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Name: Orion Pax

Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Species: Pegasus
Eye color: Blue
Mane/Tail/Other: Brown


Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: None
Cutie Mark: A sword with two golden wings.
Special Talent: Orion is a protector by heart. His cutie mark gives him battle reflexes, making him able to react faster, and see openings if he fights.

History: Orion is originally from Canterlot His parents owns a small cafe there, and so he grew up among the impressive towers and with a view over the palace. when he was old enough he joined the guard forces for a time. He did have a gift for it, and he had a chance to take the royal guard exam, but decided not to. Instead he decided to move to Ponyville for a change of scenery, although he isn't sure what he want to do yet.

Character Personality: Orion is a kind and well meaning stallion. He had a big heart, and is always willing to help his friends. He does not like injustice, and so he will stubbornly continue fighting for what is right. Although this is not always good, as he sometimes rush into situations without much regard for himself. This has landed him in trouble before, if not the local hospital for minor injuries, nothing too serious. Still, if you want a loyal friend who will stand by your side in thick and thin, then Orion is your stallion.

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