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  1. Dunnie felt she was being pulled through a whirlpool. Eyes closed and mouth shut as she drifted, but only for a moment. As soon as she had been sucked in, she was spat out onto the hard ground. Though, this was not the cold castle tile floor, it was a lot more rough. But Dunnie, sprawled out on the floor, didn't notice this right away. She was still out for blood! She was still looking for whatever snatched up Fire, and the first unfamiliar thing she was was standing tall like a dragon. Dunnie scrambled to her feet, not realizing how strange that was as her mind was focused on getting the upper hand on this unknown mirror creature as it was turned around. But her surprise attack halted as she saw that braid of rust red hair and heard that familiar voice. Dunnie's gaze softened instantly, "Fire...?" She asked softly. As her tunnel vision lessened, she saw the cyan haired creature that Fire was shouting at, "Was that the monster that took you?!" She was ready for a fight again, body squaring up as she prepared to take a step toward her quarry.
  2. "Yeah, there are publishers. But then anypony could be their own publisher, then! Extra convenience. Libraries can still be around, it'll just be easier to spread the information." Dunnie resisted the urge to suggest that each libraries could be connected by pipes. Then the whole apparatus could be a 'series of tubes.' She thought of it as they continued onto the next room. She listened to Fire explain the filly who nearly choked on a cookie. "Yes, that's a good reason to not have food at that table." She shivered at the thought, "Did you help her? Or were you not around?" Of course, no assumption that Fire would stand idly by. "Also the cutie mark crusaders? I thought they were all earth ponies." Dunnie already had her cutie mark and didn't spend much time in Ponyville. When they entered the room, Dunnie's eyes went wide, "Whoooaaah!" She said as Fire opened the door "So cool! A mirror!" She said with a big grin, "Though does this count as a room? I think it's a storage closet." Though, When Fire seemed alerted by what she found on the other side of the door, Dunnie's wing fluffed up and she looked to the strange piece of furniture. "W-what?" She asked, looking up at it. "How'd it get here, then?" Suddenly, the thought crossed her mind that the mirror moved on its own. Fire knew what it was, and it seemed very important. Possibly magical in this already magical place. Fire seemed wary of this discovery, and Dunnie was trusting of her crimson friend's judgement! "Alright, let's go." She turned to the side, away from the mirror and toward they way they came. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Fire's red coat suddenly disappear after letting out a sound of surprise. Instantly, Dunnie whipped back around to where the guard once was! "Fire?!" She called out, "FIRE?!" A part of Dunnie's brain suddenly unlocked. The overwhelming urge to make sure that Fire, her comrade in arms, was alright. Just like in their adventuring days. "Stay here, Bevel, unless I call for help." Dunnie's face suddenly became very serious, sharpening into a scowl as she prepared for facing any danger that may have snatched up Fire. The pegasus slid up to the mirror, checking left to right to up for any hidden creature that could have Fire hostage. However, while checking her corners, Dunnie made the error of assuming that the mirror was a solid surface. As she leaned against the mirror, to continue her path of checking the room, she was suddenly finding herself falling into the mirror! "Agh! Bevel!" Dunnie held a hoof out, but physics weren't on her side and her wings were useless to save her as her back slipped through the silver surface. That was the last thing she said before her whole body fell through.
  3. Dunder was more than glad to give Fire a hug, and he even nuzzled against her cheek. The hug broke some and he looked down into her eyes. "Oh..." He said in response to Fire explaining that the Twilight Guard dissolved. His eyes drifted off to the side, away from the bad news. "Oh?" Dunder smiled, wings fluffing up at that. He looked back into her red pupils. The brown pegasus was gonna guess that she was going to get her appendix removed so she could take on more extreme missions in the REA. But then she went on to explain what she really meant, something much more serious! "OH?!" Dunder's right wing flared out in surprise when she said she was going to have a foal. His face flushed red at the news, what were you supposed to say when you got told that news? So many things were happening nonstop! When Fire told Dunder not to worry, his other wing shot up "Huh? Wha?!" Until he was told it was about the cake, "Oh, heh, yeah...." He scratched the back of his head, "Cake! Still, that means we can just get more than one piece, right?" He looked down to his crimson friend and smiled, "You should get double every time, since you're eating for two!" He said with a hint of awkwardness and chuckled softly. "Oh, yes!" She looked to Blueblood, "We are more than happy to help Princess Celestia with extra tricky situations." Nothing like a little espionage and unorthodox tactics! And with the perfect cover, a pompous diplomat and her casual guard. When Discord dropped in next to the trio, she looked up to him, "Oh, noodle!" She smiled, "It's good to see you, too!" She nudged her elbow against the draconeqqus' bird arm. "Not causing too much trouble, are you?"
  4. Dunnie chuckled at Star's honest attempts to be courteous. "Oh! Peanuts sounds good to have every night. I dunno about apple cider vinegar, though." Maybe she could have a good excuse then to order more extra chunky peanut butter. She will need a new vice anyway. Dunnie listened to Squall who was convinced the foal was indeed a filly. She gave a little giggle and rolled her eyes while smiling, "Oh, Swift. Are you sure that Fire hadn't just eaten some sea salt potato chips? They are very tasty." She giggled again, "Well, if you are convinced, there's no changing your mind." When Bluey was offered to be a nameparent, Dunnie's eyes went wide and she smiled. "A nameparent?!" Her wings came to her cheeks and squished them together in exictement, "Oh, that's wonderful!" She declared right after, leaning her weight onto Blueblood, and with the combination of the wing wrapped around her side and back, allowed her to lift her two right legs up in excitement. "You both can be one of the nameparents for our first too!" She lowered her raised legs back down, and nodded to swift again with a big grin. "Yep! I'm doing my part." She turned her head to the side to nuzzle against Bluey's cheek.
  5. Cemmoyāhua sat beside Norton, as it was the polite thing to do. Though, she couldn't just relax as it seemed Norton was doing. She put her elbows on the table, resting her head on her hooves as she concentrated on what the next move will be. Ridge wasn't taking this, that was known. But what can he do, other than try to get Equestria involved? She rubbed her chin as she concentrated, but when she was addressed, she looked to Norton. "Good. Your base will need to be as loyal as you." She sighed hard and scratched her chin again, "Equestria shouldn't do much, then. I suppose all we can do is wait." Wait and ponder, which is what she did. Her entourage continued to distribute the 'gifts' from Tenochtitlan until they ran out. At which point, the Tenochtitlan ponies mostly stuck to themselves, with few venturing out to get food and drinks provided by the now gone dragon.
  6. Cemmoyāhua did not think to offer Ridge a response, other than a respectful bow in return. Afterall, he didn't really respond to her and this conflict was mostly between him and Norton anyhow. Now, he was leaving and she didn't want to provoke him further. He was clearly angered by how the night had transpired. She looked to Norton and lowered her voice, "I spoke a lot of talk back there." Her accent became heavier, concentration on her voice waning. "I hope you should let your Griffons know to give you support. They will be the stone which you land on." She gave him a somewhat concerned look, then sighed out heavily. "And we have to anticipate the next move, Ridge will do something." She hoped she was doing the right thing. That she was going about getting what she wanted in the end for the griffons or Griffonstone.
  7. "Oh, good! If you get the ginger ale and the pineapple, it tastes the same with or without alcohol anyway." And that's what made it so equally dangerous and beloved. Living life on the edge. Dunnie looked over her shoulders at Blueblood and Star Crusader as the light blue pegasus' wing draped over her. She smiled at them both and turned back to her former mare-friend. "Oh, yeah. You told me you had a little bun in the oven when we saw each other at the wedding, remember?" She giggled lightly, "It's okay if you don't. I looked different when we saw eachother then. And you've obviously been up to a lot, what with almost getting cleaved in twine." She spoke in a sympathetic tone, smiling to the red mare. "Oh, well you should keep me updated with your foal! I'll be wanting to know more about them!" She leaned in close to give Fire a little nuzzle on the cheek, nickering softly with puffed up wings. "Also no soft cheese? That sounds like a nightmare!" No more enchiladas....did that cheese count as soft cheese, though? "Also, you could get a filly or a colt and they could do the ol'" Dunnie stuck a wing out with two primary feathers sticking out, then twisted to invert them, "Switcheroo, y'know?" "Oh, and if you want to tell me later that's fine too. If you need to leave, don't let me keep you." She continued her sympathetic smile and tone, these days everything felt so busy.
  8. The crimson unicorn looked to the dragon as he spoke. Her glower was unrelenting, even has he explained to her that there was no 'Emperor of Griffinstone.' Merely, griffons humoring Norton. When the dragon finished speaking, her unchanged gaze shifted briefly to Norton as she gathered her thoughts. The warnings of a smooth-scaled, smooth-talking dragon were not underplayed. Fortunately, her knowledge of the common tongue was strong enough to grasp this poison hidden in his words as well as understand his offer and argument. "Worry not, your pronunciation is more than adequate." She relaxed her expression, closing her eyes as she formulated her own formal voice and translated them. "I have been tasked with securing a source of gems for our city. That is what my city has asked of me." She opened her eyes and set her gaze back upon the dragon, a much more relaxed, neutral one. "I have no doubt you would match Norton's promise of gems for the cooperation of our city." She continued, then paused briefly. "I apologize, my Equestrian tongue is not flexed often. I assume you did not make the mistake..." She let the word hang for a second, marked with a rise in her volume, "That our tlatoani and our pilitin would be so easily duped, tricked into an agreement with a 'squaking griffon' as you put it." She turned and began to trot out toward her guards. "Our ancestors survived without home in the jungle. Now we thrive in our expansive city, Tenochtitlan, we call our home. We had to build it with our own hooves, magic! We had to farm our own fruit, hunt our own game, search for own own jade and gold." She trotted out toward the griffons, looking them in the eye, looking at the buildings behind them. Squalor, decrepit structures, sorrow as far as the eye could see. "These griffons are lucky, a city build atop a gem mine. And the means to extract it provided by a dragon, a perfect recipe for prosperity." She grimaced, her horn started to heat, smoulder. "Yet, I see no trace of it." She turned back to Ridge, gaze back to a hardened glare as she stared down the dragon. "Norton swore his pact in blood. He swore to help his griffons out of poverty, and to trade us gems for incentive. He knows if he cannot deliver to my emperor, he and his closest conspirators will be fed to the sun!" She stamped her hoof to the ground, while her eyes locked with Ridge's. "I am in no interest in entering such an agreement with you, for you have already failed." She trotted up to Norton, to stand by his side. "Maybe what Griffonstone needs is an emperor! An emperor of the griffons here!" Her horn's smouldering ceased as she took out a hard breathe, "I speak on behalf of my tlatoani, and the tlatoani's decree is no trifling matter. I will uphold the agreement made with Norton."
  9. Norton wanted to have his grand entrance, and Cemmoyāhua was more than happy to oblige. He had bought the furs, jewelry, and plumes with his own gold that he so ready shed to his fellow griffons as an expression of good faith. Indeed, that was his task to perform to a great reception from the crowd. She had seen insincerity before, and to her, the 'emperor' really did want to help the griffons of Griffonstone. Besides Norton's concern for his fellow cat-bird, this arrangement was a tenuous one for those ponies of the Tenochtitlan basin. A serious risk to the ponies involved if this agreement between cities did not pay off, with payment in both reputation and status or maybe worse. As well, vultures would be circling overhead, waiting to pick apart the whole deal if it fell apart. Norton's entrance into Tenochtitlan was not unnoticed. With the basin being so insular from the hostile terrain surrounding it, it was the first time many inhabitants had seen a griffon. Of course, they were still welcoming, but his presence had garnered a mixed response. Distrust as well as hopefulness from all strata of society. And his proposal for trade with his impoverished city of Griffonstone was received as a misguided hope as best by those in power in the city. Why would any trader bother to make their way there, risking life and goods in an expensive expedition? That was until Norton had brought up knowledge of gems in the mountains of his city, which changed the tone of Tenochtitlan's own Emperor. The emissary was, however, on board with Norton. Monetary gain was nice, but many in her city already had comfortable live brought out through hard work. She wanted the griffons of Griffonstone to enjoy a life out of poverty, and Norton, she felt, would help them. So, she was tasked with making this agreement pay off for her fellow nobles who wanted to collect more taxes as well as the traders who were eager to establish a new market. After his grand entrance and small exchange with the dragon, she made her way through the gates as well. A hastily organized and rather small caravan of goods from Tenochtitlan. Though, an outside observer wouldn't be able to tell. Especially the birds of Griffonstone. Cemmoyāhua would head the group of ponies. She was clad in her deep blue cape, and a small diadem made of a single piece of blue stone. She was followed by a group of ponies, about 50 in number. Inside of the ovular formation were ponies either naked or clad in white or other dull colored capes. Each had saddlebags, large, almost bursting on their backs they were stuffed. And marking the perimeter were guards, each with clubs or wooden swords or spears embedded with sharpened obsidian. Each guard had a vibrant headdress and cape of bright colors and fine necklaces and bands. Of course, these would draw their own attention from the crowd. A wanting gaze, curious as to what could these ponies could be carrying. The armed ponies were doing their job, of keeping watch on the crowd, but were outwardly not on a heightened state of guarding. This dragon, though, was going to be a pain in the neck. She could tell from it all that they knew each other, and were looking to one up each other for the crowd. Norton was on the offensive, and she was looking to keep it that way. She looked to the crowd and waved to them, "Xitlacuacan! Our gifts to you!" She called out, then gave the signal to the ponies. Some of the ponies in the center began to take their bags off their backs and got to unpacking. Soon, they began offering out whole ears of sweetcorn, and fresh squash to the crowd. As well, whole chunks of brown, sweet smelling substance. Chocolate. She looked to Norton, expectantly. She knew it wasn't much from her city, but would hopefully strike a chord with the griffons there.
  10. Dunnie would stand straight, tall, proud! Just like how she learned. Of course, behind and out of the way of the official swearing in, and definitely away from Spoiled Rich. Twilight recited the entire speech, and the entire oath from memory. Not surprising since she was the Princess of books. As Spoiled Rich repeated the oath, Dunnie watched with scrutiny from behind her mask. So many promises in those sentences, would she really hold true to all of them? For some reason, the pegasus was doubtful. When the swearing in was over, Dunnie didn't clap. Of course she didn't, she was a guard on duty! However, when the crowd broke, Dunnie took a glance over to Blueblood and caught his signal. She nodded at him and went to approach Spoiled. "Congratulations, Mayor Spoiled Rich." She spoke deliberately, professionally. "House Platinum congratulates you on your victory, and hopes the best for you and Ponyville. I will now take my leave back to the Prince." She turned and flew over the crowd back over to Blueblood. After removing her mask, she nuzzled back instantly. "No apologies required." She said with a grin to her stallion, "It wasn't so bad afterall. She wasn't mean to me." Her wings puffed up against his side as she walked with him back. When he offered to relieve them, Dunnie's eyes lit up, "Really?!" She beamed and leaned in to peck Bluey on his lips, wings fluttering in delight, "Thank you, thank you! I'm probably gonna go talk to Fire some, I think she brought some Jubel too! I could smell it from those barrels. It's one of Muggo's recipes, and those barrels look familiar too." She spoke rapid fire, teeming with excitement. "You can come along too, both of you." She said to Crusader and Bluey. "Or unless you two want to spend more time more alone." She grinned, "Either way!" She flew off again, this time after Fire. Just as quickly as she took off, she landed down next to the red mare, pulling her in close for a hug with a wing from the side while the brown pegasus nuzzled against Fire's cheek. "Heeeeeeey, Fire!" Dunnie said, grinning wide, "It's good to see you here! Seeing Squall without you, I thought you might actually have your hoof cleaved off!" She chuckled and gave a wing wave to Swift. "Did you actually almost get your hoof cut off though? I could have sworn I have told you to put padding in your punch daggers." It was true, as with most weapons, agility and precision came at the cost of protection. "Oh, and this Muggo's jubel? Does it have the 'good-stuff' in it? I've been trying to lay off of any drink like that myself." She put a hoof on one of them, remembering the time Muggo, Fire, and Dunnie had spent together.
  11. Dunnie was following along after spoiled rich. Staying close, but behind the mare at a professional distance and position. Her mind was elsewhere, though, wishing she was back with the others. At this point, arguments seemed better than just getting talked down to. And so, she completely tuned out Spoiled Rich talking about taking charge of her dog on a leash, and how she needed to them to know how things are done. "Sorry, I do not have a dog so I would not know, Mayor Rich." Dunnie said, without a trace of dishonesty or snarkiness. When they approached Twilight, Dunnie went back to standing up straight, head up and hooves firmly on the ground. Professional as can be.
  12. Dunnie would grin wide, wingtips fluttering softly at her stallionfriend's words of making her a princess. Though, now those thoughts were pushed to the back of her mind. As soon as she saw a mouth turn into a snarl at Icy, Dunnie got down low, wings pomfed out and ready to charge at the perceived threat. Though, she hesitated upon realizing the green muzzle was indeed attached to the only green stallion there: Swift Squall. The hesitation persisted, turning into denial as she saw him go off on a tirade, practically unhinged as he went from roasting ice, to roasting her own stallion too. She was going to intervene, until Icy started off herself. Going off on a polemic that contrasted Swift's anger with her own pain and sadness. And Dunnie listened to it all, taken out of the moment to feel bad for Icy. Her talk of abandonment reopening old wounds from years ago, wounds he thought he had just gotten over. When Icy finished her counter, Dunnie was going to step in again, but Twilight was quicker on the draw. Besides Twilight being much, much more qualified for the argument, Dunnie was on the clock and her job was to prevent injury to Blueblood. There were only injuries against the prince's honor, which Dunnie could only potentially help. Still she watched the bubble closely, hoping that everything would be alright after the rather big scene two two had caused. Or at least, that they would be separated or Swift Squall removed completely from the party. When the bubble dissipated, Twilight quickly dismissed herself and left Blueblood in charge. After twilight left, she wanted to pull Swift aside to talk to him, but another voice clawed at her mind like a griffon's talons. Instantly a shiver shot up Dunnie's spine, wings puffing up again in primal fear. She turned over, looking to see Spoiled Rich there. When Blueblood gave her his orders, she opened her mouth, shocked. She pulled Bluey close with a wing, voice going low as she spoke directly to her stallionfriend "Really? My job is to guard you not..." She shot a glance over to spoiled, then turned her head back to Bluey, "Not follow this loahtsome mare around." She sighed hard and put a hoof to her forehead in annoyance, "Alright, I will go. But you owe me." She gave him a peck on the lips before turning to slide her mask on and descend the stairs in one swift movement. That's when she saw another familiar face. Dunnie wasn't too surprised, but still. Two ex's for the price of fun she thought to herself as she switched from making way at a trotting pace to Spoiled to making her way to Fire. The brown pegasus gave her old friend a hug with both wings, "Heya, Fire. Hopefully everything's good with you." She kept her voice down still, though, "I'm on the clock but I still wanted to say 'hi'. Actually, I wouldn't normally do all this, but...er..." She trailed off, stopping herself from saying the wrong things, "Swift is a little upset, so you should go talk to him." Rambling a bit as she was one to do, unaware of how long she was taking. She gave Fire another squeeze then quickly trotted off to Spoiled, waving a wing at Fire, "I'll talk to you later!" She trotted up to Spoiled and resumed her practiced 'Guardly pose.' "Greetings Mayor, I will be escorting you to the ceremony." She paused again, wings flaring out, "One more thing..." She sighed, but didn't mind an excuse not to be near the new mayor. Her wings flared out and she flew off quickly, zooming away, then returning shortly. "My humbles apologies. Guard business, I needed to request somepony to take my place at Bluey-- I mean Prince Blueblood's side." Hopefully she didn't catch that. "Lead the way, please."
  13. Dunnie grinned wide as she was acknowledged by the alicorn princess herself. They had met before, but she couldn't help but be star struck still. "Yes, I keep a close eye on him. Keep him out of trouble." She paused a moment, rethinking her words, "Or if he is getting into trouble, I make sure to join in and keep him safe." Dunnie's ears flicked at the familiar voice. She looked to the unicorn and smiled, "Oh, hello, Swift." Though, her smile dropped a little after his gaze lingered on her longer than expected. Twilight raised a good point, too. Where was Fire? But she didn't want to press, he certainly heard the princess. Before Icy left, she waved a wing at the unicorn, "Yes, I'll try not to be a stranger. The same goes for you, if you need help feel free to reach out. Or even if you're in Canterlot, I usually make more than enough food." She giggled lightly, "It was indeed good to see you, and I'm glad you're doing well." "New houses?" Dunnie asked, surprised, "Can you do that? I'm gonna do that, declare myself a princess and get myself a crown."
  14. Dunnie looked to Raven, while smiling at the kiss from Blueblood, a wing tip fluttering at the kiss. She let out a chuckle and nodded to the unicorn, "Yes, unfortunately we've been to a lot of parties made of stuffy ponies. It's amazing to see how different they act from non-nobles. At least, when you're a guard, you can just stand there and that's all that's expected of you. Buuuuuuut, the bartenders or servants won't serve you wine." she rolled her eyes. "I would rather be reading. Or cooking some real food." Dunnie nuzzled Blueblood again, "Oh, I think you just have a type. And you definitely like doing things through less than official sources when you can." She gave Bluey a soft poke on the chest. "But, I am glad you do. Or we wouldn't have met." She pulled Bluey back into a hug while listening to Icy talk. Founding STAR? She definitely didn't know that. Something deep inside of her wanted to jump onboard, but her tongue was held. She gave Bluey another squeeze and slowly released her as waved a hoof at Icy, "You could tell me. I wouldn't tell. Buuuut I also take security seriously, so I understand why you won't." She giggled lightly. As she listened more, Dunnie tilted her head, listening thoughtfully as she slowly released Blueblood from her grasp. "Struggling? Helped?" Dunnie kept her grin up as she shook her head. "Maybe I didn't say it properly." She scratched the back of her head nervously as she collected her words. "I enjoyed that life while I lived it. Traveling from place to place, climbing mountains, floating through valleys, gritting teeth through the extreme cold. I was always working, meeting new and interesting ponies and griffons and zebras and kirin." She giggled again, "I felt free. And I was never wanting for bits. If I was wanting for bits I would have just jumped on Blueblood as soon as I saw he was a bachelor-- I mean, jumped on a relationship with Blueblood." She quickly clarified after shaking her head again, realizing her words after they were said. "Anyway, I think me contacting you right after would have defeated the purpose of the separation?" She sounded unsure. "Regardless, like Bluey said, we can meet up later if you two wish." She smiled to the mare and nodded.
  15. "Oh! Really?" Dunnie returned the embrace with a nuzzle into Bevel's cheek. "Well, I know I'm pretty cool. And of course, my ideas wouldn't matter if you weren't here to make it a reality." And of course, the fuzzy little Fancy pony was fun to be around! "Oh, Fire, don't be so doom and gloom about it." She insisted, then trotted up next to the guard. "These books could be bound and distributed to libraries and stuff. Isn't that the point of writing? To spread the knowledge around?" I mean, why would one write a book if they didn't want it to be read, seemed silly to the mare. "Or authors could make copies themselves, you know? It's a good idea." She insisted. She looked over to Bevel, not surprised the pony had zoomed across the room as silent as a ghost. She looked back to Fire, frowning a bit, disappointment, "Aw, really?" Her wings and ears drooped some, apparently this tour was bound to be mundane. "Oh, well. That would have been exciting. But if that's how it's meant to be... Oh! Have you met them all? Standing intimidating while protecting the Elements of Harmony?" She grinned to Fire. "Next room? I'm ready. This table is just a table when you get past the lights. Or maybe you could play a game on it." It was a map after all. What was that friendship ruining game? Actually that probably wasn't a good idea in this palace. The mare looked back over to the Fancy brown mare, "Bevel! We're moving onto the next room!" She called out, "You don't have to come along, but don't be bummed if you miss something cooool."
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