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The Borderlands

A harsh and wild dry land punctuated by vast mountain chains that is the border Aquellia and Greater Equestria, the Borderlands is home to a few hardy settlements, large nomadic tribes of Buffalo, and those few hardy souls who eek out an isolated existence in the remote corners of the great Painted Pinto Desert where they are but a law onto themselves. Here partially hidden by the mountains and near one of the oases that occasionally mark the otherwise dry land sits the mysterious capital of the Diamond Dogs, Gaberott, where all the packs meet to discuss matters most important to their kind.


Settlements of the Borderlands

Appleloosa - A frontier town that marks the frontier between the Painted Pinto Desert and the Saddleveil Plains, Appleloosa is a rapidly growing settlement. Though the surrounding terrain is dry and difficult to tend, the Appleloosans have managed to thrive through a combination of community spirit, agricultural innovation, partnership with the local buffalo tribe, and sheer stubbornness.

Beakbreak City - A dirty, dingy industrial city, Beakbreak is a waypoint for the Aquellia-Stalliongrad trade spine. Airships stop here to tank water and refuel before continuing on their way. Beakbreak is also home to a large ship-breaking yard, where old and decrepit airships are broken down into scrap and salvaged for parts.

Bareback Gulch - A small, quiet town on the ridge, Bareback Gulch is the epitome of bare bones frontier living. The town was established to take advantage of the mineral wealth in the mountain ranges around Roughrider Ridge. As with all mining towns, Bareback suffers from boom and bust times. The town supplements its dependence on the mines with catering to travelers and traders who come back and forth from the various lands west as a restful and friendly waypoint.

Las Pegasus - A young but swift growing resort city at the very south of the ridge. Though situated partly in the clouds, unicorns are employed throughout Las Pegasus to perform cloud walking spells to tourists can access the cities many resorts and casinos. The go to locale for ponies after a good time.

Dodge Junction - Formerly an REA outpost, Dodge Junction is a small, quiet frontier village. Modest and unassuming, the town is supported by its dairy ranches and its position as a valuable railroad junction and stopping off point for travelers.

Gaberott - A desert city nestled against the Bramble Mountains, Gaberott serves as a de facto capital for the diamond dog tribes. Considered a city of mysteries to most ponies, much of the city is said to be underground.


Starlight's Sanctuary - Until recently this out of the way settlement along the Tarpans was an attempt to create a utopia based on the idea of true equality through rigid conformity assuring no pony was no more special than any other.  Like many lofty ideals seeking to create the perfect society, this one fell far short and the leader was exposed as a fraud.  Now the town works to reintregrate itself back into Equestrian culture.

Major Natural Features

Roughrider Ridge - Roughrider Ridge is the collective name for the mountain ranges and the valley between them, separating the Heartland from the Painted Pinto Desert beyond. The valley between the Brambe Ranges to the west and the Allacor Mountains to the east is carved out by the Trensal River and it is along its banks where one would find any civilization. The mountains themselves are foreboding and dangerous, but are explored and exploited for their potential wealth in minerals and metals, fueling the small economy of the Ridge.

Painted Pinto Desert - An arid expanse composed mostly of crushed rock, the Painted Pinto Desert is harsh and unforgiving. Brutal sun in daylight and freezing temperatures at night discourage most travelers from ever venturing into the desert. In some areas, oases and springs allow more permanent settlements to form including the center of Diamond Dog civilization, Gaberott. Buffalo tribes also use the very thinly populated desert as roaming and stampeding grounds.

Other geographical features

There are three major mountain chains in the Borderlands. The Allacor Mountains and The Bramble Ranges, which make up the borders of Roughrider Ridge, and the even more foreboding and taller peaks of The Tarpans which mark the western most boundary of Greater Equestria and the gateway to the great Raptorclaw valley of Aqueilla and the lands beyond.

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