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The Canyons (East Aquellia)


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The Canyons (East Aquellia)

The Raptorclaw Canyon is a vast network of valleys made by the great Raptorclaw River and its tributaries. It is the wellspring of Griffon civilization and home to most of this proud species. In the north, laborers toil in the mines and factories that are the source of griffon military and economic might. Many smaller geological formations branch off from Raptorclaw Canyon, most housing some form of mine, factory, or griffon settlement, built around tributaries to the White Raptorclaw River.



The Cities of the Canyons of Aquellia

Talonopolis - Talonopolis is the largest Griffon city and capital of Aquellia. Its factories provide jobs to many griffons and produce goods that are traded all across Equestria. Heavy industry is the cornerstone of the Talonopolis economy, supplying the Griffon military-industrial complex with materiel and providing commercial airship parts to places as far away as Stalliongrad.

Rockwington - In stark contrast to Talonopolis’ impressive factories and vertically oriented architecture, Rockwington is a smaller, and more diffuse city nestled in a bend in the White Raptorclaw River. Rockwington is an artisan town, based around light industry and specialty manufacturing.

Major Natural Features

The Raptorclaw Canyon - Stretching over much of its boundaries and housing the vast majority of its populous, the Raptorclaw Canyon is at the heart of the Aquellian Republic. Formed by the mighty Raptorclaw River, this immense canyon lies between the Tarpan and Talonclaw mountain ranges.

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