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Music box lullabys for My Little Ponies


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Good evening everypony,

how do I start this thread? This is a question I'm often facing, so... Don't expect too much according this.

Back to topic. A while ago, I started playing the songs from MLP:FIM on my piano. (Notesheets are available, maybe I will even uplaod them.) I especially liked Fluttershy's Lullaby from Episode 17 (Stare Master), although the song isn't sung completely in that episode. My solution: Take Sweetie Belle's melody and edit it a bit, so it fits into Fluttershy's style of singing. And that is the result:

I am nearly done with Pinkie Pie's lullaby, which will be based on "Giggle At The Ghosty" from Episode 2. As soon as I'm done, I will upload it as well, if you're interested.^^

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