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Princess Cadance

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Name: Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (commonly known as Princess Cadance)
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Alicorn
Eye color: Shimmering lavender
Coat: A pristine coat in a shade of pink-and-purple
Mane/Tail: Her flowing mane and tail are a gradient of pastel pink and lavender, adorned with a single pale gold streak.
Physique: Graceful and elegant, with a slender build and a pair of delicate wings
Residence: The Crystal Castle in the Crystal Empire, married to her Prince Shining Armor, with her beloved daughter Flurry Heart.
Occupation: Ruler of the Crystal Empire, Princess of Love
Cutie Mark: A radiant crystal heart, symbolizing her unique magical abilities related to love.
As a small Pegasus she was found in the woods by Earth ponies, who took her to their village. When she grew up she reversed a love-stealing spell cast by a pony called Prismia. Prismia, a reclusive sorceress who harbored jealousy toward the villagers, used a powerful necklace that amplified her evil and jealousy to drain the villagers of their love, causing them to become distraught. Cadance confronted Prismia and defeated her with the very magic she stole, and Prismia changed her ways. This magical surge of love transported Cadance to a strange place where she meets Princess Celestia, who adopts her as her royal niece.

Unique Traits: Cadance has tremendous magical power. Cadance possesses the extraordinary ability to sense and amplify love. Her magic can heal emotional wounds, strengthen bonds, and rekindle affection. However, this ability only works if there is already existing love; she cannot create love from scratch. The love she amplifies in this way however is real and true, and helps those involve become the best selves they can be. With such powerful love and harmony underpinning the foundational elements of Equestrian reality, those experiencing its purest forms are given to great outcomes.

Beyond that, she is not that magically talented compared to the other Alicorns, as she never took to the study of it as Luna or Twilight nor did she find it as important as Celestia. She has a wide base of knowledge and more power than all but the most powerful of unicorns, but is by some distance the weakest of the four.

However, unknown to most, she is the best in the world at weather control and manipulation. Owing to her origins as a pegasus and amplified dramatically by her Alicorn ascension, she can do the work of many pegasi and more easily feels the currents and tides of the skies. In a land given to such dramatic and dangerous weather, she has put this skill to good use.


Cadance was born to an unknown family who left her in the woods not far from a small town in a forest located along the Eponnine Mountain range. She was discovered by some logging ponies, who took them back to their logging camp/town. There she was raised not by one specific family but by a village of mostly working young stallions and the occassional mare, all whom ood's and awww'd over the little pegasus but were no good at being parents. Still, the village did the work well enough and Cadance got an education in what made family- not blood, but love. 


As she grew up she soon became a member of the community as equal as any other, with her boundless good cheer and energy winning over even the most stout hearted of timbermares. Over time she noticed a change in demeanor however and the camp grew more hostile over time. Eventually she saw somepony slinking away in the night and discovered that a scheming local Itailian sorceress named Prisima was using a necklace to steal the affections of others to power her own wicked ends. Cadance tried to stop her but the filly was not strong enough and too rash, and she soon found herself alone in the Eponnine mountains.


It would have been easy for her to gallop away, deeper into Itaily and away from the danger, but she felt a surge of love for those she called family and went back into the lair. There, after a fight that was more a debate, it was the will of evil that fell and Cadance stood victorious. Showing mercy to her opponent, she lifted Prisima up. Cadance went to speak, but this magical surge of love transported Cadance to a strange place...the gardens of Canterlot Castle, on top of a table where she met a very surprised Princess Celestia, having tea with some delegates. Oh, and she had a horn, too.


The next few days were the most important of her life up to that moment. After Celestia got over the shock of the transportation, then the fact there was now another Alicorn, she went to work on Cadance. The abandoned pegasus filly, raised by lumbermares and timbercolts, was soon adopted into Canterlot high society as the royal niece of Princess Celestia. She was given the best education possible, the best conditions possible for her, and she excelled. She was a ready and eager student in all the ways that Celestia cared for, and many others in which she did not. Especially when it came to affection. 


It took Cadance some time to understand just what her magic was, and when she did she was deemed the Princess of Love. This proved a foolish thing to disclose to the nation as she entered secondary education, with many a romantic misadventure, mistake, and plea vying for her divided attentions. During this time she was set up as a foal sitter for one of Celestia's brightest students, Twilight Sparkle, and met (and started flirting with) her older, very handsome brother. Once she finished schooling she found herself keeping in touch with him as he rose through the ranks, attending a few of his ceremonies, flirting, teasing, flirting some more, teasing, and generally making herself a nuisance for him. Respectfully.


Of course, there was little else for her to do. For a while, her job was that of Celestia's proxy and other lower jobs. She didn't mind it- the relative ease of her workload officially allowed her to work more directly with the citizens of Equestria, and she was beloved for it. During this time she discovered a connection to the ancient Crystal Empire and their royal bloodline, with the rumors of a Crystal exodus having founded Roam only gaining in strangth. For now, that mattered little- what did matter? Well, she was dating Shining Armor- secretly, or as secret as she could make it- and over time they became engaged. One day she was invited to a meeting with a wedding planner- a wedding planner with an evil plan, in any case.


The events of her wedding need no further elaboration. Afterwards, she spent some time with her new husband, basking in her new marriage and recovering from the emotions of the ordeal, not the least of which was helping Shining Armor himself. Just as they recovered, the Crystal Empire returned and Celestia sent her to stabilize- and then rule it, as part of her own discovered heritage.


From then on, the rest is history. 


Character Personality:

Princess Cadance is a warm and sociable mare. She thrives on social interactions and enjoys spending time with friends and family. Her warmth and openness make her approachable, and she intuitively understands social boundaries. On the other sideof the coin, she knows when and how and why to break these barriers to reach a more important emotional truth as needed. When in a group, she has an exceptional talent for reading the room and adapting to the emotional atmosphere. She always does her best in these settings to set an example of warmth and joy, and her innate good charm allows her to light even the darkest of hearts.


She is extremely kind and compassionate to a fault. She genuinely cares about others and goes out of her way to help those in need, often to the extremes. Her love and care for others means she is willing to stick her hoof down and stare down the world for her family and subjects. When faced with adversity, Cadance remains steadfast. She doesn’t even consider giving up- indeed, for her family and subjects her will is utterly unbreakable. Cadance’s resilience is a testament to her inner strength. Her compassion extends to both ponies and other creatures in Equestria, and in her Empire creatures of all stripes find themselves growing more contented and cared for. As a ruler, she ensures that her subjects feel valued and supported. 


While she is by law an absolute ruler, she listens deeply to her subjects and takes the time to further the aims of not herself, but the Empire and her subjects. Few are the ponies who can gainsay her rule, and even fewer are those who would claim she does not listen to them acutely. Despite challenges, Cadance maintains an optimistic outlook. She believes in the power of love and unity and has spread this message as a creed to the Crystal ponies. Her positive attitude inspires those around her, especially during difficult times. Cadance’s unwavering hope contributes to the harmony of the Crystal Empire.


She takes her duties to Flurry Heart seriously. As a mother, she is doting, considerate, and supporting. She works hard to ensure her daughter will grow up to be the best version of herself- kind, smart, brave, elegant, funny, and dutiful- that she can be. She also recognizes that this relationship will grow strange over time, as immortal beings she is prepared to take the steps necessary to make sure that Flurry Heart grows up well-adjusted. She loves her daughter more than she can describe, a fact which alarms and delights the Princess of Love every time she considers it.


Her husband is, quite obviously, very important to her. She deeply loves Shining Armor and he occupies a place all to his own. There is no creature that has ever existed nor will again that moves her the way he does. Their love and support for each other strengthen their bond. Shining Armor is protective of Cadance, and she appreciates his unwavering loyalty. More than that, she is enamored with his parenting skills, his devotion to the Empire, and his endlessly warm soul. In the coldest of nights in the darkest of times, she will always have her Prince, and he will always be Shining Armor.


She is adventurous and curious, and has a mind open to all manner of possibilities. As a Princess of Love she has heard many things; as ruler of an Empire she has heard many others. Few things shock her. And the things that shock her might just end up delighting her! 
Character Summary: Princess Cadance embodies love, leadership, and magic. As the ruler of the Crystal Empire, she ensures harmony, spreads affection, and protects her subjects. Her heart-shaped cutie mark symbolizes her unwavering commitment to love and unity. Whether calming a quarrel or celebrating a joyous occasion, Cadance’s presence brings hope and serenity to her subjects.

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