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Cherry Dazzle (Pegasus)

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Roleplay Type: G4
Name: Cherry Dazzle
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye color(s): Pink and Blue
Coat: Light Blue
Mane/Tail: Dark Blue with White Spots
Physique: Average Height and Weight
Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Baker
Cutie Mark: A Cherry with Fireworks around it
Unique TraitsBakes amazing Pies, even though she can bake an amazing pie she can sing amazingly.

History: Cherry Dazzle was born on August 2nd, her mom is an artist and her mom is a unicorn, and her dad is a station master whom is a pegasus, she also has an older sister named Melody Drizzle who is an Unicorn.


Growing up, she always sung so typically everyone thought she would be a singer, and that her cutie mark would be something to do with singing, but that was not the case, she was also bullied quite a bit at school since she was a really clumsy flyer and bumped into almost everything. Her family originally lived in the Crystal Empire, but they moved to Canterlot, when she was just almost a Mare. Cherry got her cutie mark one night during a fireworks show, she baked her father a cherry pie, since he had a hard day at work, and her mom was very tired.


Now, Cherry owns her own bakery and deliver's pies to just about anyone and anywhere, Cherry still sings a little and she lives in Canterlot, she has a pet cat named Sally, her cat is black and grey. Cherry enjoys going on hikes and delivering pies, and playing with her cat, she usually bakes almost all day, but when she's not she's visiting her parents and sister who is a singer even though everyone thought she was going to be a baker.


Character Personality: Confident, happy, kind, and a little clumsy, she has a hyper side, and is competitive.
Character Summary: Cherry might be very clumsy and messy, but once you taste her pies you won't mind her being messy, she can be very competitive during baking competitions and she loves being very competitive.


Extra: A Picture of Cherry Dazzle is my cover photo if you want to check her out!!! :) 

<3 Much Love to you all!!! 

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Hello, just as a note, for moderated RP zones, such as World of Equestria or A New Generation, we don't allow more than the canon alicorns in character apps.  That includes backstory NPC's.

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That's my bad, I meant to put Unicorn, but I was rushing to finish her history, and I put it by mistake haha :) since me and my friends were talking about alicorns.

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