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Ponywalk Luau: The Tiki Bar


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Martini Paradise blushed slightly at the revelation - they didn't seem much alike, but she had to admit she didn't have much personal experience in siblings, being an only foal herself. She rapidly focused on something else. "So, you're a published artist then! A professional? Now I do even more honored!" Martini had to wonder, would that mean the drawing that he planned to paint with her in them would appear in some magazine or gallery? Had it already been displayed? "So, what will you do with those gala pictures? Are they going into some art show or something?" That idea gave her a mix of pride and worry. Was she pretty enough for such a thing? What would critics think? I am probably overthinking things, what are the chances I would ever even see such a display, let alone know what the Canterlot set thinks.

She shook her head and changed the subject quickly. "Well, anyway! You may not like to think of your sister in terms of a beautiful model, but I am sure you'll enjoy having the rest of them pose for your drawings! Who knows, maybe the mare of your dreams is among the group, wouldn't that be something?" It may have sounded a little far-fetched, but it was part of her job to be encouraging, to make the customers feel good. And she was genuinely impressed with Rose, being an author who can "just become" a model, even temporarily, to get first hoof experience for her books. Martini had to admit she was a little jealous - she couldn't just decide to be a model on a whim like that. One needed to be blessed with the proper look and grace. "So, you are going to write a story about modeling, or about a fictional model? Or do you really want to do this as a second career?" Martini floated a rag over to the bar and began to wipe it wistfully, "well you have the look for it, that's for sure. Gotta tell me what you think of it so far."

Turning her attention to her other guest, she was impressed at how the stunning Wonderbolt mare obviously enjoyed the taste and feel of the Blue Bomb - most ponies are stunned by the strength of the drink, willing only to nurse it with small sips or not finish at all. The violet Pegasus was instead drinking it as if it was routine, and that was after she had an entire Party Cannon! Martini smiled coyly at the Wonderbolt's "accusation". "Now why would I ever want to do that? Besides, I don't think you are the type of pony who needs a few drinks to shed any inhibitions, you seem like the type who knows what she wants and works to take it. You're aggressive, a go-getter, and you like challenges." Martini just gave sly smile, thinking she may have the alluring Pegasus figured out. "Maybe that is why you were the Wonderbolt that came to the party, you wanted to know first hoof what it was all about, modeling and all - after all, you have the look and body for it. The next face of the Wonderbolts, maybe?" Martini calmly cleared some of the glasses from the bar to take back for cleaning, "or maybe you just lost a bet," she winked.

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Martini had asked a good question. What would Inkwell do with the finished painting? Would he put it in a gallery where one of the ponies he painted could see it? “Well, um, maybe. I don’t really see why I wouldn’t put it in a gallery.” He spoke at half his normal speed, double-checking his words before they left his mouth. “The odds of anypony recognizing the subjects wouldn’t be that high, I think. Maybe I should credit them. What do you think, Rose?”

Rose just shrugged. “Eh, I don’t really think they’d care. Do what you want.”

“Oh, okay.” Inkwell peered at the drawing, checking once again for misplaced lines. There were a few that he thought could have been placed better, but since everything was already inked, there wasn’t much point in worrying about those lines. He’d fix them in the painting. Then Martini talked to him again, forcing him to put the sketchbook down.

“Th-the mare of my dreams?” he asked. Once again his cheeks turned pink as thoughts of romance and courtship ran through his head. “Um, well, maybe. I guess I could try making some new female friends here. They all seem nice. And I’ve got Rose to help me out! She’s the one who knows all about the romance, right?”

Rose smirked at Inkwell and nodded. “Got that right. No need to share my secrets with just anypony, though, right?” She poked him in the ribs three times.

“Ngh, right, right.” Inkwell didn’t need any more hints to know what Rose was talking about. The main reason that she was so experienced at romance, after all, was because of how often she had seen the extremes of love, especially the bad ones. Those painful stories didn’t need to get spread around anymore.

Rose nibbled her lip, wondering how to answer Martini’s question. “Actually, I’m not really sure,” she says. “I just know that I want a big change from my first book. That one was kind of too dark and weird. Well, maybe not weird. I don’t want to cut that part out, I love it. But I want something more upbeat.”

“Something that won’t kill my soul?” Inkwell asked.

“Yeah, that.” Rose rolled her eyes. “I think I’ll be trying for whimsy. Maybe. Not sure if I’ll stick with the modeling, but it would probably get me a couple good short stories, at least.”

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