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Sparky Night [READY]

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Roleplay Type: G4 (Working on a G5 type)
Name: Sparky Night
Gender: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye color: Golden
Coat: Light sky Blue with white Spots
Mane/Tail: Light Blue
Physique: Confident
Residence: Las Pegasus
Occupation: Assistant 
Cutie Mark: Cloud with a crescent moon over it with 3 lightning bolts coming out of the clouds
Unique Traits: Fast Flyer, can basically make lightning go where she'd like it to.

History: Sparky was born on May 14th, she was born during a thunderstorm, which is how Sparky got her name, she was born in Manehattan. When she was a foal she enjoyed flying fast, and playing out past sunset especially during storms! One night, as Sparky was playing out a crescent moon was out, and in the sky there was only one big, white, fluffy cloud and it looked as though it was in front of the moon, even though it was not. She knew that it was about to storm, but she didn't mind because she loved to play during storms, she was laughing and playing until she got struck by lightning, her eyes flashed white as if she was getting magic powers, and she wasn't scared, without having control of her wings and mind she quickly flew over to the lightning and went around it, being able to lead it to the cloud she made it look like the lightning was coming out of that big white cloud, after being exhausted  from doing what she just had, she flew back home quickly her eyes turning back to normal, she went inside and her parents looked at her and then started hugging her, she wanted to know what was making them so happy, and her parents explained she had gotten her cutie mark and she was very exited about it.


Sparky then went on to finish school, then eventually she realized that Manehattan wasn't for her, so she moved to Las Pegasus to try and become a show mare doig cool tricks with the lightning, but after a month of trying she gave up and became an assistant for a show mare. Now Sparky spends most of her time working, reading, writing, singing, and being clumsy, a well as walking during storms.



Character Personality: Clumsy, Sweet, Kind, and talkative
Character Summary: Sparky is a sweet pony, but she is very clumsy and usually late even when she thinks she's going to be on time, she's like the white rabbit, and she's extremely frantic at times, but she is mostly hay!

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