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The Low Country (Aquellia South)

Mostly composed of swamps, forests, prairie, and rocky shores, the Low Country is verdant and well-watered, a welcome change from the harsh arid climate of the desert and canyon areas. The area is fed by several rivers, the greatest of which is the Raptorclaw.



Major Natural Features

Clopton Shores - A rocky shoreline at the edge of the Reintight Sea, the portion of Aquellia known as the Clopton Shores is little more than rock, clay, and peat. Small griffon fishing settlements exist here, some permanent, but most seasonal.

Neighples Delta - Further south, Neighples Delta encompasses the estuarine zone of the great Raptorclaw River. The river delta is a strikingly green swath of land. Fertile river silt is constantly deposited by the river, making for extremely fertile farmland and supporting the wide variety of wildlife that thrives in the delta region.

Soggalong Swamp - A massive wetland that sits in the shadows of the Talonclaw Mountains, Soggalong Swamp is a murky mix of ponds, swamps, and peat bogs peppered with sawgrass, bamboo, and mangroves. The vast territory is almost completely unexplored, as plant growth and the constantly changing landscape makes navigation extremely difficult and mapping downright impossible - which serves the few hardy, isolated souls who call it home just fine.


Marais de Feu/Eggwater Bay - A fiery swamp that sits to the west of the Soggalong.  Dangerous for the unprepared and full of strange creatures, only a very hardy set of ponies known as the Neighjuns, who respect and understand the strange environment prosper here and make this mysterious realm of fire and water their home.

Other geographical features

The region is naturally isolated thanks to the Talonclaw and Harrridan Mountains to the east and south respectively, and the vast Reintight Sea, to the west. Thus even in those areas not covered in swampland, peat, or forest, there is very little in the way of civilization. The only natural route to this region other than plying by seas is down the Raptorclaw river, and it is here the largest settlements exist but even these are little more than isolated hamlets who's economies are tied to the river and sea.

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