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  1. Well, that had been a sombering moment. Windwright shook her head, now full mare and grateful the changes had finished, and headed to the table to retrieve her gift for the exchange. Ordinarily she'd've rolled the cylinder up one wing, down the other, and made it tapdance or something, but she didn't feel showy right now, so she just tucked it under a wing and waited in an obvious but out of the way spot for her trading partner to show up. When the dragon approached, she'd wear her biggest, friendliest grin and wave, but until then she was just watching the crowd and thinking deep thinks.
  2. Several things happened in quick succession after Windwright stepped back from Princess Bluebelle. She'd intended to make her way to the refreshments table and get a quick cup of the spiced cider she'd smelled on the way in before offering to help the confectioner carry in the last of his goods, but no sooner had she started the mug of mulled magnificence when an ear-shattering sneeze echoed through the room and all conversation stopped. Windy had ignored the sneeze itself, she was used to hearing random sneezes, coughs, and explosions during semi-social/semi-professional gatherings (any time you get even a moderate number of alchemists in the same spot you tend to hear them all quite frequently), but the sudden silence after made her look over. Another Alicorn?! That was impossible, it was always newsworthy when a pony managed to pull off Ascension. Temporary transformation then? It had to be. There was no other explanation that made sense. Of course, she couldn't follow the train of thought very far before Bluebelle's outburst snapped her out of her stupor, and the direct accusations...kind of stung a little actually. She started to babble "What?! Of course not! Mine isn't on the market! I haven't even run a batch in years, it takes too much skyleaf and I have all of that earmarked for feather-grow tonic and mane conditioner, and it's too expensive for most alchemists to experiment with!" However, her defensive rant got killed after it started to wind up by the unicorn's response. Artifacts made sense, kind of, though Windwright themselves only rarely encountered anypony with access to those kinds of dangerous items, they knew other ponies weren't as cautious. Of course, all that defensive energy was already wound up in the pegasus, so when the alicorn had the GALL to attack the princess like that?! The nerve! At a Hearthswarming party of all times! How. Dare. She. The alchemist started stomping her way through the crowd, intending to barrel up to the faux-alicorn and give her a piece of her mind, but by the time she reached the scene again, the blue mare had already sauntered off. Windy didn't have the time or patience for chasing after her, and this was Hearthswarming. She snorted out a breath and, rather than follow Trixie, she turned around and got close, moving in to drape a wing around Bluebelle and trying very hard to soften her tone from fury and outrage down to something in the neighborhood of sympathy. "Hey, don't worry about it. Plenty of great ponies have been one of the three races. Most of them, in fact. Mage Meadowbrook is legendary for her efforts to cure the sick and heal the injured, Starswirl the Bearded practically founded the advanced study of magical theory, all three of the founding leaders and their advisors were pegasi, unicorns, or earth ponies...We've only had, what, five alicorns in recorded history? It's not something you're passed over for or chosen for, and if it were, I'm absolutely sure somepony like THAT wouldn't be chosen." She was trying to keep her voice down but frankly didn't care if she was overheard just now. Her calling in life, her cutie mark, her destiny were all bound up in using her talents to soothe hurts, and she wasn't going to let acute embarrassment or the chance of offending somepony get in the way of that.
  3. Inside the alchemist's package was a piece of parchment with dilution instructions, a spritzer filled with a pale amber liquid, and a carrying case loaded with four vials of a viscous amber substance that looked almost like sap, as well as two empty vials. Each vial was fitted with a rubber stopper and clearly meant to be reusable. When tested, the spritzer contained a fragrance that was living oak and old books, a rarely used hearth and frequently changed flowers, and a hint of the scents of Ponyville at large. Hopefully, if they'd done their research correctly and gotten the bouquet right, Windwright had bottled the scent of Golden Oak Library from a photograph. --- Windy herself chuckled and made a gesture to accompany the word "Booming." She smirked and let the word hang there for a couple of beats, then added "My marketing ponies are trying to branch out to Whitescar, the Empire, and Neighpon, but not a lot of call for cosmetics in the first, and the logistics for all three are a nightmare. I understand I have you and yours to thank for what inroads have been made." She fidgeted a little to hide the discomfort of her internals continuing to shift around. She'd need to work on this formula more, currently the biggest wave of visual changes happened all at once, aside from some of the more obvious differences that would happen over the course of the next few minutes if anyone was being rude, but internals still took forever to finish shuffling.
  4. Ponyville, again! Windwright hadn't been back here in a couple of years. This time he had carefully timed the dose of his special potion, so when he walked into the (new to him) Friendship Academy, he'd need to immediately scan for the perfect opportunity. The pegasus adjusted his saddlebags and checked each of them for the parcels within as he lifted the goggles off his face. He signed the gift registry and shucked out of his cold-flying gear, leaving him in a knit cap and snow-patterned scarf of blue wool. After hanging his coat in the closet he made his full entrance, bicoloured wings splayed for extra warmth, his fur undyed for once, and mane still wild from the wind. One package was making good on a bet, but the other was a relatively modest four by nine inch cylinder of cyan cardboard with a cap, tied shut by white ribbons making an eight point star and pulled into a festive bow. This he left on the table by the door, gently as a newborn foal. "Pardon." he said as he set the package down, making his excuses to the overladen baker...? confectioner..? Chef. He'd need to remember to bring some of that back to Stormy. And maybe the pony responsible if the night went well. Mental note made to return to the candied apple table once his other two surprises were taken care of. ----- He politely made as close to a beeline as he could to the back of the room, weaving between ponies and creatures not engaged in conversation to make his way to Princess Twilight. He bowed on the platform and pulled the other package out, this one was a rectangle longer by double than it was wide, and about four inches deep. "Good evening, princess. I don't know if you remember me, but I was here a couple of years ago and lost a drinking contest to you and a few other participants. I've delivered several of the winnings from that night, but it took a long while for me to find out what you'd won. Apparently my inquiry got filtered by the mailcarriers as an attempt to try to sell you something." he coughed and shuddered. Never again was he going to brave the postal offices to try to demand an explanation for anything. He proffered the parcel as if making an offering. "But! as I promised, I present to you my educated guess as to the culmination of my wager. I have another gift for the exchange proper, this is yours." ----- Whether she opened it right away or waited, as soon as the package was out of his hooves, Windwright dipped his head and backed off to turn his attention to the OTHER princess in the room. He seemed to be good at finding Ponyville when there were two Princesses in attendance. He had about fifteen seconds or so if his gut was right to make his introduction really count. "Good evening, princess Bluebelle. Happy Hearthswarming!" he said, bowing politely before stepping in and putting a friendly kiss to her cheek. And he HAD timed it right, for no sooner had his lips reached her than the potion took full effect, and the stallion's body rippled as muscles and mass rearranged. Windy stepped back and winked at the princess, brushing her mane back under the knit cap and adjusting her scarf to her new body as the last of the changes set in. "I'm never one to turn down a mistletoe invitation." She said, grinning mischievously.
  5. Aquamarine saw the trap closing, and if she'd only been here as a guard or only been here as a guest she might've been able to politely decline, but who and what she was meant that she was obliged to accept her commander's invitation. Or obligated, she wasn't sure which. As she sat down, a waiter was only a few paces behind her with her food and place setting from the original table, apparently having been kept track of during her ramble. Once she was seated she quickly assessed the table and determined that she was only not out of her depth because, again, of her family history. And she couldn't exactly protest since nobody had pointed it out yet. Apparently the event coordinators had seen fit to seat all or most of the Heroes of Equestria at this table. Hooboy. "I can understand an appreciation for the determination that comes from having someone to defend. I've only been privileged enough to bear witness to such heroics, and only once or twice." the reluctant noble answered, not fully committing to the conversation yet. "It's truly a sight to behold, even when the defender is a civilian."
  6. Licorice's grin didn't falter, but anyone who knew him well enough, or anyone who'd been long enough around investigators rather than sentries, might pick up on the faint twitch of an ear and the fact that the guard shifted just a smidge toward his junior that meant that Heart Shield was currently occupying a great deal of Licorice's mental attention. He took a few more bites to finish off his main course, dabbed his mouth with a napkin, and turned a little in his seat so that he could fully face the other guard, coincidentally also putting him a little closer to his companion. "I was in the same position once but you'd be amazed what you can get used to if you guard Canterlot for long enough, and how much you might have in common with folks who come in different shapes." he said, mildly. "Admittedly I've spent more time with Sparkles and their pack than any other diamond dogs, and I may be a little biased."
  7. Oh sisters. He was actually coming over now. Aqua held herself in the carefully neutral pose she'd picked up from her sire but mastered in the Guard when standing sentry on the streets leading to the old palace. She was careful to position herself so that when he arrived, Shining Armor was facing the nearest cluster of guests and, notably, Aquamarine had her back to them. She was mid-salute when Commander Armor greeted her, but was able to change it to a bow with her hoof touched to the emblem on her chest. "Commander, thank you." She replied, trying to keep her tone from sounding relieved rather than merely grateful. "It was a bit of a trip indeed, but I took it a pair of weeks ago to attend to some familial matters." She once again tried fruitlessly to pin back the errant lock of mane and succeeded only in getting more hair to join it, adding just enough volume that at least it looked intentional now. "Which did unfortunately leave me with too little time to secure an escort to the event. House Resplendence of course always donates any invitations we are unable to ourselves employ, so I'm certain there is a guest attached to my plus one, but alas I've yet to meet him or her." the guard said, adding little flourishes here and there to the statement where she assumed her Dam would have. She did NOT need her commanding officer (her commander no less!) asking after her dating life. Especially if that inquiry ended with Princess Cadence, the Princess of Love, hearing about it and deciding to conspire with her family. And doubly especially since he more or less represented a happy ending to that dilemma minor nobility sometimes fell prey to where the needs of the heart and the needs of the station came into conflict. Her stock answers of 'noblesse oblige' and 'never enough time as a guard' wouldn't really cut it with the stallion who was himself a guard and a noble who'd managed to find or make time for a relationship. She settled remarkably quickly on an addendum "There has also been raised a question of suitability for potential suitors, an ongoing point of discussion in the Resplendence household." Which wasn't untrue. Her parents had attempted to engage her a couple of times, and she'd casually flirted with a few ponies who'd caught her attention. The resulting 'discussions' were at least civil. Lately, anyway.
  8. Even Licorice had winced at the volume of Cadence's unbridled enthusiasm for the apparently forthcoming nuptials. "Wow. Royal Canterlot voice indeed." The guard said, using his horn to nervously restyle the mane that may as well have been carved from granite for all the budging it hadn't done when the Princess's exclamation had washed over them. He too was served his meal choice, as was the rest of the table, and the wait staff moved swiftly and efficiently on. "And don't worry, it's not unusual for tables and groups to split up into smaller conversations, but that does occasionally leave an odd pony out." experience said in the voice of former Private Licorice Whip. "Usually gets easier to socialize after the dinner is over and most of the donors only here for status go home. More interesting, too." The last part of that was delivered with a cryptic little sparkle to his eye that one might almost call mischievous if it weren't on the face of an unflappable guard. Wanting to emphasize and highlight the mystery, Licorice tucked into his own dish, the ratatouille, with the singleminded determination of a stallion used to treating meals as a necessary intake of nutrients rather than a social period. ~~~~~~~~~~ Aquamarine was, not to put too fine a point on things, wandering bored through the crowd. It wouldn't be difficult in the least for anyone with any familiarity at all with her to detect that even though she was adjacent to any of a half dozen groups at any given time, she wasn't engaging in any of them except in the shallowest possible sense. Truthfully, she was halfway trying to avoid being recognized either by those she already knew in the...Royal, Crystal, some went over to Twilight, a couple went from Royal to Lunar...four? four branches of the REAs, or later on by ponies at this event who might run into her in the field, as it were. What irked her the most about the whole thing was that she knew intellectually that her parents were probably right, and that there really wasn't any reason she couldn't wear both mantles, knight and damsel equally. If she let herself she could probably even thrive in these sorts of high-society events. Sisters knew that the politics, intrigue, and drama of courtly life would give her a way to engage her mind even if she didn't herself start scheming. Look at Shining Armor, captain-turned-commander and Prince of the Empire. He looked like he was born to be here, and scuttlebutt around the barracks had been that he'd been an absolute dweeb when he was a cooooooh Sisters he'd just spotted her, hadn't he? Aqua snapped out of her reverie and offered her Commander a polite curtsy across the room to acknowledge that she'd seen him spot her, but kept on her noblemare's mask of neutrality even if her head was running a mantra of 'don't wave me over, don't wave me over, don't wave me over'. Uh oh, he'd pointed her out to his companion. The facade started to crack as the little alarm bell in her head started going off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ All throughout the venue, carts and trays of food were starting to be replaced with carts collecting the empty and used plates, bowls and silverware as their respective guests finished with them. Soon enough, once everyone was done with their main courses in each section, the butlers would start circulating with desserts and snacks in addition to the drinks already being carried hither and yon.
  9. 'Hmm...', thought Licorice to himself, 'the Princess had a point about the other guards likely tolerating somepony messing with his date about as well as they'd tolerate somepony messing with the barracks or the Palace itself.' Which was to say 'poorly'. It took a certain sort of obstinate pride to be a guard, and it made you like an extended family. Still, it was a bad idea to show up without a plan to make sure everyone knew the diamond dog was his date. Horsefeathers, most of the guards had only rarely seen one to begin with, nevermind seen a stallion dating one. Maybe a scene was exacly what the Princess ordered... They usually had a herald at the Ball, as Licorice recalled...
  10. Edelweiss is totally a pirate! He serves on his papa's airship as a cabin boy!
  11. Two stubs had been filled out and laid out beside the envelope they'd be mailed in with. Licorice knew in his bones that he was going to bring his special someone as the plus one to this year's ball. They had already shared more than a few quiet evenings together listening to radio plays and reading by the fireplace at his apartment in Fillydelphia or Sparkles's place meeting and working with the pack. He wasn't even worried about the Diamond Dog's reaction to being at such a large event. What worried him was that he and the other guards'd end up dealing with some if the upper crust's reactions to the Diamond Dog being a guest at such a large and formal event. Finally he decided to do something smart and ask sometime with better social chops than himself. He took out a quill and a sheet of paper and wrote, his horn writing neat and tidy as a typewriter. The publishable version of his letter, with identifying details stripped out, was coupled with a slightly longer one that pointed out just who and what his special someone was to fill in what Licorice felt were important gaps. Both were sealed into the same envelope and dropped into the Empire's mail the next morning. By dint of Licorice putting it there himself, which only took six attempts. At least teleporting back was done in two tries. Dear Princess Cadence, As a humble stallion gifted with enough sense to know when he's out of his depth, I'm writing to ask your advice on heading off a bad peice of business. There's a social event of some importance coming up to which I've had the good fortune of acquiring a pair of invitations. It's billed as a chance for the common pony and the well to do to meet and mingle with stallions and mares serving the community, but usually only a few of the more common common pony get to attend and the second of my two invites is earmarked for someone who's a little less common than most. I'm not worried about how he'll behave, but I am worried somepony might get the wrong idea and think he's either an insult or an easy target. I care deeply for my runt and I'd hate to have to cause a scene on his behalf. I was hoping you might have an inside scoop on how to make sure things go smoothly. Yours in service, Anise Surprise
  12. For all the bravado Licorice was projecting, he was grateful for Sparkles's attempts to lighten the mood. "Well this is meant to be an informal gathering, there are just a few...concessions to the donors, shall we say." the dark-coated stallion replied, trying to keep his war face on. He wove through the crowd, following the host who led them to a table that was already being served. Licorice pulled out the first seat with his horn and quietly indicated a soup preference to the waiter by levitating and tilting a spoon toward the nearly empty tureen of minestrone while Sparkles took take his place. Licorice took a quick glance and appraised him and everypony else at the table with the detached, almost bored eye career guards use for tactical assessments. As some of the other guests at their table were already engaged and the waiter moved away, Licorice inclined his head by way of greeting to Heart Shield. "Good evening, quite a to-do they've got rolling this year, hmm? Sergeant Licorice Whip, Royal Guard. This is my...hrm...well coltfriend isn't exactly the right word, but this is Sparkles." he said, pushing the diamond dog's chair in before he himself settled in the seat next to the pegasus and fellow Royal guard.
  13. Another card arrived and the herald picked it up and eyed it, then shrugged and stepped forward. "PRESENTING! SERGEANT LICORICE WHIP OF THE ROYAL GUARD! HE IS ACCOMPANIED THIS EVENING BY ESTEEMED ENTREPENEUR, LEADER OF THE RUBY HEART PACK OF SOLSTICE HEIGHTS, SPARKLES THE JEWELMASTER." It was not as ostentatious as the previous titles had been, but a bribe can only earn one so much. Much like the herald had been, Licorice was not wearing his mess dress, or not merely mess dress. He was wearing the formal uniform with his Sergeants' bars on his shoulder and a sash with every service medal, commendation, rank insignia, pin, patch, and ribbon he'd ever been awarded. He only lacked the cape and ceremonial sword to make the difference between what he was wearing and what would be Parade dress. He was making sure every mare and stallion in the gala knew exactly who he was and what he was capable of. Primarily because it would clarify that the diamond dog perched on his back was someone there by HIS choice, and his stance suggested that he was ready for a fight if one came to him. "That should get their attention, do you think?" The guard said to his plus one in a half joking tone. This was the first impression he was giving the general public of His diamond dog, and he wanted no misunderstandings.
  14. Security hadn't given anypony any slack, and even though Swift Squall had been able to get his cases into the event, they had been THOROUGHLY searched and nearly confiscated. Other staff too were busily doing their various jobs. Wait staff had approached the now empty table where Aquamarine and her cohort had been seated and left a card and a small silver bell they could use to alert staffers they were ready to order, as well as the table where Heart Shield had been seated. The tan-coloured unicorn nearest Heart Shield bowed and said "Ah, yes. The pasta al nero was an excellent choice. We recommend the tomato basil soup beforehand, though of course the gentlecolt is welcome to whichever first course he wishes." which was an offer one of his tablemates took up. A piping hot bowl of the thick soup was promptly and smoothly laid before her, just as others at the table were when the orders were placed. In fact, in the entire ballroom floor, only one pony seemed not to have a job already that he was busy doing. An elderly stallion of indeterminate race wearing the full Parade Dress version of the defunct Solar Guard. It covered the top of his head with an elaborately plumed helmet, and his back and shoulders with a formal cape, all in shades of orange and gold. A small card was levitated to him from a tube that lead downstairs, and the stallion cleared his throat and performed the one function still reserved for that ancient order. The one dread job he could possibly be there to do. "PRESENTING!" he declared in a voice loud and clear enough to be heard over the orchestra without magic "HIS EMINENCE, ROYAL CONSORT AND SOMETIME CAPTAIN OF THE ROYAL GUARD, COMMANDER SHINING ARMOR OF THE CRYSTAL GUARD!" he was a herald. "HE IS ACCOMPANIED THIS NIGHT BY HER AMOROUS RADIANCE, KEEPER OF THE CRYSTAL HEART, VANQUISHER OF DREAD CHRYSALIS, AND DISPELLER OF FALSE KINGS, MI AMORE CADENZA, PRINCESS OF LOVE AND LADY REGENT OF THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!" The stallion hadn't even taken a breath, but once he was done he just sat back down and pulled out a newspaper. He'd done this bit twice already tonight when Fire Walker and the main Royal Guard's commanders had shown up as well, though their cards had been shorter. Much shorter. Even the conductor of the orchestra had been impressed by the herald's lung capacity. Aquamarine Gleam, who had been at the edge of the ballroom when she heard her commanding officer's arrival announcement, quickly ducked into a particularly thick knot of ponies and tucked the errant curl of her mane back into its updo. It promptly fell back out again, and she didn't have time or a mirror to spend adjusting it back into position. She adopted the haughtiest expression she could muster and did her absolute best not to be recognized in this outfit.
  15. Yeah, but all it really means is that there are a couple extra tickets floating around whose Invitees were told they came from Swift Squall. Technically it was Aqua's parents who donated but I can't see there being a rule against someone donating and giving away their invitations to attend under someone else's invite.
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