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  1. Dunnie also chose to get into the spirit of the crowd and her husband and son. The domestic life would probably require this sort of enthusiasm for entertainment and especially if her offspring would be inclined to buckball. Dunnie lifted a wing and held up a leg on the same side and cheered once, then again with the other wing and leg raised. And letting her excited whinneys get lost in the crowd she couldn't help bug giggle gently and wrap her wing around Blueblood and nuzzle against him and Pax who was seated atop the alabaster unicorn.
  2. With the mention of wings, Dunnie extended her own to blanket her foal and pull Blueblood closer as he nuzzled her cheek. The pegasus let her feathers flex and gently pet Pax's face. And her own nose nuzzled up against Blueblood's neck and she held this unabashed public display of affection all while Bluey was talking to Ice Storm. She also overheard Nil's question, but chose not to answer, afterall it seemed Ice wasn't interested in answering the question either. Dunnie released her husband from her feathery grip and then turned to nuzzle her foal. "Nil!" She called out, "[Halt!]" She called out in the Sphynx language, "Er...wait, you've already stopped. [Lower!] Then!" Dunnie called out again. As much as she wanted to, she resisted the urge to steal Pax away from Bluey. "I think it's time to go get those treats, then. Show off our excellent costumes streetside, yeah?"
  3. Dunnie seldom ever looked as uncomfortable as she did now. Despite her best efforts to put on a regal air for the procession, so carefully prepared, the pegasus held the visage of a statue. As if too scared to move lest she broke the facade and revealed the truth that she was bad at being a princess. She had experienced many Nightmare Nights, but never one of this social status. So there she stood, in one hoof holding up an ankh made of two khopesh swords attached at the hilt with bronze blades which gleamed like wayward suns. Her face was covered in a thin layer of makeup everywhere except her eyes which were highlighted by aggressive eyeliner. The mother of Pax was right next to him. Even though Blueblood had the foal on his back, Dunnie was hardly ever a wing's length away from her offspring. With the backdrop of Niilaavin's beautious display of illusory magic, and Blueblood's impression. Dunnie was getting ready to say her line that she had been reciting. But, it seems Bluey got distracted. Suddenly, all the tension in the mare's body dropped and she smiled and giggled while covering her mouth with a wing. "Bluey!" She smiled at him, "Your impression was so good it's a shame you stopped!" Dunnie looked down to the light blue Filly. He chuckled gently, "Wow, that is you Icy." What a bizzare sight, one she had never expected to see.
  4. As Pathfinder explained the situation, Dunnie was piecing it all together in her mind. The thought of going over all this information earlier passed through her mind but left as soon as it came. There must be an unfathomable amount of snow piled atop this city, the pair would be certainly trapped if the snow collapsed. A passageway to from the lower levels to that pegasus landing could be their only lifeline, assuming it exists. As Dunnie concluded her searching for danger, she caught the other pegasus straining against the weight of a door. The pegasus rushed over and helped force the door open against the effort of its weight and past-frozen hinges. The scraping, cracking, and creaking stopped and the magenta-eyed mare tumbled forward into the streets. Meanwhile Dunnie stayed standing while observing the streets before them. That she was able to see any streets at all was a shock. This didn't feel like a city covered by that terrible icy wind's centuries of work. Dunnie stepped forward to see Pathfinder pull out a glowing crystal for illumination. "I have some magic, but I'd rather save it." The pegasus flared out a wing and grabbed the crystal by the end with the feather appendage. She held out a hoof for her companion to take and help herself back up. "This place is protected by something. We should move quickly before it realizes we're here, if it hasn't yet already." After helping the pegasus up she would start down the street. Almost jovial in the fact she could step on hard, stable ground so easily. She would go looking for anywhere not packed deep with snow, at least initially.
  5. The pegasus was in dire need of relaxation. Afterall, weeks of preparation and travel had led to this moment and an ambush would lead to a distasteful end. Dunnie stepped back, crunching snow underhoof to get closer to her traveling companion. "I'll take you to Acroneighos later!" Then glanced back as she realized she misheard, "Oh, what?" She turned completely toward the other pegasus as her ears flicked, realizing her hearing mistake. Though, she was sure she was hearing the rest of the conversation clearly which was more worrying. "I'll tell you later just--" She cut herself off as she turned back to face the figures in the sky. A hefty hind leg raised and slammed into the ground next to where the other mare was digging. The cracks formed, and the pegasus felt the ground heave under their weight as the structure awoke. The ground left a void, which the intrepid pair plunged into. Though, Dunnie's wings flared out and gave a powerful flap which slowed her descent sharp enough to land with insubstantial force. The splashback of snow across her underside was enough to make the mare shake herself off briefly before looking at the residual hole above to see if anything was in pursuit. But Pathfinder's observation rung in her mind, if these things wanted to attack, wouldn't they have done so already? Dunnie didn't want to find out, instead she glanced around the room, "Cuddling isn't such a bad idea. We should get someplace we can warm up, probably deeper inside." The pegasus pulled her hood off her head, and her body gave another shake emphasizing the head this time. "So is this a subterranian city? Or will we find streets filled with snow and Celestia knows what else?" The ex-warrior would ask as she trotted deeper inside, checking passages, doorways, and the like for any movement or danger.
  6. As the once-pronking pony made her remarks about the potential impact of their expedition, Dunnie cracked a slight grin and a puff of breathe came swirling out of both nostrils. As her companion checked the compass, Dunnie mulled over her words but did not respond because she had become acutely aware of how easily this explorer was distracted. Maybe it was a good trait to have in her profession, who knew what a wandering mind and eyes could lead to. Perhaps something another could miss. Hopefully not something I would miss, she thought as they began their march up a steady hill. The sturdy pony tried to keep up her pace, but the sloping ground challenged her. She kept her head low, examining the snow and making sure that she could find stable purchase for her hooves for both their sake. This focus was deep, but she kept listening to the other pony. The rhythm of examining snow, carefully placing a hoof down and scraping the dirt below to make sure the ground was stable and gritted enough to hike on. The steady pace of Dunnie's examination carried on as she formulated a response to all the explorer was talking about. "I like you better alive. So no haunting for now." Dunnie's response was flat as she carried on her work, "And an Acroneighos mare killed me once already. They won't get a se-- Hey, wha--?" Dunnie's eyes opened wide at the realization of Pathfinder's observations as they were no longer concealed by her perpetually excited tone. The pegasus lifted her head immediately as she stepped back and turned her body defensively in front of the other pony. She drew her buckler and raised it in front of her face to just peek over it as she scanned the sky and the flashes of silver and red among the clouds. What could be dancing fireflies or parasprites in any other place sent a bolt of fear down her back. "Acroneighos fields the strongest flyers, but even they couldn't withstand this cold. Unless they have something I don't know about." Dunnie commented as she kept her eyes on the lights as they continued their sporadic, innumerable paths. "If anything happens, jump to the left and then run forward. Maybe we can find cover in those ruins." And she hoped those ruins were close.
  7. The hooded mare stayed locked as if she had been frozen in place from her momentary pause. She could see the snow clinging to coat and eyelashes. After a small sigh she raised each leg high to crunch over the lightly packed snow as she turned to face the other mare. The wind knocked off the hood in an instant. Two brown ears illuminated blue by the moon popped up as the hood fell. Her full mane billowed out along with the cape as the howling wind clawed through both. The removal revealed her thick and tightly wrapped coats, a glinting sword, and stuffed saddlebags hanging from leathers both of which shivered with the mare in the deep blue light. "Here." Before Pathfinder could react or protest, the brown pegasus wrapped the removed cape around her traveling companion and tightened it around her neck. "Keep the hood on." Her brown wings wrapped tightly to her body and the coming front urged her on to pull her own bedroll off her back and improvise a new cape from its cloth and bindings. "You wouldn't want me to find Old Maretonia by myself and take all the glory, would you?" She said with the slightest grin as she turned back and continued on her path. "Are you sure we are heading straight for the harbor? I would hate to miss it." Her voice was louder to compete with the incessant wind. "Check the compass."
  8. In the cold darkness, the pair sallied forth into nature's onslaught. The moon's light cast a deep blue over the landscape where specks of white snow tore across their view like millions of meteorites. And past the barren land of their forefathers, there curved the range of mountains which stood unshaken against its hostile home. Like the spine of an impossibly large dragon sleeping against the horizon whose black and jagged scales dared any creature hooved or clawed to set upon them. A ferocious and endless sheet of clouds drifted overhead pulled along by the same piercing wind that tore itself upon that terrible mountain range. The wind dragged over the mare at the head as if to taunt her with its carelessness. If she could only spread her wings freely she could ride the current and cover ground at a pace tenfold. But instead it was the work of her legs that ploughed the path through the white blanket of snow which left two trailing voids where the moonlight could not reach. As she stopped to adjust her woolen cloak crested with fluffy faux-fur, the mare would look back enough to exposure her nose and mouth and speak loud enough to overpower the wind, "Are you sure this is the right way?" A weary pause as she turned some more, careful not to let the wind blow off her hood. "Unless the wind changes, it'll be twice as hard to double back."
  9. Dunnie's eyes opened wide as her lips were met, but she did not close her eyes or relax into the lips. Instead, her gaze remained hard as it darted between the two ponies in front of her, almost frantically. The pegasus retreated back into the cool room where the warmth of the bed was slowly fading. A hoof skipped on the ground as she prepared to step back and cease her stalwart defense, careful not to tense her torso up too much. The weight of the past few days came bearing down like the weight of her body against the door, and cracked the mare's volition. "You didn't wake me." She responded with a soft sigh as she stepped back and expertly threw the door open just enough so that it would not swing into the wall. As she turned away from the hanging door, she offered Icy a suddenly more exhausted smile. "Thank you." a contemplate pause hung in the air. "Don't let it warm too much, you might melt." A frazzled wing pulled away from her body and pointed at the blue unicorn as the pegasus winked. Pax was there on the bed and wrapped tightly in a white blanket. His eyes were closed and mouth open just enough to let his tiny breathing continue unhindered. His coat could be described as similar to Dunnie's except a few hues lighter or similar to Blueblood's except blonder. But there was no horn on his head, much unlike his father.
  10. The air outside the room was thick with a cocktail of foal-care products. A pony as hardy as Dunnie wouldn't let the strange smell put her mind at unease. If it could the mare would be too beleaguered to let it inhibit her much-needed rest. That was until her ears perked and turned to the sound of distant, rhythmic thumping of hooves on wood. The mare turned and her hoof instinctively reached to an ivory grip beside the bed, but Dunnie's eyes darted to white and gold embossed door which stood regal against the equally elegant wall. Her ears took another beat to scrutinize those approaching steps as her pale-brown wings came up and around to the tiny bundle laying on her chest to cover his ears. "Bluey? Icy?" Her voice was a whisper, but powerful enough to hopefully project beyond the heavy wooden door. The mare's wings in a gentle and smooth motion lifted her precious companion off her chest and onto her bed and doing so, the mare let out a soft wheezing breathe. Then she set out in a flurry, reaching for a nearby robe to cover her body and the bandages that wrapped tightly around her abdomen. The door she pulled open enough to peek her head out and pressed her shoulder and hoof to the thing to keep it from opening further. She would greet the two ponies with a gentle smile slapped beneath her exhausted eyes. "What are you both doing here? Is everything alright?"
  11. Dunnie blushed, realizing she should have remembered how to use a doorknob. But she did! It was just she didn't remember or know how to use these hands. If only she had been born a griffon... And had seen Fire with short hair. She looked to the other previous pegasus. Maybe not in her pony form, but in this form a short haircut could be pulled off easier. With the thinner neck, straighter stature. No long hair drifting down and distracting from... Dunnie shook her head and looked away. "I did that! I grabbed the knob, but I'm just not used to..." She reached a hand up, flexing her hands to a grip a couple of times to practice the motion. She then wrapped the arm around Bevel, pulling her close with aggressive appreciation and a wide grin. "This is why we got you! You're so smart, Bevel." She led Bevel in with an arm around her into the empty room, looking around. Her grasp on the shorter woman slowly loosening until she was looking around completely. "You know, I should talk to Wind again, too. I miss the little fluffball of fun and energy." She whispered to match the tone as Fire went forward to examine the desk and the box atop it. Dunnie's attention was grabbed as the keys jiggled gently, breaking the silence of the room. Dunnie rubbed her chin thoughtfully and started patting herself down through her clothes until she felt something out of place. She pulled her jacket open and reached into a breast pocket, pulling out a rather thin, shiny metallic device with another material embedded along two sides of it. As if she suddenly recalled a distant memory, she pushed a switch on one side and on the other a matching metal blade swung out and locked into place. Her hand came up to examine it a bit better in the light. The whole knife was shiny silver in color, except white grips on both sides with a golden design of a sun inlaid in each. "Hmm...this could be useful." She grinned, "Glad I thought to check my pockets." She gave a mischievous and satisfied smile. She looked to Fire who held up the key. "First orders?" Dunnie unlocked the blade and put the knife back into a safe configuration. She walked over and examined the key, then the red note and map in the box. She picked up the map and examined it for a moment, "Seems fate is finally smiling on us! Quickly, let's go to the basement before we miss something." She looked at the map, turning to face the door, then re-oriented the map a few times in her hands. "This way! We should be able to get the basement with a left, then right, then left turn." She pointed at each. A path that would stick to the edge of the building.
  12. Dunnie was just stepping off the stage, hoofs meeting the first step of the stairs when her head lifted. Ears perked and eyes wide as her mind replayed the sound. Her warrior mind recognized it instantly and knew that shenaniganry was now afoot as she reflexively tensed up. High pitched and yet still violent, meant it came from dear Presteza. Sunndenly Dunnie felt much lighter, but she knew she didn't have anything to drink. And a look at her wings confirmed they were not flapping. All things considered, this was a fairly harmless sneeze. At least, for a pegasus who was used to the sensation of being weightless in the air. "Just control your breathing, keep your body straight!" Instructions of what she imagined was taught in flight school, not that she ever attended. Curiously, it felt somewhat relaxing to fly without exertion. So for now the pegasus floated along, drifting through the air when she heard Squall call out another unicorn. "Oi!" Dunnie's body stiffened as she pointed an upside-down hoof from her upside-down body right at Squall. "A good idea, but Pressy has a bit of a hair trigger, y'know?" Dunnie explained while motioning to her own muzzle and nose. As Discord appeared, Dunnie reached up to smack his beard but was just out of reach. So instead she planted a hindleg on his tail and kicked off gently, sending herself tumbling through the air like a pega-pinwheel. "Whoo! Music!" With every spin the mare saw another wacky conjuration of Discord's pop up and add to the chaos until she slowly lost momentum and looked down at the other ponies from above.
  13. In the moment, Dunnie was overhwlemed. Standing there, freshly married, grinning madly and giggling awkwardly as she looked out to the crowd as she pressed against Star. With all the eyes on her, she was suddenly growing eager to get onto the partying and get off the stage. Then the mention of the bouquet, and more importantly: the cake. Dunnie's almond shaped eyes went wide and her ears perked up. "Cake!" She grinned wide at the thought, "And refreshments for our guests." Couldn't forget about them. She took up the bouquet in her mouth and turned about face. In one swift motion, she reared up to toss the bouquet in the air above her and began to roll back mid-air with the help of her wings.. Following swiftly behind was a hind leg, which Dunnie used to spike the bouquet potentially into an eagerly waiting crowd of mares. Afterward, the pegasus would land gently and proceed to follow behind her husband for cake slicing.
  14. Dunnie pondered the thought. Would Discord really be unwilling to actually help them? What if the discords from these two worlds met regularly and just never spilled the beans about another world. It could make sense for the chaotic noodle. "Well, if the Discord of this world talks to the Discord of our world, then surely we'll be alright." Dunnie explained then puffed her chest with confidence, "Discord and I are buddies since I'm a good enough sport with his silly games. Mostly since they're..usually fun." Like ogres and oubliettes. Fun of adventuring without the threat of getting actually stabbed. "How many adventures have you been on where you've had the opportunity to talk to Celestia?" Dunnie asked as they entered the building. Oooooh, cool air! "Their magic is weird, but at least they have temperature control too." Dunnie said with a grin as she scanned the surroundings. Definitely seemed like a school. At least, the big fancy schools she never attended. "Also what are you getting sent to the principal's office for?" she teased in a friendly manner, "Eating your salad not with your salad fork?" And after some instructions following, they were at the door to the office. "Excellent! Now just to head on insi--" the fuzzy haired girl tried to explain as she pushed on the door's unlocking contraption. Instead, Dunnie walked into the door with a light 'thud.' "What in the--?!" She exclaimed after regaining her awareness. She struggled against the door, pushing, pulling, trying to twist the pushing contraption in every which way with no prevail. "Locked?!" She peeked through the little window, eyes scanning the dimly lit room and catching no one inside. "The room is empty...?" She backed off and scratched her chin. "Bevel! Blast 'er open!" She shouted with conviction and pointed at the not-yet-blasted thing. They needed answers, darnit!
  15. Dunnie chuckled softly, wings fluffing out a bit. "I've been there a couple times. You should go! Well, maybe not right now. My husband tells me that there might be trouble stirring out there. But." She shrugged, "Who knows, these things can be hard to predict." She stopped herself, shaking her head to free herself of the tangent. "Either way, yeah! Could be a fun thing to make ponies think about." She thought his question over. "Well, I guess the prophecy will drive the main character. And since its older than the main character it would make sense to build that first." She thought aloud, "I want the prophecy to be mostly vague. Just enough information for our main character." Her eyes lit up and her forelegs lifted to point at the author. "But as time goes on and things get discovered, the reader can piece together how it all stays relevant. Do you get what I mean?" She closer to him, giving him a look with her head turned so only one eye was visible.
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