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  1. I do indeed, but I've yet to edit and upload it (it's like an hour and a bit so it'll be separate videos, but I'm hoping I can cut out some of the time where I'm just like "Derrrrr how do I drawing the starts?")
  2. Astalakio


    Beautiful work as always - your colouring is solid as ever and I'm loving the softness of your lines. Lovely!
  3. Thanks a lot man! I'm glad people enjoyed it - I'll definitely do another one again sometime soon!
  4. Thanks for this explanation - I like it! But I'm one of those viewers who likes to explain things to a great degree until it makes sense in my headcanon
  5. Yeah I'm also glad they didn't recycle with the Elements. And as for how they DID beat the threat... well it was a bit quick, but I could actually FEEL the Power of Love radiating off them - I got serious chills And for a one-hour time slot, I think they organised the story layout the best way they could.
  6. I'm definitely watching it again in HD this evening. My head is still spinning trying to analyse it
  7. That would be awesome... but I think her absence was to establish that she only ever comes out at night... so unless they start setting a lot of episodes at night...
  8. I haven't! I'm a season 2 brony! I don't know how I'm going to survive... how did you do it the first time?!
  9. That was fantastic. My one complaint was Celestia getting depowered like crazy, but, you know. Details. So many songs, and I got my singing Twilight Such a beautiful way to round off the season. Poor Luna though, she misses EVERYTHING
  10. I do indeed live there my friend! Thanks for tuning in, that at least two people I know are defintely going to be there
  11. My first livestream is up at 9PM GMT / 3PM CST / 4PM EST tonight! Tune in at livestream.com/astalakio !

  12. My first livestream is up at 9PM GMT / 3PM CST / 4PM CST tonight! Tune in at livestream.com/astalakio !

  13. Astalakio

    Just Dash

    Sure that's not true... just throw yourself at it bro! Above comment: I like it, except her tail looks a bit odd. Next comment: I especially like her tail! >.< I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLEASE YOU ALL! Haha, seriously though, thanks Rosewind! I like RD to begin with I guess your mileage may vary with it, but I'm glad you likes!
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