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Black Velvet


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Name: Black Velvet

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Unicorn

Pelt Color: Royal purple

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Brown, worn long, but well-kept

Eye Color: Amber

Cutie Mark: Paint palette and brush

Physique: A little chubby

Residence: A small house/studio in Ponyville

Occupation: Freelance painter

Motivation: Velvet wants to be one of the most famous painters in Equestria, and more than anything, he wants to paint the portraits of the royal sisters, Celestia and Luna.

Likes: Tea, rain, calm evenings at home, fresh fruit

Dislikes: Mushrooms, being interrupted while working, bees

Character Summary: Creativity runs in his family. His mother makes fine jewelry and his father is a famous sculptor, so Velvet is determined to be a painter on the same level as his parents. He has traveled around Equestria for a while to practice his painting techniques on a variety of different styles, but his favorite things to paint are portraits. He makes a fair amount of money by selling his artwork and being commissioned for portraits. He won't admit it, but he has a big crush on Fluttershy.


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