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I'm doing a Pony Series of Music <3


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I am a singer song writer and I usually write all different genres and such but right now I'm taking time out from anything mainstream to do a whole collection of pony music!

My boyfriend is also an amazing pony music artist.

His sound cloud is: PetFood56

His YouTube is: OfficialFacade or PetFood56

:) anyhow, I'd like to show my first original Pony song. This is about Twilight and Spike.

I wrote all pieces and performed it.

I'd love if all y'all could watch and comment!! Thanks so much <3

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Guest EoLPinkie

Neato! That's sooooo Rainbow Dashie awesome! I can sing, but I can't play any instruments aside from percussion stuffs :-o I'll be looking forward to your next song!

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Wow wow wow thank you both so much :D ahhh I'm so excited!!

@EoLPinkie >~< I'm really not that good with any instrument but I try... Usually I just make my boyfriend do the music for me but I didn't that time, for once. We are coming out with two kinda techno and rap like Ponies songs! One is about Pinkie and the other Luna but we are waiting on a mic so it sounds better. <3 thank you so much though!

@PrivateSkittle4 first off your name is awesome, second, thank you so much!!!!

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