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  1. Say it with me! Pneumonia sucks!

  2. Hello VoZey and welcome to Canterlot! I'm a relatively new member here, and so far I'm have a good time. I'm sure you'll have a good time too! Hey, if you want someone you wanna chat with, you can find me on Canterlot's IRC or on Steam! Go shoot me a PM on Canterlot's messaging system if you want to get in touch on Steam. -AlphaNumeric
  3. Thank you both for responding! I ask the first question because I wanted to my character to have some time in the military as "an interesting experience to have" sort of thing. I know several people in real life who enlisted not because they needed the money or they wanted to pursue a military career, but because they did indeed think that it would give them an an interesting perspective. As for the second question: So if I were to say, have my changeling character execute a random faceless changeling soldier, would that be a no no? Thanks for responding, once again!
  4. How does military enlistment work in your lore? Does enlistment imply that one desires to make a career in the military, or it is similar to the United States' form of enlistment, where the person will usually serve for four years and at the end of his enlistment can choose to leave the military or reenlist for another four years (or otherwise)? Edit: Also, since I'm here, what's the policy on playing mooks?
  5. I'm currently doing a Soul Silver run on an emulator. So far I'm been destroying everything with just my starter pokemon. I'm just before Whitney's gym and I'm training my Togepi (and hopefully getting it to evolve) to match my Quilava, who is currently at level 26. I wanted to get a Magnemite before taking on Whitney, but it seems I have to wait until after I beat her so I can get a Magnemite on Route 38/39.
  6. Val had managed to blink the tears from her eye. The Princess and the dragon hadn't killed her, banished her or otherwise done anything unfavorable to her just yet. An irrational part of her mind, stemming from her hunger, was telling Val that she was going to perish one way or another. "First, why don't you tell me a little more about yourself while Spike makes your food?" The Princess tone was very casual, easing some of the stress and terror in Val's mind. She adjusted her resting position from lying half-sprawl on the ground to lying upright with her hooves underneath her. Val's head nor eyes would meet Twilight's when she spoke, "Um, I'm Val. I used to be a... scout for Chrysalis." Val didn't say anything else and let the response hang in the air.
  7. Long weekend was tiring. Bleehhhh.

  8. Hello Thy! Yes, I do like it! Thank you very much!
  9. "Damn brothas," a new pony walked into the room. The grey-blue earth pony walk in, all the while grooving to an invisible tune. "There's a party going on and you never thought to ask me to come along? That hurts!" The new pony stopped in the middle of the room mid-groove for a half a second before relaxing and letting his arms rest at his side. "I heard you guys needed help shooting some haji's up. Name's Senior Lance Corporal Snowy Gauss. Don't worry, I heard every detail of the briefing you guys never bothered to invite me to. Sneak in, grab our boys and sneak back out. And if things get hot, we get to raid and pillage the compound!"
  10. Texas needs to calm down. Seriously.

    1. Solaria


      Excuse me while I step outside and rile the hillbillies.

  11. Oh, sorry. I meant the "1", "A", and the "#" jumbled and not in a straight line. Like how the Applejack's cutie mark is arranged, for example.
  12. Can I get a SITREP on this thread? I just want to be sure. It seems like so far everyling is just hanging around what seems to be a pub/bar of sorts within the Hive and socializing. Would that be an accurate assessment of the thread so far?
  13. Hey guys! Here's my character app! Name: Snowy Gauss Age: Young Adult (approximately 20 years old) Gender: Male Specialty: Assault (also a very capable radio-telephone operator) Appearance: Gauss is a fairly scrawny pony. His coat is grey-blue and his mane and tail are grey, though with a very slight blue tint. His mane is cut in a strange regulation/crew hybrid style. Gauss's eyes are hazel. Rank: Lance Corporal Personality: The first thing that'll come to mind when ponies first meet Gauss is that he talks... a lot. Even though he cares for his friends, Gauss can be extremely insensitive, his warped sense of humor being extremely offensive. A great deal of this, however, can be attributed to a mix of fatigue, combat stress, and being high on legal stimulants. He can be quite quiet and subdued when he's not in a combat situation, his long winded rants turning into mellow one to two word responses. Primary Weapon: Heckler & Koch G36KV Iron Sights and Rail System EOTech 552 Holographic Sights Angled Fore Grip Suppressor Secondary Weapon: Heckler & Koch MK23 MOD 0 Suppressor Laser Aiming Module Item 1: AN/PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles (Helmet-mounted) Item 2: AN/PRC 152 Handheld Radio Item 3: IFAK Medikit Item 4: M84 Stun Grenades Armor: Guass wears the Improved Modular Tactical Vest Plate Carrier, as well as a lightweight helmet. His body armor uses SAPI plates. His has a KaBar Knife affixed to his trousers. His helmet mounts his night vision goggles. Behind the night vision mount are ballistic goggles. His boots are standard issue and do not have any particular noteworthy traits. Armory: Heckler & Koch G3A3 ACOG Sights AN/PEQ-15 IR Laser Sight
  14. Hello Thy! Yea, this looks great! Though, could you make it so the characters are jumbled about instead of lined up? Otherwise this looks awesome! Thank you so much!
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