to slip off, revealing that Midnight was not indeed a Pegasus, but a Bat Pony. 


After that Incident, none of the other fillies wanted to race, nor talk to Midnight, so eventually Midnight just stopped going to school, since she knew what they were learning anyway. 


When Midnight was old enough, she found a job as a waitress at a cafe in Ponyville, she worked extremely hard, and saved up to buy an apple farm, when she was open (which was only at night), she let other bat ponies, bats, and anyone else who wanted apples, so they could eat all that they wanted to. On this night, it was a crescent moon, and dark stormy clouds which resulted in Midnight earning her cutie mark, which she was extremely excited about. 


Although she doesn’t make money from the farm itself, she works as a waitress during the day, always having a smile on her face, then at night she does what she loves most, helping bats and ponies alike, as she doesn’t want anyone to go hungry like she once did. 


Character Personality: Confident, Kind, a little shy, and hyper. 
Character Summary: Midnight may seem scary at first, but once you get to know her, you’ll know she is just the sweetest bat pony. 

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