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    Hey everypony, Not sure if a lot of ponies are gonna check this out but, My name is Keith, but You can call me Sapphire or Sapphy. (thanks for the nickname LovinMoonlight)

    My Interests are Playing Video Games, Roleplaying, My Little Pony of course, and reading good Fanfics. I'm on almost everyday and will reply to messages I receive. I just began not too long ago but already the people I have talked to are very kind and with people like them, I am sure to make lots of new friends.

    I also have a kitten I named Twilight, after Twilight Sparkle since she is my favorite Pony and Twilight is my favorite Kitten.

    My Favorite shows are My Little Pony Friendship is magic, Fairly Odd Parents, Courage the cowardly Dog, Inuyasha, Dragonball z, and many more

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    Quiet Harmony
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    Black Diamondheart
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  1. QuietSapphire

    I baked it myself!

    D'aawwwww, Its so cute and the cake looks good as well, I would love to try some ^_^
  2. Quiet Harmony blushed as she kissed him on the lips and he almost fell over again as that was his first kiss and it was lovely. He then shook his head to get his thoughts together. [colour=#000080]"O-Of course, I actually came here to get apples as these are my favorite apples and this is my favorite place to get them, I came all the way from trottingham as well, and I plan to enjoy every single One of them."[/colour] He said. He then picked up the apples and smiles at her. [colour=#000080]"Th-thank you for the Apples Miss Applejack, You have a good day."[/colour] He said and went to leave to rest and eat some apples.
  3. Quiet Harmony was just about to fall over from all of this nonsense as this was getting ridiculous then began to wonder if she was just doing this to either tease the poor colt, or of she really was that forgetful. He was no longer shy about the kiss, as he was now a bit annoyed at what she was doing to him, and he didn't like that one bit but he sighed trying to calm down so he wouldn't be annoyed. [colour=#000080]"Wh-what is it?"[/colour] He asked when she began with 'You know'.
  4. Quiet Harmony blushed a bit as he was getting a free Kiss with his purchase, and was nervous as he never kissed anypony before, he was too shy for that kind of thing. He nodded as he pulled out his pouch and got 10 bits and laid them down for her to collect. [colour=#000080]"H-h-here you go Miss Applejack ..."[/colour] He said as polite as possible then got the bushels of apples and set them to the side as he would plan to enjoy them later while resting and working on some more of his music.
  5. I'm feeling really good! How do you feel?

  6. Quiet Sapphire walked up to the Booth as it was finally his turn, He had been waiting for some of these Apples ever since he arrived here in Ponyville and now he could get some. He smiled at Applejack and gave a polite bow. [colour=#000080]"H-hello-"[/colour] He began but jumped a bit seeing a young filly jump up on the table to tell her what she did. He chuckled at her energetic personality as she seemed to have done a good job and was proud of her performance. He then looks at Applejack. [colour=#000080]"N-nice to meet you Applejack, I'm Q-quiet Sapphire, I actually came all the way from Trottingham here to ponyville to get some ideas for a new song I'm working on, but also to get some Sweet Apple Acres Apples, I love the apples here."[/colour] He said with a shy smile. [colour=#000080]"S-so Can I get 2 bushels of Gala Apples?"[/colour] He said
  7. Super Mario Bros was the first game I played on NES as I already said After that Super Nintendo was Either Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country N64 was Mario Kart 64 Playstation was Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot Gamecube was Super Mario Sunshine PS2 was The Bouncer or Sly Cooper Wii was Ninja Reflex PS3 was Batman Arkham Asylum Gameboy was Pokemon Blue Gameboy colour was Pokemon Crystal The Gameboy Advance was Dragonball Z DS was Pokemon Pearl PSP was Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core and the 3DS was Kingdom Hearts 3D As you can see I have owned and played a LOT of systems, I just love Video Games ^_^
  8. Quiet Sapphire saw he was getting closer and closer to buy some of those Delicious Apples he couldn't wait to get a hold of and eat. He also saw that there was kissing and he was blushing like mad whenever Applejack kissed somepony and thought he never kissed anypony and hoped that he wouldn't screw it up, but he settled down remembering that the apples were waiting. if it wasn't for him traveling and working to get some new ideas for his songs, he would stay here and buy a lot more.
  9. I have a 3DS, the games I have are Kingdom Hearts 3D, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Zelda Ocarina of time 3D and more
  10. QuietSapphire

    Cute Zeta 1

    So cute ^_^
  11. QuietSapphire

    QuietSapphire's art

    Artwork that I create every now and then
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