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The Frontier (G.E. North)


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The Frontier (G.E. North)

Miles of flat, cold prairie-land- the nigh-tundra steppes of the north - stretch out uninterrupted for as far as a pony can see, eventually bordered in the north-east by mountains of black granite stretch to the sky. Past these dark mountains, the land falls away to the boreal forests of the taiga. This is a land of opportunity and a land of hardship. Stalliongrad is the center of civilization in this area, a conglomerate of onion-domed spires and industrial smokestacks straddling the banks of the River Stadia.



Cities of the Frontier

Stalliongrad - Known as the Jewel of the North, Stalliongrad is a veritable microcosm of all Equestria. Established long ago by Pegasi immigrants from Cloudsdale and Canterlot, this industrial city is a mish-mash of old architecture, modern technology and scholarship, and races from all over Equestria. Its social patchwork is comprised of ponies, griffons, cynogriffons, zebras, and dragons from all walks of life, making it perhaps the most ethnically diverse region in all Equestria.

Marelia - A peaceful alpine resort town, Marelia is a popular destination for ponies who enjoy any kind of winter sports or recreation. When the snow is not on the slopes, Marelia's permanent residents make their way as a quiet farming community.


Rainbow Falls - A crossroad of trade for airships and pegasai alike, this picturesque town is situated high in the Hausfel Mountains and is most famous for two features:  The numerous liquid rainbow rivers and falls, and the annual Trader Exchange.  High on Rainbow mountain above the town sits the famous Wonderbolt Academy. 


Saraneighvo - A major theater and musical cultural center, this quaint town on the northern frontier of Equestria has brought forth some of the greatest works of performance and literature in ponykind.


Seaddle - Sitting in the delta of the mighty river Stadia in the mist of a beautiful temperate rainforest, this city is know as the Sapphire City, Seaddle is one of the most culturally, economically, and politically diverse cities in the known world.


Sveltahorse - Famous village who's place in the annals of history when it stubbornly refused to surrender during the Great Changling Invasion.  Without a millitary or powerful magic, the ponies of this town sacrifice everything to tie down and capture large numbers of the enemy until reinforcements from Caterlot arrived.  Now rebuilt, it's sacrifice and bravery will never be forgotten.

Major Natural Features

Much of the frontier is sparely populated and lacks any major defining features. To the west of Stalliongrad are the Gor Zarya Mountains, home to a few Diamond Dog settlements. Beyond the mountains further west are open plains of cold tundra steppe that are generally void of any population. The westernmost border of the frontier is the large Trensal River, which winds its way through large conifer forests before emptying into the frigged ocean. This remote river marks the border between Greater Equestria and the Badlands beyond.

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