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Hello! I am new here!

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  • About Myself 

    Hi! My name is Aux/Auden! I am a big fan of Trigun, My little pony, and Cowboy Bebop! I love to create all kinds of art, along with visual arts, music, and writing! I also enjoy roleplaying! I go by He/Him! 
  • How I found Canterlot.com


I just happened to stumble across this website while looking for references for Nightmare Moon! 

  • How I became a fan of MLP:FiM 


When I was younger, my little pony was my favorite show ever! I lost interest in it, but that spark began to pick up again now. Especially with the infection AU'S!

  • My favorite main cast/pony 

I LOVE all of the main cast so much. But if I had to go for a favorite, I'd have to say either Rainbow Dash or Twilight. Rainbow dash has always been my favorite


Note: I'm only on season 1, but I know stuff like the Cutie Map and the changeling kingdom! I also watched the movie! I hope we can get along!

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Hello and welcome!  Friendly neighborhood admin here.  Feel free to ask questions about getting started with RP, or if you just want to chat.

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