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Halo: What was left behind.


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OCC: For those who are interested, PM me.

Planet: Jerrico VIII (8)

Mission Briefing: TOP SECRET

5 hours ago, Covernment Forces arrived at Outer Colony and Research Facility Planet Jerrico 8. Their forces comprised of ‘standard’ recon sleep. 1 Capital Class Cruiser and 3 ‘Interceptor Frigate’ Class Cruisers. As is standard, Covernment forces deployed onto the planet surface during the Space Battle. UNSC cruisers are bring called in to initiate a counter-offensive.

UNSC Research Facility ‘Heavily Fire’ has gone dark. This facility is responsible for several Black Ops programs and the research must be recovered, or destroyed. To ensure this occurs, Spartan Duke ‘Foxtrot-666’ and Spartan Sky ‘Delta-116’, both surviving Spartan 2’s, are to be deployed to secure the objective.

ODST Team ‘Jinxed’, of the 105th Division, will be deployed in support. The ODST teams’ members have previous experience with both Jerrico 8 and the Heavily Fire Base. Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Squad Leader, Alisea, will be in command of Fire team ‘Jinx’. While Fire team ‘Jinx’ is deployed to provide active fire support, the team is officially under command of the ODST Squad Leader.

Evacuation will be through Pelican Dropships that are stationed within the facilities lower levels. Spartans, as well as ODST Squad Leader, are all capable of piloting a Pelican. Data is to be sent when in the Dropship, or if this proves impossible, given to ONI upon returning.


TOP SECRET: Spartans Eyes Only

The contents of Research Facility ‘Heavenly Fire’ are ONI Intelligence record, obtained through interrogation of captured Covernment forces. It is highly suspected that Covernment forces will react violently upon this discovery. Once Intel has been successfully obtained, Spartans are expected to activate the Nuclear Warhead underneath the facility before evacuating. Spartans are expected to deny all knowledge of the data.


Aboard the UNSC Interceptor Steath Cruiser 'Saber', two groups of people received these orders. Sky and Duke, the Series-2 Spartans, received the orders in their entirity, along with orders to rally at the Drop Pod assembly area. ODST team 'Jinx' members received only have the mission briefing, and were already ensuring the drop pods were ready to go. 


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Duke walked thru the corridors, the ship  felt small to him, so did the people in it. Everything, was dwarfed by his enhanced mutant body. But he felt small

like everything in the world hit him at once. One minute he was back with his friend the professor, playing with lego bricks, now they told him he needed to go on a mission. 

This was his first real mission, besides a few back up runs and firefights, he felt as if he never handled something this big before!


he wasn't sure exactly what would happen. In fact he "cheated" during the briefing and used the computer in his brain to understand it. Even then everything seemed scary and strange to him. The mission would start soon. 


Duke walked into the drop pod bay, ducking under the doorway. He was told a lot about odst, that they would resent him for what he was, and that they may or may not be better than him.   He wanted to speak with them before it started for a few reasons. He activated his computer and scanned the pods. The idea of a orbital shock drop somehow seemed like the smartest and stupidest thing he ever heard about! 

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Sky's eyes scanned around, flashing over the data given to him. He had a mission... and he was going to complete it. The facility had gone dark, that alone meant that he was going to be dealing with a lot of closed spaces. A shotgun would be ideal.... Some Black Ops programs.... Informantion they had to destroy or recover. The space battle was going to be hell, and he hoped the UNSC could hold them at bey until they finish there mission, otherwise escaping is going to be near impossible.... And a ODST team to deploy along side them. While he had never been with this particular team, he had dropped with ODST's a few times to act as a babysitter or a replacement for a high profile mission... 


They had experience on this planet, meaning he would need to get a few answers for himself. He opened his Tac Pad, bringing up combat reports from the planet, and since the fighting had only begun recently... It seemed the army was holding strong. That meant a lot of attention would be elsewhere... And a good advantage would be given to them. He was with ODST's, so his gear needed to be hit hard and leave. They were able to evac with Pelican Dropships.... This whole mission screamed impossible, but that's what they were created for. He got up, closing down his tac pad and swipping the mission details from his HUD. He walked over to the armory, which was only a little away since well.... He kinda had been waiting here since he heard about this mission. He went to one of the gun storage's, and with a quick scan it opened for him. He grabbed two magnums, sliding one into each of the two upper leg holsters he had for them, easy to reach. He clipped the weapons into place before grabbing four knives. His armor was customized with some knife sheathes, one on each arm, and one on each leg. He still needed a primary weapon, and grabbed a semi auto Designated Marksman Rifle. He would rather use this than anything else.


He didn't know the spartan he was about to head into combat with... Though bonds were always formed on the battlefield. He then proceeded to head towards the Drop Pods, completely silent upon arriving at the location. He looked at the pods, and behind the helmet a smile crept onto his face. He loved this part.

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The Drop pod bay was Far from empty. ODST team designation 'Jinx' was suiting up, arming up and ensuring all pods were undamaged. Despite a team typically comprising of 12 members, this team had half that number. Only a single ODST looked away from their job at the arrival of Duke, and they nodded their head at another ODST. This one, shorter than the rest by at least two feet, walked over. Their armour was fully donned, designed for agility, with navy-blue trimmings. The ODST looked up at the Spartan, after all, she stood at only 5'6. 

"You're either Duke Foxtrot-666 or Sky Delta-166. Names Alisea Williams, i'm the Captain of the Helljumpers here" The girl took her helmet off. She had crimson-like eyes and long blue hair, which was currently tucked up for her helmet. 

That's when the second Spartan arrived. The girls eyes held no amusement or joy as she adressed them both. "Hopefully you read the briefing. You're to act as support for my team, ensure THEY don't do anything stupid and keep them alive if they do. Now, any questions, direct them to my second. I'm busy" Rather rudely, the girl turned around and walked back to the Drop Pod she was working on. Another ODST walked up to them, and removed their Helmet. It was a male, standing at 6'1, which was still shorter than the Spartans. His eyes were obsidian-black, but he smiled at the Spartans. "Pleasure Spartans. Names Walter Lasmin, but just call me 'Butler', everyone else does. Now, any questions about this op?"

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Duke was thankful he had a helmet on. Because he had never seen a human that small before and made a huge duck face to hold in his laughter! It was like a baby was trying to give him orders!


when "butler" came to him he took deep breath. Despite the fact that he was essentially  a child Duke's voice was loud and deep, a little raspy from spending most of his life in comma. 

"Yes, just a few staff Seargent. Would you like us both to shock drop with you? Because i was thinking I could bring a longsword down there. Help secure the landing sight and it would be good as an alternative escape route."

like a nervous little boy he quickly added

"Also I was hopefull you could tell me more about the nature of the facility we're going! They didn't tell me what they do there and there's no data on it besides ...covenant interrogation?" He says double checking the files 

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Sky looked at the ODST's preparing, they were well versed and obviously a high end team... Especially considering they were jumping with a half force. Something had to be wrong for them to only be dropping this many ODST, and if he didn't know there actual objective, he would have guessed that was why they were going in. No, they had there own mission to accomplish. When he arrived, he saw how joyless the ODST was, and saying that they were here to support her team. His mind flashed through the briefing, seeing she was turning it. He tapped his tac pad for a moment, bringing up a 'Alisea Williams', callsign Midnight. He couldn't access that much, but her rank was Captain. Though that didn't matter, ONI had given mission directives.


"With all due respect Captain, mission orders are for ODST squad 'Jinx' is to provide Spartan operatives support in completing the objective" He says to her. Then her second in command walked over, a Walter Lasmin 'Butler'. He seemed to be a little more respectful then his CO. Sky simply replied straight forward. 


"What can we expect the terrain to be?" He asks, having not seen enough of that yet to fully actually know exactly what was going on. Before he could ask anything else however, Spartan designated - Duke, gave up top secret intelligence! He quickly had to make a save for it. "Covenant interrogation drills? At a ONI base? Guess we got a wise cracker" He said, before opening a secure line towards Duke. 


"That infomation is top secret, what are you doing? They can't know the true objective or motive for why we are here" He said via a private comms before opening his tac pad again, opening Duke's file. He didn't get much.... as expected, though he did see something about 'Unfit for duty, recently approved'. He wondered what had happened.... But whatever it was it must have messed with his mind.


"Officer, run me through your squad. Whats everyone's role" He asks before sliding a slide over the tac pad, his ocean blue armor with red rims covering the now black tac pad.

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Butler raised his eyebrow at Duke, namely the suggestions. Longswords? Not only did none of them know how to pilot a longsword, but they didn't have any. Plus, Drop Pods were their speciality. "With Respect, Spartan Duke. We're part of the 105th, we're Helljumpers. Not Hell-gliders. We use our pods to get down there"

The Odst would have moved on, but, Covernment interrogation? That hadn't been on the briefing? The Warrent Officer looked over his shoulder at his team, before looking back. He had to be the damn recon for the team, but he couldn't stand the fire.

"The facility, no damn idea. As for the terrain, it's a forest. Trees, lakes, the occasional bog if you're unlucky. This whole op is a rush so only recon we have is base knowledge. Me and the Captain grew up here, we know our way around"


Butler did like Duke, he seemed, well. For a Spartan, simple. Sky was asking too many damn questions. Not only 'reminding' the Captain of her job, but the terrain and the team. The ODST let out a sigh but shrugged his large shoulders "Most of the team are combat specialists in most aspects. Remember, we're Helljumpers, not run-of-the-mill ODST's. In total, we've got three 'Assault' Specialists. One sniper, One Technical and one heavy weapons"

The Soldier pointed at three of the ODSTS', including Alisea. "Assault Specialists, Alisea Williams, Trent and Lucy. Techy is Davith, although, people call him Wolfy. Snipers real name is 'Issabella', although, just called her 'Lock-on'. And i'm heavy weapons and explosives"


He lead both Spartans to two of the pods that were off to the side. "Here are ya pods. We've already checked over them and they're in fine working condition. Make sure you load up, once we deploy, there ain't no supply runs till we get back home" 

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When duke got the private com from the other Spartan he jerked back! He had all but yelled out "come on man!i didn't do anything wrong!" 

He remained silent the whole time. His computerized brain instantly memorizing the names of his new partners.


he never did an odst drop before but his computer could instruct him how. Still he felt nervous trusting it too much. He got inside following the intructions spoke  on the private channel to sky saying

"ummm if we're going to do a  nuclear detention we should ...probably tell them. I don't see any benfit keeping them out of the loop."


he looked to buttler

"hey am I doing this right!" He shed the odst referring to his pod   

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Sky listened to the terrain.... It sounded a lot like most forest area's you would run into. It was good that they had two members who knew what they were doing out here, it would make this go smoothly, until the nuke is detonated. That's when everything would go south for the relations with these ODST. The squad was well rounded to, which was good. He was a close quarters combat specialist, as well as a mid range gunfight, though the closer he was to his target the better he could fight. He made sure to remember there callsigns, if something happened he would need to be able to contact them. That was about when he got yelled at by Duke, which made his ears hurt a little. When he was led to the pod, Sky simply nodded. He had done this before, and it was time to jump into hell again. 


When the comm's came through from Duke, he simply looked his way and shook his head. "Mission states they are to be kept in the dark. When the time comes we will put them in a Pelican, and we will head back in to arm the nuke and evac ourselves" He says to Duke. He had his mission.... he was going to complete it. Sky put his DMR on the drop pod mount, along with a few grenades and some magazines. He had a fair amount of ammo with him, hell this was a quick mission, he would need quite a bit. Once inside, he locked himself in, resting back, waiting drop orders from the captain.


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Butler turned to look at Duke, nodding his head. "Operating the pod once the drop has started, that's childs play. Keep her steady, keep an eye on your drop-partner and you'll be golden" He said, before walking off to his own pod. 

"Enjoy babysitting duty?" Said a voice over the ODST private channel 

"Why does it always have to be me?" was the reply 

"Because you're the best one for the job?"

"You can tolerate those things"

The voices allowed themselves a quiet laughter, right before going to radio silence. 


The Drop-Pods doors closed tight, locking the occupant in with their equipment. The pods rocked as the bay-doors opened, and below them was the planet. With only the metal of the drop pod protecting them. 

"Helljumpers, Do you want to live forever?" Came the voice of the ODST Captain.

"Hell No!" was the unified reply, a single voice made of 5.

"What is your purpose for fighting?"

"To do the job no one else can!"

"And how do we do that?"

"Feet first into Hell!"


With no warning, the Drop-Pods fired! All 8 pods thrown through space at Jerrico 8. Rocketing towards the planet at terminal velocity. Of course, if the pod was faulty or damage during the trip in. Well, the phase 'Digging your own grave' was a common one on ODST reports for a reason. The worst fate an ODST can suffer, dying in their pod. 




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Duke smiled like a little boy getting on the bus for his first day of school! "Thanks just wanted someone to check!"

when sky spoke to him he shook his head quickly scanning military doctrine for loopholes to tell them. 

He locked up his pod and his hint heart raced! He focused on the documents trying to take his mind of the fact that he was in sub orbit 

just close enough to the planet that gravity would take effect and he would literally fall to orbit! And the pod had just enough rockets and steel on it that it would slow down just enough to not break his neck and land!


and that's when he felt it

the doors opened and he felt the rush. He couldn't help but 

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" His voice going as high as it could screaming in terror! Unlike the others his brain was calculating how fast he was going! He quickly turned that off and looked down at the camera feed


his terror turned to glee! Almost like a roller coaster he shifted the pod around trying to stay close to sky calculating a few dozen yards for safety! He wasn't afraid of heights but seeing the fire at the nose of his pod and the Planet getting closer was amazing and scary!

he was scared ... but mostly exited! It only took a few moments he turned his computer back on and checked the geo data for a landing space and quickly pushed it towards a prairie. He tryed to adjust it for a Good landing in the center 

but it was too late and he crashed near the tree line 

he jumped up with enough force to rock his Spartan body and gasped for air catching his breath as he checked his camera.


in his near infinite knowledge he forgot to mute his com and wasn't sure if everyone heard him screaming. But he didn't care 

"ahhh oh ... whoah .... whoah! Ok team report! Any casualties, injuries? Everyone ok and where they need to be?" He asked quickly 

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Sky listened to the ODST as they prepared for drop, a little envious of the bond they seemed to share. Jumping feet first was dangerous, but he knew that they didn't care.... And neither did he. The pods launched without warning, and suddenly they were shooting down to the planet! He looked around, keeping track of where everyone was jumping, and saw Duke trying to stick near him. Guessing he was chosen as his drop buddy, Sky manuvered the best he could to keep close to him.  Fire enveloped the pop, which meant they had just entered hell. 


Sky was unfazed by the whole ordeal, he had done this a few times and even if the pod was damaged or faulty, he would have no control over it and he might be killed. And before long, he saw where they were landing. He tried to target to land in a clearing... But as his pod went down, a bird or some wildlife flew into it randomly. The force of the pod absolutely crushed it, but it damaged one of the landing thrusters! The pod spun a bit, with one of them damaged it fell alarmingly fast. He quickly looked around, seeing what looked like a marshy wet land, if he landed in that it might dampen his fall! He managed to do it, smashing into the marsh, and upon impact his whole suit shook, the imapct actually taking his shields down for a moment. 


With a small groan that no one else would have heard, he punched open the door, got out of the pod and grabbed his gear, before raising his DMR around the area. He activated his scanner, looking around and seeing Duke nearby. Sky headed towrds him, hearing the radio check from the Spartan over the comms. 


"Delta 116 checking in" He replied before moving towards Duke, and it only took him about a minute, he wasn't to far off.

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During the drop itself, only a single ODST listened in to the teams comms to hear Duke's scream. That being the 2nd in coomand, Butler. After it stopped, he went back to the closed loop the team had. The convosation on the way down was nothing out of the ordinary for them. A casual chat about the planet, a short rant by Alisea about her personal distaste for Spartans before mocking a certain squadmate for their drunken actions during their last break. 

As the pods broke through the atmosphere, one final call came out.

"Remember. Jumping feet first into hell isn't our main job. Making sure it's crowded when we get there, now that's a job" 


The ODST pods all landed within 10 metres of each other. Fire team Jinx has yet another successful landing with 0 casualties on their side. They armed up and began moving. Of course, they heard how 'green' the Spartans truly were and there was one voice that couldn't not comment on it.

"Hell-jumpers are moving on the objective, keep up tin-cans" came a rather childish girls voice over the radio as the ODST team made a beeline for the facility, which was a mere kilometre away. Alisea Williams had made it perfectly clear to her team before the mission. The Spartans were not part of their team, and they could look after themselves. 

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Duke took out his modified smg, it was a bit heavier than most by at least 10 pounds and fired depleted uranium shells, packed a punch and in duke's massive hands it could still be used with acrobatics, his secondary weapon was an ordinary shotgun. 


"Whoah!" He said as sky came over 

he smiled hearing that the humans were ok

"well looks like the odst are fine, are we going to meet up with them or move ahead? Work on protecting them?"

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Sky couldn't help but notice Duke was a little... well unprofessional. But he was a spartan, so he wasn't going to question it, they were able to do whatever they needed to do to get the job done, and as long as he could do that, then he was fine with him. The ODST's, as they normally where around spartan's, very uncooperative.They were leaving them behind, and moving on to the objective themselves. He didn't really react, looking at Duke.


"We focus on our objective. Move with them until we secure the data, then split off to finish the job" Sky says to Duke, his voice calm and collected. He may be on a combat hot zone, but there was nothing for him to fear here but fear itself. He then bolted towards the ODST squad. The mission was a fast in, hit hard, leave. And he planned on getting it done. It didn't take him long to catch up to them, only a few minutes.


"We have our orders Captain, and we have a job to do" He says, before moving to the front of the pack, changing his speed to just a little faster then the ODST squad, using his motion sensor to make sure he wasn't in anyones line of sight more then necessary as he took point, his eyes scanning everywhere as they went. 

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The ODST team moved quickly, well, as quickly as they could being regular humans. The private coms were filled with a rather disapproving statement about Spartans, thankfully, the ODST team coms were set to private. The facility was a klick away, it wasn't long before they were eying up the facility. Ironically, the 'facility' was a simple white building in the side of a hill.


Over the team radio, a voice came out. This radio was not ODST exclusive and included the Spartans. "Looks like a false entrance" Said Butler, the large male ODST pointed at the building. "No way a facility would be placed against a hill like that otherwise. Lock-On, stay out here and provide support until we get inside. Take the roof, keep an eye for covies" A simple emotionless "Confirmed" was the reply in a female voice.

"Once we get inside the facility, Ignite, you're with Lock-On, keep her alive and keep the radio alive. Wolfy, you're with Butler. Find the data and secure it. Lucifer, you're with me. Armoury then hanger" The captains voice was clear and professional. The team were well versed, and knew what they were doing.

"Spartans, do as you wish. We've got this handled. Radar points at the Covies being at least half an hour away. The only thing we have to fear is, maybe, any stupid ONI defense system and idiots marines. Rally with the ODST teams in the facility, or act with recon. Either is acceptable" 



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Duke looked back and fourth trying to make the best choices 

he sighed and computed the most successful route where no one would get hurt.


"I'll go with ignite and lock on" he looked to the two 

"sorry guess your stuck with me" then back to male and female mission leads 

"just one thing, you said there might be marines in there!" He said sternly 


there was no way he was hurting another human, the mere idea of it made him insane! Especially them being  on the same side and in a war with something like the covenant 

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Sky stayed quiet as they moved, noticing a lack of radio chatter. He was guessing that the ODST were talking among themselves, and about what wasn't hard to guess.... They were out on a mission with a Spartan. He ignored it, like it really mattered anyway. They had proven themselves time and time again, and they were on the same side, no reason to start a fight. Then, finally he heard Butler. He looked at the building, and listened to the plan the ODST's made. They were splitting up.... Though he and Duke had to go down to the fifth level basement to get the nuke activated.... In which they would have at most a few minutes to get the hell out. Luckily, they should be fast enough to do it. Duke seemed to be going with Ignite and Lock-On, who were outside giving support. He re-connected to the private chat with Duke.


"I'm going into the facility to arm the nuke. Keep them alive, and make sure they get to the pelican. Do not tell anyone about the Nuke otherwise they might get defensive. If you get a chance, activate an evacuation alarm, i would rather not have Marines caught in here when this place goes sky high" He says to Duke. He didn't talk as much to others, but Duke was a spartan.


"I will head with Midnight and Lucifer" He says, before drawing both his magnums. He was point, and was ready to go through the door. He moved ahead of the ODST a bit, taking cover on the right side of the door. The moment they were inside, they would be moving quickly. With a quick push, he opened the door, and raised both of his magnum's at the opening.



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The two ODSTs, Lock-On and Ignite, looked at Duke. Lock-Ok, born Isabella, had green trimmings on her armour. The girl nodded once, while Ignite, an ODST with pure black armour, rolled his shoulders and ensured his DMR was loaded.

Butler looked over at Duke, and shrugged his wide shoulders “It’s happened in the past. Marines who panic and let a couple shots at us. They usually calm down once they see the uniform” There was a female laugh, wild as another ODST walked forwards. Her armour had fire-red trimings.

“No Marine is good enough to kill us. We’re wasting time Captain, lets hustle” With yet another emotional laugh, the ODSt started jogging forwards. There was a second of hesitation before the rest of the ODST team followed up to the front door. Midnight nodded her head before kicking the door open, the ODSTs’ performed a textbook building entrance.


The inside of the base, contrasting the outside, was high-tech. White walls with moniters flashing data. A single marine met them. The body of the soldier was against the wall, blood plastered on the wall behind him.

Contacts” said Captain Midnight, whose SMG was pointed forwards. “Walter, conclusion?” She asked her 2nd, who nodded his head and examined and corpse, before swearing. Standing up, he had a bullet shell in his hand.

“Innies. It’s standard, this guy was taken by surprise. Didn’t fire a shot. Infiltration mission” The male let out a sigh before standing up, and bringing his Assault Rifle to bear. The Captain and her second looked at each other, and a silent message was spoken.

“New plan Hell Jumpers. Full Sweep. Ignite, take Duke and sweep the basement. Lucifer, you’re with Sky. You’ve got the intel location, secure the data and clear out any Innies. None of them get the data. Midnight, Ignite. You’re with me, to the hanger. We’ll secure the evac before doubling back around” Despite being the 2nd in command, the ODST team seemed to have no issues taking orders from him. 

The ODSTs’ gave each other a quick nod and a loud ‘OhhRah!’ before splitting their ways. A glare from Alisea ‘Midnight’ Williams at both Spartans said everything to them before the blue-trimmed ODST vanished down a hallway.


Lieutenant Lucy ‘Lucifer Star, the ODST girl who had laughed warmly before, looked at Sky. Even with the helmet over her face, the smirk of arrogance was impossible not to feel. SMG in hand and hand on hip, she rotated her head. “Well Tin-Can, ready to move?”


2nd Sergeant Trent ‘Ignite’ Couns walked up to Spartan Duke. The boy gave the Spartan a quick salute, before ensuring his Assault Rifle was loaded. “Basement is our destination. Ready to move sir?”  

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Duke gasped at the dead marine and clenched his fist 


he gently took the dead man's chin and calculated the wound, high caliber round to the forehead, the bruising  of the neck imply he simply turned his head hearing a noise and got blasted.

duke grabbed the eye lids and yanked them down, letting him have some peace.


he simply looked to butler as the new orders were given. This was good, he would be closer to the nuclear device and could do it without anyone knowing. He still didn't like the secrecy between him and his supposed partners. Perhaps he could earn them and make it look like a fumble, heck they didn't like them they would love the idea of a spartan making a mistake!


he looked to his new partner, ignite, couns. He saluted back in formality "let's go, let me take point on this one."


duke took his smg inboth hands and aimed down the sights walking at a brisk pace down the halls. Quickly mapping the facility and finding out how to get to the basement 

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Innies.... Rebels..... Traitors, even in this time of war. While on occasion, they had both fought on the same side when covenant were on the site... Otherwise they were still causing trouble for the UNSC. Spartan's had originally been made with the intention to fight and kill these guys, but the fact they were human didn't make that easier... But if he had to do it, he had to do it. He looked around, wondering what the rest of this building would be like... They were indoors, so there was a good chance it would be all close and personal, but.... Then again there was always the chance this was one of the more... Open facilities. 


He holstered his pistols, drawing his DMR. He was going to use this for now... He looked towards Lucifer, who he was going with to find the data they had to collect... While Duke was arming the nuke. He trusted him, and was confident he would do what was right, hell he was a Spartan. He didn't really respond in a normal manner, just raising his rifle and saying "I'l take point" Before starting to head towards the intel, keeping an eye on his motion detector at all times.

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Trent 'Ignite' Couns nodded his head. He knew why he, in part, was selected to deal with the Spartan. Because no one else wanted too, plus he was the newest member of the team. This meant, in terms of the 105th, he would Always draw the short straw. But, he mused as himself and Spartan Duke moved towards the basement stairs, it could be much worse. Following the Spartans instruction, he indeed let Duke take point. After all, the Spartans armour would survive almost anything. Hell, most Innie weapons wouldn't dent his armour.

Coming down the stairs, Duke would be faced with his first problem. A barracade. The corridor was narrow with stray desks and other office equipment, but nearly 15 metres away was the LAAG Vulcan machine gun that one would normaly see mounted on a Warhog, or on the back of the Pelican Dropship. The triple barrells spun up and unleashed heavy sustained gunfire that forced Trent back up several steps. Normal Innie guns, easy. UNSC M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun firing somewhere between 450-550 12.7x99mm caseless shells. Not even a Spartans armour and shields could sustain against that kind of fire power for long. 

"Dammit! They've got the entire place locked down!" Trent said, looking at the SMG in his hands. Useless over this distance. "We need to try and flank it...Think you can get a shot off, or...?"  The only options were, flank, pot-shots or retreat. And the idea of retreating didn't settle well in his chest, his pride as an ODST. 


Lucifer allowed the Spartan to take point, but was barely a step behind him. The ODST had a MA2B, a version of the common 'Assault Rifle' that was much harder to break. Lucy Star also knew that her shots would go hard and fast as she was using 'Shredder' rounds, anti-infanty bullets that worked best with the MA2B's fire rate. They arrived on the 3rd floor where Lucy directed the Spartan towards the ops center, however, the route there was not an easy one. A series of corridors, in a grid system, each large room housing several Innies. All of it was between them and the security locked door. 

"We won't have time to clear all the rooms. You go ahead, secure that data for the mission. Once it's started, come join me on the cleanup~" The sheer passion in her voice said it all, violence was what this ODST lived for, as she cocked her weapon. She glared at the Spartan through her tinted visor. If the tin-can could do anything, it was follow orders. "Now get going Soldier-Boy, i can handle a few Innies"



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Duke instantly computed a feeble methods to break thru. He was about to signal a plan when the fierce little odst told him to move on.

"ok, be careful. If you need to do anything risky or stupid ... call me!"


he sprinted forward and jumped up running along the doorway! Jumping from hall to hall never in one spot for more than a few seconds! He was a massive armored man but to a human eye it looked like a bird flittering about 

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Sky didn't really want to leave the ODST on her own.... She may be a combat specialist, they all might be among the most highly trained soldiers the UNSC has, but still... As a lone unit there wasn't much you could do if out numbered and out gunned. He didn't say it though, if something happened he was close enough to come help. Sky looked at his motion sensor, seeing more then a few... Sky poked his head around a corner, seeing a bunch of offices... Meaning he could do CQC. He grinned inside his helmet, looking at the ODST.


"I'l move through the building, clear a office then move in a straight path to the data" He says to Lucifer, the Covie were grouped in different amounts, and in all the offices... And some seemed to be running to cover the corridor. He puts his DMR away, pulling out one of his Magniums, the ammo counter showing up on his Hud. He planned to have some fun here...


He went around the corner, moving fast, and before even three seconds passed, he was into the first office around the corner, running straight through the door. As he had started moving, he had seen five contacts inside the office he had just charged into, so he was well prepared for it. As soon as he kicked down the door, all five of them started shooting at him. He knew he had to move quickly, if these guys got concentrated fire on him, he would be done. Two were on either side of the door, so he planned to use them first. The moment he walked through, he grabbed one of the two beside him with one arm, his other flying out to the side as he stormed through, the single bullet fired going through the soldiers head, taking him out. Sky, with the one he had grabbed by the neck, pulled him in front of him, the first volley of bullets from the other three slamming into him, killing him. Sky, still moving fast through the room, and with all this having happened in less then three seconds, slammed the body into the wall, turning and firing two shoots at one of the other Innies, each shot going through her stomach. Sky felt an impact, a shot hit the back of his shields, and with less worry, having taken out three of them so far, he raised his pistol, firing a shot through one innies head. The last one kept shooting at him, but within a second Sky grabbed him by the neck, holding him up. He didn't need to kill everyone. He smacked him with his fist before dropping him, one room cleared in speedy time.


He put his pistol away, grabbing his DMR out, and aimed at the wall. This thing was armed with very potent Armor Piercing rounds... and he planned to abuse the walls.

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Trent frowned at Duke, although the Helmet meant the ODST was simply staring at him, confused. Having never seen a Spartan in action, yet alone a Spartan-2, Ignite simply didn't understand how it was possible. The Machine Gun had the entire passage way covered, so what was Duke planning? The ODST Specialist could only watch what he thought was purely impossible. Not only was he charging an LMG, but somehow, not getting hit! 


The LAAG fired at Duke, but it was very clear the Innie behind the turret had been expecting marines, not a Spartan. Their aim was panicked, aiming at where he had been, not where he was. The barracade, which was simply a few tables shoved together, had half a dozen Innies at it. As Duke got closer, they began firing their own small-arms weapons, but outside of 1 UNSC MA5B Assault Rifle, none of them would even damage his armour, yet alone the shield.



Lucifier nodded her head at the Spartan. After all, it was the 'safer' of the options. while safe wasn't her style, if the tin-can wanted to risk his life. She had nothing against it. She watched as the Spartan headed into a building right before moving herself, sliping around the corner and peaking through a window. 6 Innies, who had grabbed their weapons and looking at where the Spartan was fighting. With their backs to her. Taking him, she let it rip.

The effect was instant. The Shredder rounds exploded into fragments upon contact with their target, and even their little amour did nothing to save them. They dropped within half-a-clip, a grin on her face, Lucifer continued to use the Shredder rounds and slowly began clearing room after room. A full sweep leaving a bloody picture behind her. Just like she was ordered to. 

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