Halo: What was left behind.

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Duke instantly knew how many enemies were behind the barricade, based on gunfire and a few glances.

he was able to "imagine" where the bullets would go based on the position of the weapons and the direction of the gunners head


duke landed on the ground and slid staying low and then ran thru a section of baricade as if it were nothing 


duke did not use his weapon, instead he acted to maim and incapacitate. 

Breaking the the barrier he grabbed a chunk of wood from the table and threw it, into the eye socket of one of his foes. He turned his head getting a full scan of the situation now that the minigun couldn't swivel that far.

duke ran forward and very gently swept his leg kicking an innies ankle. Duke hit it with just enough force and in the right spot so that all his body weight would pull on his Achilles' tendon. The man painfully gasped and fell writhing on the floor in pain unable to stand. Duke then ran up to the soldier who's eye he has stabbed with the barricad's woodchip and lifted his hands under his arms throwing him at his allies. With just enough calculated force to cause we internal ruptures. Taking them out of the fight 


duke sprinted to the turret's gunner next and grabbed his the innies helmet. Using his wrist he made a twisting motion, the humans head spun fast making him pass out on the spot 


duke fired a burst from his smg, purposefully missing, just some suppressive fire to keep them from shooting him and springs forward grabbing peices of the punishing wall making chis of cement fly at limbs and legs.


finally the gunner with the assault rifle took out a chunk of his shield. He had a couple of noneleathal options.

duke pointed smg and fired. A burst which shot into the gunner's hips. He aimed for a special tenden called the pupis, it helped bridge the hip bones and allows you to walk. The gunner shrieked in pain and fell over.

duke ran up and grabbed the assault rifle crushing in in his hands. He gave the innie a Med pack


"enough to staunch the bleeding and keep your comrades alive. Get out here!"


he signled to his odst team to follow thru. The innies were alive. But broken and crippled for the rest of there lives. Duke contemplated the idea of mercy. Surely they were better off with there lives and hope, but what option did that leave them? 


Duke looked to ignite "don't shoot them, it's against the unsc code of conduct to harm them when there this wounded, even if they get up and try to fight there no threat to you. ... unless your really weak?"

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Sky watched as blimp after blimp disappeared from his radar, the ODST making quick work of tons of them, and he knew he needed to move. She was going to be fine. He cracked his neck inside his helmet, his HUD showing his DMR loaded with AP rounds. He went to the back of the room, then sprinted full force, shoulder first. This place was going to go skyhigh anyway, and it was compromised. As he was charging at the wall, his DMR was set up, short stock to make it able to be pressed aganst his stomach easier. He started shooting at the wall, the innies on the other side dropping as AP rounds pierced through the wall. He used the positions from his Motion Sensor to know where to aim, and after three shots he hit the wall full force, breaking the entire thing down as he charged through. There was only one left in that room, and he was right in the Spartan's path. The innie screamed as he got charged into a wall, and Sky had no idea if he was alive or not. But the impact broke though a second office wall, he was making progress. 


He quickly put his DMR on his back, ducking as a volley of bullets went past him, the rounds shredding the innies, friendly fire. He grabbed a grenade from his belt, throwing it into a office, the one where the shots had come from, and the explosion cleared the office with ease, the shrapnel damaging everything. Drawing both pistols, he sprinted down the hall, moving office to office in a straight path towards the Data, breaking down wall by wall as he moved down the corridor.

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Trent couldn’t believe his eyes. This Spartan had, single-handedly, taken out an entire barricade of Innies who had the superior position, as well as firepower. Yet, he made it look so, hell, easy. As soon as the Spartan hit the Innie line, the ODST moved up the corridor rifle raised. Thankfully, they were so focused on the Spartan they had no idea of the single reinforcement until it was too late.

Seeing that the Spartan had, crippled them, the ODST ensured his rifle was loaded before taking aim. The Captain had been very clear. A full-sweep. No one left alive. He had been about to pull the trigger when the Spartan spoke up. The ODST shook his head, refusing to take his rifles aim away from the crippled Innie.

“Sir, with all due respect. The orders given by the captain were perfectly clear. We’re to commit a full sweep of the base. We can’t afford to leave anyone alive, they could ambush the force set to replace us” The ODST, like the rest of his team, had no idea about the order to nuke the base, and were under the illusion the base would be recommissioned by a UNSC marine force. Trent took a deep breath, it was the job he signed up for. The Captain and the team were his family now, he had to follow orders. But for, some reason, he found himself pausing and looked at the Spartan, as if daring him to stop him.



Lucifer, the ODST who was covering Sky, started laughing in their private COMs. Laughter of a child amused, and gripped by insanity. As he moved forwards, he could see the Innie ID’s vanishing quickly as Lucy ‘Lucifer’ Star followed her orders. Full-Sweep, no survivors. No Mercy.

Upon reaching the data room, Sky would be met by gunfire. Mostly from M7 Caseless SMGS’ and M6 handguns. Not lethal, but an annoyance as a team of nearly half a dozen Innies were operating on the supercomputer in the middle of the room. They open fired, while one of them fled the room itself. Bolting out the emergency exit door. This individual was male, easily the biggest of all Innies in the room, standing at a 6’5, which was tall…for a non-spartan.

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Despite the processing power of the computer in his brain. Duke struggled with the moral dilema before him

when the odst looked at him he walked up and looked down. 

He poked him gently turning off his coms, then turned off his own


"ok ... so acording to article 689.5 J. It states that classified info can be shared if it means keeping it out of covenant hands, and since you know ... there could be cloaked elites in here I think I should tell you this for the mission sake"

duke looked around the room pretending to be looking for cloacked enemies.

"but uhhh well, your going to know soon anyway, can't keep a nuke a secret after it goes off" he nods 


"there's a nuclear failsafe, they want me and my partner in height to detonate it. Clean sweep of the whole area. I tryed telling everyone earlier but they were kind of being jerks. That said, let's give little legs here a chance to have her friends carry her out"


duke takes the helmet off the wounded insurgent revealing it was a beautiful young girl. Couldn't be any older than 20.

she sweating and in too much pain to do anything.


duke crushed her helmet in his hands

"ooops.... .... ok do what you will, I'm going to respect your choice and hope you respect mine"

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Sky charged in, and of couse as he expected he was met by a hail of gunfire from three guys with SMG's, two with handguns. The other six turned upon him entering the room, three armed with M7 Caseless SMG's, two with magnums.... But the last one dashed off. He was bloody HUGE! He was nearly as tall as him, and just legged it. Sky didn't know why, but judging by the fact he had been at the computer.... He had some intel he didn't want to get out. He had a room full of people to deal with. While moving, he quickly yelled over the radio towards Lock-On, who was still outside.


"A large Innie is escapting through the emergency exit from the objective, will pursue after dealing with current engagement. Take him out" He calls, quickly speeding up in a short burst, moving into CQC range of all of them. They all raised there guns, pointing at him though he was quick to disarm. As the two in front of him tried to to shoot he punched them both in the face, knocking them back, alive... Maybe. There was two to his left, in a line, and with a well placed side kick he sent them both into the wall, groaning. The two to his right got off some shots, the bullets hitting his shields and disolving. He turns and grabs them both, pulling them in front of him right as a volly came from the remaining five who hadn't been knocked down. Sky felt every impact, the bullets smacking into the bodies, which shook them. After thirty seconds, in which the gunfire stopped, he threw the bodies, one hand each, into the five, knocking all but one down. He quickly sprinted, leaping into the air and before the Innie could reload, he landed on him feet first, crushing his lungs. He noticed movement behind him on his motion sensor, so he quickly used his agility to flip to the side, landing on his back, and raised both his magnuims, and proceeded to put a bullet into all but one of the innies in the room. The one who was pinned to the wall by the kick Sky ran over, grabbed him by the neck and lifting him up, pressing one of his handguns into the innies stomach. 


"What were you here for, and who was that who ran. If you value your life you will tell me"

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Trent frowned at the Spartan. What was he talking about? Cloaked Covies? They were ages away from the front line, this was a simple in and out mission. His mind paused completely when the word ‘Nuke’ came up. The Spartans had orders, to use a failsafe nuke?! While that, of itself, wasn’t a shocker to the ODST, what made him scared was the knowledge both Butler and Midnight grew up on his planet and had spent time in this area. The captains tolerance of Spartans was already limited…

“I…” Trent hesitated as the helmet revealed the girl. Dammit! Innies were not people, they were a problem! Yet, he found his trigger finger not working. Dammit this was so much easier when the Captain was speaking to him about how they weren’t people, just targets. Just objects. So much easier to shoot.

“Dammit!” Trent shakes his head, but walks away “Ok fine, you made your point. We let them go…” The ODST wasn’t pleased about the entire situation. But, now he had an issue. Did he keep the nuke to himself, or tell the Captain….If she found out, it would be bloody…



Isabella ‘Lock-On’ Dylandy hadn’t expected anything. The girl had simply been sitting on the roof, bored. She had dismantaled and remade her sniper purely out of bordem. That’s when she heard the Spartan in her ear. Her reply was cold, a simple “Roger”. The second the Innie poked his head outside, it exploded. A single sniper shot found its mark.

“Target eliminated” was the girls answer before going radio silent.


The Innie that Sky had hostage simply grinned up at the Spartan. He spat blood onto the Spartans visor “I won’t talk to you” he said simply , before swallowing something that was within his mouth and he began to laugh “We win this round, you damn machine” before the cyanide from the pill killed the Innie soldier

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Duke walked along and pointed at a sighn reading it

it was just a directory placard but now he knew where the bomb was.

he casually walked ready for an ambush. 


He checked the radios, everything was going well


but he was suspicious, something seemed wrong


on the radio he asked Trent 

"hey umm? Would you mind stayin close? I got a bad feeling."


duke wa used to knowing everything! Every potential outcome, and what would lead to it. Every angle he calculated and every item he scanned


but for the first time in his new life he felt worried out of pure emotion. A sense dread and fear 

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Sky heard Lock-On respond, the target was down. That was good... It meant that the body was no longer running with intel, possibly. He just shurgged when the innie offed itself, wondering what it meant by they win. They were all dead....He went over to the computer, and started to download the data. He really didn't want the Innies escaping with this.... and he definitely didn't want ODST's learning about this stuff. It was very... well bad and confidential. He downloaded all the files, deleting the original copies as he went, and once every file was done he walked out the emergency exit, heading to check the corpse that Lock-On had just produced.


"Nice shot" He says to her, giving a thumbs up, before checking its corpse.

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