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  1. Thanks. And one of them is a hybrid of my species and Galaxy ponies. I had this ideia when I was randomly drawing ,and I like complicated designs so I just started messing around and bam haha x')
  2. Herro! I spam a lot around here don't I? Haha nah :v Well I have been working on new pony species and I'd like some advise or a little help on what I could change or could add! Pictures of a Rare pony will be down below! So Here it goes ✿ I still have no name for them,if you want to help with the name just go ahead. ✿ So far these ponies are usually shorter than regular ponies. ✿ Males sometimes tend to look like a female,sometimes it confuses straight males. ✿ Their ears are very diffrent looking . They can be feathers,thin skin,diffrent shape. ✿ Some have glow bulbs on their head and butt. ✿ They always have gradient har colours! ✿ Their tail are long like dragons but they have smoke and spikes on one side. They are so thin it looks like fur. ✿ They usually have looking wings on their butt and spikes on it too like on the tail. ✿ The spikes are usually very smooth but if they get scared it might actually hurt someone and becomes hard and poisonous. ✿ They also love flowers! Meaningly they become friends with plant ponies very easily ✿ They also have sharp teeth! ✿ Common traits: ✿ Feather / Very thin skin ears 2 Gradient hair colour/smoke Looking wings on the butt Spikes on their butt. ✿ Uncommon traits: ✿ Diffrent shaped ears. 3 Gradient hair colour. Vibrant marks on their body that glow in the dark. (Only vibrant colours! And to keep glowing they eat small gems that match their mane colours!) Glow bulbs on their heads. ✿ Rare: ✿ 4 + gradient hair colours. Light bulbs on near their butt wings. Spikes on the tail. More than one head glow bulbs. So heres a few examples~ (Btw they are all adoptables :DD)
  3. Well Galaxy ponies are in fact species but theres no owner of the species. People who try to make it as a closed species won't really get anywhere from it because people know that they exist for a few years. Galaxy ponies can be nearly everything (mainly they have their mane filled with a galaxy in it) or body parts. But since you can do almost anything envolving a Galaxy on a pony it's pretty fun and unique sometimes.
  4. So I'm really into Galaxy ponies. I make loads of adoptables with galaxy ponies. Heres a few I have drawn x') All adopts~ Any question just ask me~ How do you guys feel about Galaxy ponies? Do you like them?hate? Why? (Goes from the most recent work to the oldest!)
  5. ✿ Herro! ✿ I'm known as Nini or Ninibear! ✿ I'm 19 and living in Europe. ✿ I have been a Brony over 4 years now. I remember how I was watching the 3rd season? And the 4th was comming out and I had only 1 month to watch all 3 seasons haha. ✿ My fave pony is Moon butt. I don't really have a least fave pony. ✿ I like MLP but I'm not obssessed with it. ✿ I love to draw new OC's. I make many adoptables~ ✿ Also have commissions nearly everyday x_x (My hands hurt D: ) But open all the time :3 (Art example on my Profile ) ✿ I love art. I also love photography and to play games. Like Dota 2 (No hate pls '-' ) ✿ I am also a cosplayer,planning to cosplay Luna one day :3 ✿ Anyways that's a little about me ✿ Any more questions just ask away~
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