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Dusk Shores And Rainbow Dash Duet-You're gonna go far Kid


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I see what you were trying to do but it wasn't very well executed...

it sounds like you shifted the key up on the original and then mixed it with the original, While that might work for some parts, it will make the whole song sound... off...

If you plan on making a better balanced version, my advice is to go through the journey of searching for the "studio accapella" version and add that to the rainbow version (I've never heard that version of the song) or find an instrumental version and use "noise removal" in Audacity (select the whole instrumental version, click "get noise Profile" and then select the rainbow dash version, open the noise remover again, and finally click okay) even if it doesn't remove the music entirely, it should drop the volume of just the background music significantly.

Hope that helps!

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