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Hey I'm a little bit nervous, but here is my sound cloud page, I want a couple opinions of my music other than my friends. Any criticism is welcome but please, a fair warning. This is semi-classical music, if you are a dubstep/techno only pony, please don't listen to this,because to be blunt. I'm not trying to please you. I'm trying to make semi-classical music. Here is my sound cloud :blush:


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Sounds pretty good, I suggest the ascending line at 0.41 be played a second time and ending on a lower note than the previous rendition. As is it seems a little stand offish and out of place with the rest of the peace just on it's own. I'd also shorten the first half of the song a little and make the low notes of each line less flat.

P.S. I have no musical experience what so ever, I just listen a LOT.

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