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[ Pony Related Character ]

Name: Honeywing

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Pegasus

Pelt Color: White, with gold coloured flight feathers

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Blonde, and either loosely braided or left flowing when he can't get any help with the braiding

Eye Color: Blue

Cutie Mark: A golden ring

Physique: Fit, neither muscular nor pudgy

Residence: Officially, Cantorlot

Occupation: Diplomatic Courier, carrying messages and gifts between Canterlot and Equestria's neighbors (or pretty much wherever he's sent)

Motivation: His cutie mark is a halo, representing his desire to help other people as best as he can.

Likes: Honey, Apples, Warm blankets, Long flights, Afternoon naps, Orange tea, the colour blue, Pleasant people

Dislikes: Cold weather, Sticky things, Briar patches, Overly sweet things, Loud people, Stubborn people, the colour grey

Character Summary: Honeywing likes helping people sort out their differences whenever he can. His current job as a courier allows him to meet new people in exotic lands, improving pony relations with other nations and other creatures. He hopes to one day act as an ambassador and mediator, but he knows that he has a long way to go before he's ready. He was born in Ponyville, but he and his family moved to Canterlot shortly thereafter when his father, who was an earth pony, was able to open a shop there. His mother, a pegasus, gave flying lessons to the local pegasus colts and fillies, including Honeywing once he was old enough, and passed on her love of being in the air to him.



Honeywing from the Brony template


Flight Gear, ready!

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