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Pony Remix Songs - Master List


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I'm like addicted to MLP:FiM music... William Anderson and Daniel Ingram are geniuses!

I noticed that much of the background music might be able to be remixed. Like at the scenes where Twilght walks into Canterlot while heading home in the first episode. (that could work as an rpg theme for a game maybe...) And also the scene where Twilight walks into Ponyville in "Boast Busters". Is there a "Hop, Skip, Jump Remix"? I got some ideas for that... (still in development though)

Or that song that Twist said was so great in "Call of the Cutie"?

Just adding clutter to the air for remixes :)

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Sorry about not having this updated in so long.

I've been having problems with the posting format - no matter what I do, the first 10 or so links turn into big media files and mess up my neat list, AND apparently the first post has already hugely exceeded the link limit in a post, so I can't add any new ones to it.

So that also turns most of the links into mere text, so you have to copypaste the address into your browser.

I'm gonna talk to Artax about it. Until then, please continue to be patient!

I have ALOT of awesome songs to add to the list, can't wait until I get to do just that!

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