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  1. anyone want to RP an cat people or animal people RP with me please

  2. is that okay and they neko human animal people and yokai too
  3. maybe an kalos mix with dp but in real life where there Pokémon technology around and Pokémon choose their owner and maybe they start gym Pokémon battle and competition
  4. What happens when dreamfall, persona and my little pony somehow appeared in each other worlds??
  5. Anyone want to rp

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    2. Lyipheoryia


      Well, we're already having an rp, and I prefer not to have rp's with the same person more than once.

    3. Lyipheoryia


      As well-if you have a specific person you want to rp with, you can just pm them if their status says "Rp Ready"

    4. starlightchaser
  6. anyone want to RP animals or something else with me please

  7. Sakura put her head to voices talking looking around she slowly walk to them shaking in terror trying to get herself more confident as she looks at them standing not sure how to start to talk to them.
  8. Sakura ran walked in with an black hood over body hiding her tall white body with wings and horn with blank flank my long pink violet black like comic mane and tail her crimson and hazel narrowed keeping her head being princess Luna's alicorn daughter was very tough with duties and guards around her she did go to this cafe when she has free time sighing as she walked.
  9. anyone want to RP fantasy, furry, rwby, persona, ghost busters, anime or star trek

  10. Anyone want to role play star trek or something else with me please?
  11. anyone want to RP fairies or merm

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