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The Badlands (Outlands West)


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The Badlands

Lying beyond civilization to the northwest are the Badlands, a vast region of great mountains, frigid rivers, dark arboreal forests, and mighty glaciers. Much of this land remains unexplored and untamed as few dare to venture into this abode of dragons, who carve out their private fiefdoms here among the vast mountains. It is a land of mystery and danger, full of the unknown and mysterious ruins, as well as a few hardy ponies or griffins that choose to make a living under the ever dangerous shadow of the dragons that jealously guard their lairs.



Cities of the Badlands



Griffonstone - The ancient capital of the once great Griffon kingdom that has since fallen upon hard times after the monarchy and region was abandon by the griffon people for a new republic to the south.

Major Natural Features

Dragon Peaks - Located just north of the Roughrider Ridge, this volcanic region at the cusp of the Badlands region is well known for its lava pools, geysers and steam vents. These conditions make the region ideal as the destination for dragons undertaking the Great Migration.

Forest of Leota - The Forest of Leota is an expansive forbidding wood full of mysteries and dangers which stretched deep into the Badlands region. The wood is comparable to the Everfree Forest, but could potentially hold even greater dangers, as the famed Gates of Tartarus are known to be hidden deep within.


The Changeling Kingdom - Past the Great Leota and even the mysterious Tenochtitlan Basin in the remotest parts of the Badlands lie the kingdom of the Changlings.  This rough and mountainous land still lies in a shroud of mystery, little known to anyone other than the Changlings who live there, and they aren't inclined to divulge any of their realm's secrets to outsides who are seen mostly as sources of food via their amorous feelings.


The Tenochtitlan Basin - A great valley isolated from any civilization by it's location between the Great Leota and the cold mountains and tundra beyond, this mysterious valley's unique flora and fauna is fueled by the powerful and secret magic that permeates the basin.  It is said the basin is full of hidden artifacts of power, and the ruins of a once great civilization.

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