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Yum Cha

Didn't go back to Hong Kong over the holidays (sadly), but I did pop over to BC for some great seafood and yum cha with my relatives!

I don't know if it's an Asian thing, but my relatives like to fight over the bill (like a full on tug-o-war) at the end of every meal. That's where the inspiration for this strip came from. It's nothing special, but sometimes it's really funny.


Symphy takes a trip to Long Kong to visit Lan Fa and Shan Pui. How did she befriend a hitman ( I guess?) and dragon? Don't ask me yet.


I might draw a yandere mode Lan Fa later on, so stay tuned for that.


(Don't mind the choppy English, I'm still trying to recover from 3 weeks of non-stop Canto).

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Adventures of Symphonic Fire

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55 minutes ago, Zeig said:

I love these vector chibi ponies that you do...if you ever want an art trade, lemme know! 

Hoo hoo! Tempting! Zeig's art is one-of-a-kind after all! Symphy will have to discuss this matter with the grand Symphy council!

33 minutes ago, DreamySunday said:

Hello DreamySundays uncle and grandfather....

<pat pat> I know right?

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