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Sonic the Hedgehog General Thread

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Woo! Here's my main thread, probably. I'm a huge Sonic fanatic, I've been loco for the series since I first played Sonic Heroes back in 2002 (or '03?). Tails started out being my favorite character, then it went to Shadow, to Sonic, to Silver, and back to Sonic. Sonic Adventure is my all time favorite Sonic game, and I think the Adventure games were some of not only Sonic's, but SEGA's best games. Jason Griffith (Sonic X, Sonic Unleashed) is my favorite voice actor, and I thought Sonic X was pretty nice. Also, there's going to be a Sonic movie, which I'm sure you guys probably already know of. Bringing back the hype train, all aboard!

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So dis is all about sonic I guess so I have one question and remark to make I hate the new Sonic Boom games and TV show why they change everyone now Knuckles is stupid and they are animals covered in Sports tape wha this be!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Seriously though why they change our beloved Sonic the Hedgehog he used to be the best and Why did they not let tails fly in the Game and Preview of the show ? It makes me mad!!!!!!!!!!!

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