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  1. Quite the... CaraVel of emotions you are feeling aren't you? Heh, well sorry to burst your bubble but the name stands for Character Development.
  2. True, but I gtg. Have a good day!
  3. Thx, but.. kindof late on that regard, huh? Don't worry I still enjoy the sentiment!
  4. Imma gonna go off, but laziness prevents me to sign out...

    Plus I forgot my password...


    plz stap...

    oh noes...



    [Side note: Changelings seem to get drunk off jugement, or that is only from Chara [From Celestia]]

    P.S. I'm going to get Chara offline for the day... or week... or month... or year (Not this one) Please do excuse me



  5. thx! you too... Yas It worked.
  6. Everyone who sees this follow Dreamy Sunday

    Here -->

    1. DreamySunday


      Pfft. Why would I follow that loser?

  7. Yay! thanks. For the like that is.
  8. Thanks! you too... ... Damit I keep doing that!
  9. Found my new favorite song! Now you all be annoyed, til da end of tyme! *some Thyme sits near Chara*




    Ok sheesh no need to yell I get it it was a bad pun...


    Stop judging me!

    1. CharaVel


      For got to actually add the song


  10. Hello, I am new as you have no doubt have noticed. I ave nothing to say... So if you want say anything in the comments, a wellcome, a little Hi, or whateves I don't care, but have fun that is most important! But that's about it. Also Have A Wonderful Day To You All! Marry Crazma!, Criza, Craza... Oh YOU GET THE POINT!
  11. Hey, Everyone!

         t's me Chara, normally I would show you that I'm alright... but Celly sure did a number on me, in the hospital right now. But once I'm better I will definitely give you all a pic. Also I may not be on that often, and may forget this site exists, but if not ready or not HERE I COME!


    I hope you all have a wonderful day!